150 miles



brightness of the night sky in a built-up area as a result of light pollution 

 After a grueling three-year journey of over 150,000 miles traveled and 3,000,000 pictures taken, renowned timelapse filmmakers Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan are proud to introduce SKYGLOW; a hardcover photo book and timelapse video series exploring North America’s remaining magnificent night skies and the grave threat of light pollution to our fragile environment. SKYGLOW explores the history and mythology of celestial observation, the proliferation of electrical outdoor lighting that spurred the rise of the phenomena known as “skyglow,” and the Dark Sky Movement that’s fighting to reclaim the night skies.

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The Things We Give Welsh Learners: y Babi Sinsir

So I was going through our bookshelf yesterday, because we’re fast approaching the point where we need a clear-out, and I came across one of my all-time favourite creations ever, probably even beating shit like the wheel and penicillin. Years back, before leaving The Man to pursue his dreams of being a sort of professional clown-thing, my husband used to be a translator for Neath Port Talbot Council; as is often the way with Welsh councils, though, owing to a lack of money and also everywhere is really close to each other (this country is 150 miles wide at its widest point, and about 47 miles at the thin bit. Ver ver small), NPT Council’s translating department was shared by Swansea Council. Thus it was that, in the halcyon days of circa 2009, the two decided to team up and produce a new Welsh language book for learners between them, and thus it got sent through to Steffan to proof read it.

A Thing You May Not Know: Welsh is one of ten indigenous languages to Britain, arguably the oldest, and has been viciously oppressed over the last millennium and a half as part of England’s big If You Destroy Their Culture They’ll Be Glad To Be Ruled By You policy. These days, it’s nonetheless still spoken by approximately a fifth of the Welsh population; a hell of a feat, considering, but the suppression of it continues to this day (just in cleverer, sneakier ways now than whipping people’s children if they’re heard.) But it is classified as Endangered. Thanks to Welsh-language schools now being a thing (though supply is much lower than demand), transmission rates to the younger generation are pretty good; but, Welsh is peculiarly dependent on adult learners.

This means that learner books might have to appeal to both children and adults while using very simple language, which I explain in case it in some way justifies the bewildering weirdness of what I’m about to show you; because at first glance, this book is simply for children. But it’s… Well. 


I present to you, with translations in bold and commentary by me, Y Babi Sinsir.

Literally, “the Ginger Baby”, but they mean ‘ginger’ as in ‘gingerbread’. Literal ginger. Not the colour.

This is Mr Jones. This is Mrs Jones.

What’s wrong, Mrs Jones? I want a baby.

Note: there will be some confusion in this book about whether the narrator is speaking, or anyone else. It might seem cut and dried here, but there are no speech marks around “Dw i eisiau babi”, whereas later speech marks are used, and also in two pages’ time the narrator will actively pass a value judgement using first person, so… Well.

But, so far so good.

Mrs Jones is making a Babi Sinsir.

… okay, so I like this page because of the capitalisation of Babi Sinsir and the lack of definite article. She’s just making a Babi Sinsir. You know, a Babi Sinsir? Magical baby made of gingerbread that you make if you can’t conceive but can’t afford IVF? Yeah. A Babi Sinsir. That’s right.

Let it be known that this is Not A Thing in Welsh folklore or mythology. What the fuck. How does this work. Where does the magic come from? Do you need a faerie ingredient? Will the next page tell us?

This is the Babi Sinsir. I like the Babi Sinsir.


But it is apparently shit-capable and needs a nappy. It’s good that the narrator likes it anyway.

The Babi Sinsir is bad. He’s running.

Uh oh.

“Come back, Babi Sinsir.”

Look how Worried the Joneses are. Funny how they don’t seem to be calling that enthusiastically, though. I’d have expected an exclamation mark at least. Did Mrs Jones always have a massive left arm? I can’t remember.

“Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Yeah, okay, so that’s the Welsh for “Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!”, but once again, I’m going to have to draw attention to the lack of expressive punctuation here. It really feels like this naughty Babi Sinsir’s heart is just not in this.

“Come and help, Mr Horse.” “Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Cool, look, a floating horse has come to help.

The pen there, incidentally, was an attempt by the translators to work out who was talking. I can’t imagine why. This dialogue is on fire, everyone can tell.

“Come and help, Mrs Cow.” “Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Now they have been joined in their high-speed zombie shuffle by a married floating cow who is, if I’m not much mistaken, high as shit.

“Come and help, Mr Goat.”  “Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

I’m starting to suspect the artist only knew how to draw the legs on animals in one way.

“Come and help, Mr Dog.”  “Run, run, Catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Yes, that dog is definitely here to ‘help’. Also… the Babi Sinsir is literally within reach of Mrs Jones’ massive left arm now. Why is she not just picking him up?

“Come and help, Miss Cat.” “Run, run, Catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

You may be wondering at this point if this is just… the whole book. An ever-increasing flock of floating zombie creatures shuffling after a naughty gingerbread baby in a nappy who is committing the cardinal sin of running. I mean… where can they go from here, amirite? A sheep? A squirrel? A chicken? We can hit a hundred pages this way, easy. The concern is the artist, whom I think was stretched a bit beyond their means on this project anyway.

BUT WORRY NOT! Shit’s about to go down, guys.

Oh no! Here comes Mr Wolf. Mr Wolf runs and catches the Babi Sinsir.






This doesn’t bode well for the -

Half of the Babi Sinsir is left.


Quarter of the Babi Sinsir is left.


The Babi Sinsir has gone! There’s tasty.

What the



I realise this is not the main point to make here, but two pages ago it had eaten half of that nappy, and now it’s whole again and delicately discarded to one side, I just want

I mean

It’s okay, right? This happens in fairytales? Little Red Riding Hood? Someone will eviscerate the fox and out will come the Babi Sinsir…’s pieces, and they can be baked back together…?

No one cares!

Mrs Jones is making another Babi Sinsir.

The new Babi Sinsir loves Mrs Jones.


…okay, so there’s a lot for us all to take in right now, and we’re all going to get through it at different speeds. But I’m just going to draw attention to the fact that Mr Jones is now merely depicted as a picture on the wall, and the new Babi Sinsir apparently only loves Mrs Jones, and…

Okay so they just lost their beloved baby gingerbread son because he got eaten alive by a fox in dungarees calling itself a wolf, right? Mrs Jones apparently couldn’t give less of a fuck if she tried, as long as she has some flour and ginger left over to make another. This one she made to love her.

Mr Jones, I presume, had a total mental breakdown and drank himself to death. At the very least, he’s left her, look. All she has left is the photo.

But does dim ots! Mae’r Babi Sinsir newydd yn caru Mrs Jones.

And that is the story of Y Babi Sinsir, aka the greatest work of literature ever written.

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My art teacher pointed out that humans are essentially running machines, especially with our ability to sweat. He then proceeded to tell us about ultra marathons, which can span from around 50-150 miles. He pointed out the "world's toughest foot race" the Badwater Ultramarathon. It runs through Death Valley in mid July. 135 miles. The cumulative elevation is 13,000 feet. It's so hot people try to run on the paint lines in the middle of the road so their shoes don't melt. How would aliens react?

Probably the same way I, a very human person, react:

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This amazing image of the Northern Lights was captured by Frank Ryan on St Patrick’s Day (March 17th) at Lough Gur in County Limerick, Ireland.

Limerick is situated in the Midwest of Ireland and typically the Northern Lights cannot be seen from this vantage point. However, thanks to a surprisingly strong solar storm, ranked as a G4 geomagnetic storm by NOAA, the night sky was alive with the dance of the Aurora Borealis.

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My top ten most powerful animated teens.


1. I am not including any DC, Marvel, or (Japanese) Anime teens. This is purely from  cartoon origins. If I included anime and comics, it would be riddled with them

2. They must have super powers, a super powered weapon, or in some way shape or form give them abilities beyond human powers.

3. One per franchise.

4. To be considered a teen, they must be between the ages of 12 to 19 when we are introduced to them.

5. This will be from only shows I have seen, so if a character of yours isn’t on the list I am sorry.

10. Steven Universe

Steven is the youngest member of the crystal gems (biologically 14 years old)

He is half human and half gem. While he is not much of a fighter, he is by no means weak.

He has one of the best defensive capabilities that I have seen.

His bubble shield is able to survive a spaceship crash from orbit.

His weapon of choice is a shield, that has unique properties that we have yet fully seen

He is able to heal injuries and broken gems with his spit.

He has enhanced strength and is tough enough to be thrown around by giant monsters and powerful creatures without much issue.

But the most amazing part about steven is, he is still learning. Once he unlocks his full potential it is obvious that I will have to put him higher on the list.

9. Ladybug from Miraculous:Tales of Ladybug and Chat noir.

Marinette is the heroine of Paris known as Ladybug.

With enhanced strength, speed, and durability. She is one tough customer. Her yo-yo can extend to any length, the line is unbreakable (Able to hold down a freaking T-rex) and has the ability to purify akuma.

But her greatest ability seems to be “Lucky charm”

This deus ex Machina ability allows the girl to solve a problem by giving her a random  item, which she will use to defeat her opponent in an unorthodox way.

And of course the other ability of Miraculous healing, which fixes all of the destruction that happened during the battle.

I chose her over chat noir mainly due to her having the purification ability

aside from that, they are practically equal.

8. Star butterfly from Star vs the forces of evil

Star is a 14 year old girl who happens to be princess of the kingdom of mewni

who happens to hail from another dimension.

She is constantly battling monsters that want her wand.

While I have her very low on the list, she does have potential to one day be near the top 5 of this list.

Why you ask.

Because of her magic wand!

The exact amount of power she possesses is unknown. It definitely not something one dismisses. It is strong enough to conjure up an assortment of pain, can alter ones anatomy,and even cause untold destruction in the wrong hands.

It only gets more powerful, I hope to see what it is really capable of.

7. Randy Cunningham: RC9GN

This teen ninja is responsible for protecting norrisvile from monsters, robots, evil wizards, and more.

With an arsenal of weapons that range from sharp to deadly stealthy to just plain ridiculous. The guy has almost as many weapons as batman!

But of course, he also has enhanced senses, limited elemental powers such as the ninja air fist, the tengu fire ball and more.

He also has super strength, enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, the whole typical hero stuff.

But This guy has a few more tricks up his sleeves, giving him a slight edge over the previous entrees.

6. Jake long, From American dragon: Jake long

Being the magical protector of New york city

Jake long has the power of dragons

With senses enhanced by his dragon transformation.

His senses are head and shoulders above the competition.

He can fly over 200-300 mph,

Strong enough to live 5 to 25 tons

breathes fire (Both as a rapper (Jk), and as a dragon)

claws that can rip through steal.

durability that makes being knocked through a brick wall an “inconvenience”

This dragon is tough and hard to beat.

5. Danny Phantom:

“Yo Danny phantom he was just 14

his parents built a strange machine,

designed to view a world unseen.”

But then s*** happened, and Danny fenton is now Danny phantom, protector of Amity park.

Having a ton of abilities Danny is one tough foe.

He can over shadow people,

shoot ecto blasts,

create energy shields

turn invisible, and intangible

Strong enough to pick up a bus with ease.

can fly over 150 miles per hour.

has cryokinisis (Ice powers)

can replicate himself making himself 4x as deadly!

And of course his most powerful ability

the Ghostly wail.

His last resort shout is strong enough to devastate a city.

While it was close between him and Jake,

Danny has the upper hand in terms of powers

4. Korra from Legend of Korra.

The latest avatar is certainly something. (Aside from being amazingly beautiful and powerful)

The protector of the world.

This girl has fought spirits, benders, Giant robots! the whole shabang

She can manipulate, fire, earth, water and Air with ease.

She even picked up metal and spirit bending!

But her most powerful form is her Avatar state.

In this state, she is powerful enough to stop city destroying lasers, level armies, fight embodiments of chaos!.

This girl is a beast and I am giving her this spot because honestly, Very few can top this chick.

3. XJ9 or Jenny from my life is a teenage robot.

The robotic teen protector of Tremorton.

Jenny is a powerful robot that protects the city and the world from city destroying monsters, robots, aliens, and robot Aliens!

She has the strength of 1million and 70 men. Which Is tough to calculate, but it is known she can easily lift well over 100 tons with ease.

Fly at high speeds,

has a weapon arsenal so insane it could dwarf the fire power of most militaries!

Her titanium alloy body makes her tough enough to survive most attacks without much damage.

she is as smart as a super computer.

Has more types of visions then the man of steel himself.

Has destroyed Planet destroying meteors with only slight difficulty.

This girl is tougher then she looks.

2. Ben ten from ben ten, alien force, omniverse and etc.

A teenager with the powers of every alien in the known universe.

The omnitrix is by far one of the best weapons in the existence of the world.

Ben tennyson is a 16 year old kid who got the coolest gift in existence 

a watch that can turn him into any alien for about 10 minutes at a time (Unless plot says other wise or some sh*t says he needs longer then that).

If I were to describe all of his powers and abilities, 

It would take forever!

The kid just has all the powers!

If you can think of it, one of his aliens probably has it.

He is one of the two most broken heroes in cartoons.

but the question is.

Who is number one?

1. Rex Salazar from Generator rex.

Now I know what you are thinking.

“How can this guy top  Mr. All aliens ever?”

Well it is actually really simple.

He actually became a god for a short time.

Now before then, he probably would have been on par with korra.

Being able to turn any part of himself into a kick butt machine


curing evo controlled living creatures.

enhanced durability and healing.

But what made this guy go beyond all of that was godhood.

He attained five meta-nanites that gave him god like powers.

Which he used to cure all of the evos. And after that he turned it off for good.

What makes him different from ben is, while Ben has a god like alien as well, ben is limited by two other beings that make it near impossible to do anything with it.

Rex had full control. This made him superior to ben.

That is why Rex is number one.

(let me know your thoughts on this. Did I miss any other cartoons?)

Preseli Bluestone was used in the inner circle of Stonehenge, transported over 150 miles thousands of years ago and way before the large monolithic outer circle. Known for its paramagnetic resonance, Bluestones are strongly connected to the Dragon currents of the Earth and highly revered by the ancient Celtic Druids.

The Last Time

It was the first time and the last time. Zuko had been married to Mai Sizuski for four years. They had dated somewhat steadily for five. Before that, they had dated in high school. In between, Zuko dated Katara, the love of his life, before they were forced to part ways. Now, Zuko had a daughter, Izumi, in an unstable marriage. Or, he thought he did. He was fairly certain Izumi’s was his by blood, but Mai frequently had an affair with a man named Kei Lo, and Zuko was too scared to take the paternity test. regardless of what the test’s results would show, Izumi would always be his baby.

That was why, after years of Mai smacking him, berating him, throwing things at him, screaming at him relentlessly, insulting him, dragging Kei Lo into his bed, throwing him on the couch, Zuko snapped. Because Mai did something Zuko would never stand for, nor forgive, he snapped. Mai treated Izumi the way she did him. She smacked their baby girl clean across the face. Zuko wasted no time. He took the baby and left in the car, packing a quick suitcase for them both, and bolting in the pouring rain.

He was headed to the only place he knew he could go with his uncle now passed. He was going to Katara’s, 150 miles East.


Bush 41: War Hero • President • Patriarch • Patriot

The USS Finback, a 312-foot-long Gato-class submarine surfaced a little before noon on September 2, 1944 in the treacherous waters near Chichi Jima, the site of a Japanese military base on one of the Bonin Islands, approximately 150 miles north of Iwo Jima. The Finback was assigned “lifeguard duty” and was performing search and rescue missions for American airmen who had been shot down in action and might have survived via bail-out or crash landing.

Earlier that morning, four TBM Avenger aircraft had launched from the USS San Jacinto targeting radio installations on Chichi Jima. At around 8:30 AM, one of the Avengers was blasted by Japanese anti-aircraft shells as it made its bombing run over the island. With the plane on fire and losing control, the pilot continued his run, dropping his four 500-pound bombs on the target he had been given that morning on the San Jacinto. Turning back towards the sea, smoke and flames filled the cockpit, choking the crew of three. Working hard to create distance between the island and the failing aircraft, the pilot ordered his crew to bail out by parachute, shouting “Hit the silk!” over the Avenger’s radio.

As the pilot exited the aircraft, his head smashed into the plane’s tail, slicing a thick gash above his eye, tearing panels from his chute, and sending him plummeting towards the sea at a higher rate of speed than he should have been. Still, he splashed down in the Pacific Ocean and another American plane in the vicinity dropped a life raft near him. He was alive. He was alone.

On Chichi Jima, four miles to the southwest, Japanese authorities began to organize a search party to capture any downed American pilots who might have survived. Boats were launched to find them. The pilot, stung by a Portuguese man-o-war, vomiting from ingesting sea water, and dazed from the trauma of the attack and the bleeding head wound, still had the presence of mind to begin paddling away from Chichi Jima. Allied forces never captured Chichi Jima during the war, and reports of atrocities ranging from Japanese soldiers summarily beheading Allied prisoners to cannibalism of POWs by Japanese troops led to the post-war execution of five of Chichi Jima’s leading officers, including the commander, Major Sueo Matoba.

The current was sweeping the Avenger’s pilot towards Chichi Jima and he desperately paddled against it and out into the open sea. Other members of his aerial squadron opened fire to keep away the Japanese boats heading towards him while another American aircraft radioed the downed pilot’s position to the Finback, which steamed towards him.

When the submarine surfaced, it was unclear to the pilot whether he had been rescued or captured. Then five American submariners appeared on the deck. Grainy video footage, now over 70 years old, survives of the Finback’s submariners fishing the gangly, 6'2" pilot from the sea after his three-hour-long ordeal battling injuries and the Pacific Ocean.

Like so many of the soldiers and sailors risking and sacrificing their lives on distant continents and in remote seas, including the men who saved his life on that September 2, 1944, the pilot was very young – just 20 years old.

His name was George Herbert Walker Bush.


Today, George H.W. Bush celebrates his 93rd birthday and is one of the longest-living Presidents in American history. As of today, only two U.S. Presidents have lived longer – Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, both of whom died at the age of 93 (former President Jimmy Carter will turn 93 this year, as well). On October 11th, Bush will have lived longer than Reagan, and he will break Gerald Ford’s record as the longest-living President in American history on November 25th. He was 17 years old and attending the elite Philips Academy boarding school in Andover, Massachusetts when Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7, 1941. As Bush and many of his fellow well-to-do classmates prepared to graduate in 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson gave a commencement address urging the patrician prep school grads to go to college first rather than to enlist in the war. Four days after graduating, Bush turned 18 years old and immediately enlisted in the United States Navy.

With the influence of his father, Bush could have found himself in any number of safe, stateside jobs in the service. Instead, he became the Navy’s youngest fighter pilot. Even before being shot down over Chichi Jima, Bush had experienced the rough landings of flight training and ravages of war. During training, he totaled a plane during a crash landing. In June 1944, he was forced to ditch his plane – fully-loaded with bombs – in the sea during a mission, escaped the plane just before it exploded, and had to be rescued by the USS Bronson. By the war’s end, Bush had flown 58 combat missions during 1,228 hours of total flight time. There were 14 pilots who originally formed Bush’s VT-51 torpedo bomber flight squadron; when he was discharged from the service in September 1945, only Bush and three other pilots from that squadron survived.

Yet, it wasn’t what he saw that haunted George H.W. Bush – indeed, what haunts him still today. It was what he didn’t see as he parachuted out of the burning wreckage of his TBM Avenger on September 2, 1944. Or who he didn’t see.


As Bush prepared to bomb Chichi Jima that morning, he was joined by two crew members in his TBM Avenger, tailgunner Ted White and radioman John Delaney. At 26, White was a few years older than Bush, but their fathers had been classmates at Yale, which created an obvious connection between the two young men aboard the San Jacinto. White wasn’t a normal member of Bush’s crew but, that morning, requested that he be allowed to replace Bush’s regular tailgunner, Leo Nadeau, and received permission.

When their plane was hit, Bush did all he could to order his two crew members to bail out of the plane and assist them in doing so, but the black smoke and flames tearing through the aircraft made it impossible for the pilot to see if White and Delaney had indeed exited the plane. Not only had Bush turned the badly-damaged plane out towards the sea, but he dipped the wings to make it easier for the crew members to pop open their door on the left side of the aircraft and bail out. By doing this, Bush cost himself some precious time and made his own exit from the Avenger more difficult – perhaps the reason he slammed against the tail of the aircraft as he parachuted out.

Other American pilots in Bush’s squadron that morning said that they noticed two parachutes deploy from Bush’s Avenger. As Bush plummeted towards the Pacific Ocean, he scanned the sky for the chutes of Delaney and White, but saw neither. As he paddled with one hand in his life raft to get as far away from the coast of Chichi Jima as possible, Bush continued to search the sky and the sea for his crewmates. But it was to no avail. John Delaney and Ted White were never found. If one of the two men did bail out of the plane with Bush and deploy his parachute, he was immediately lost and the same pilots overhead that radioed Bush’s position to the Finback never located him. The other man most likely went down with the crippled TBM Avenger.

Nearly 60 years later, when Bush’s son had also been elected President of the United States, Bush visited the Bonin Islands and spoke to CNN about his ordeal. With all of the experiences of his life – all of the triumphs and tragedies – it was the loss of Ted White and John Delaney which continued to weigh heavily on George H.W. Bush. “I wake up at night and think about it sometimes,” the former President told CNN, “Could I have done something differently? I’m not haunted by anything other than the fact I feel a responsibility for the lives of the two people that were killed. I wonder if I could have done something different? I wonder who got out of the plane? I wonder – wonder why the chute didn’t open for the other guy? Why me? Why am I blessed? Why am I still alive? That has plagued me.”

How much did it plague George H.W. Bush? When the author and historian James Bradley interviewed the former President about his story for Bradley’s 2003 book Flyboys: A True Story of Courage (BOOK | KINDLE), Bush startled Bradley by asking the author if he had any new information about the fates of John Delaney and Ted White.


When the Finback surfaced and fished George Herbert Walker Bush out of the sea, the submariners treated him for his wounds, fed him, gave him new clothes to wear, and he became a part of the Finback crew – an honorary submariner – for the next month, as the submarine continued its mission, patrolling hot spots in the Pacific Theater just in case another downed pilot required rescue.

Everything was still raw when the future President sat down the next day at a typewriter on the Finback and pecked out a letter to his parents back home in Connecticut. It is the testament of a 20-year-old man born with all of the advantages in the world, sharing his story with his parents and letting them know how the war had touched him…and how it could easily touch them:

Dear Mother and Dad,

This will be the first letter you have gotten from me in a good long while. I wish I could tell you that as I write this I am feeling well and happy. Physically I am O.K., but I am troubled inside and with good cause. Here is the whole story at least as much of it as I am allowed to relate right now.

Yesterday was a day which will long stand in my memory. I was on a bombing hop with Delaney as my radioman and Lt. (j.g.) Ted White as my gunner. He did not usually fly, but I asked him if he would like to go with me and he wanted to. We had the usual joking around in the ready room about having to bail out etc. – at that time it all seemed so friendly and innocent but now it seems awful and sinister.

I will have to skip all the details of the attack as they would not pass the censorship, but the fact remains that we got hit. The cockpit filled with smoke and I told the boys in back to get their parachutes on. They didn’t answer at all, but I looked around and couldn’t see Ted in the turret so I assumed he had gone below to get his chute fastened on. I headed the plane out to sea and put on the throttle so as we could get away from the land as much as possible. I am not too clear about the next parts. I told them to bail out, and then I called up the skipper and told him I was bailing out. My crewmen never acknowledged either transmission, and yet the radio gear was working – at least mine was and unless they had been hit back there theirs should have been, as we had talked not long before. I heard the skipper say something but things were happening so fast that I don’t quite remember what it was. I turned the plane up in an attitude so as to take pressure off the back hatch so the boys could get out. After that I straightened up and started to get out myself. At that time I felt certain that they had bailed out. The cockpit was full of smoke and I was choking from it. I glanced at the wings and noticed that they were on fire. I still do not know where we got hit and never will. I am now beginning to think that perhaps some of the fragments may have either killed the two in back, or possibly knocked out their communications.

Fortunately I had fastened all my straps before the dive and also I had left my hatch open, something I hadn’t been doing before. Just the day before I had asked the skipper and he advised leaving it open in a dive. The jump itself wasn’t too bad. I stuck my head out first and the old wind really blew me the rest of the way out. I do remember tugging at my radio cord which I had forgotten to unplug. As I left the plane my head struck the tail. I now have a cut head and bruised eye but it is far from serious. After jumping, I must have pulled the ripcord too soon for when I was floating down, I looked up at the canopy and several of the panels were all ripped out. Just as I got floating down, I saw the plane strike the water. In the meantime, I noticed that there was a liferaft down in the water. Not until later did I discover that it was mine that was supposed to be attached to my lifejacket. I had forgotten to hook it on, and when I left the plane it had come loose and had fallen into the water. Fortunately, the wind didn’t carry me too far away from the raft. The entrance into the water was not too bad. I had unloosened several of my chute straps so that when it came to getting out of the harness I wouldn’t have too many buckles to undo under the water. I went fairly deep when I hit, but not deep enough to notice any pressure or anything. I shook the harness and the wind carried the chute away on the water. The wind was blowing towards shore, so I made every effort to head the other way. The skipper saw me and he saw my raft, so he made a pass over it to point it out to me. I had inflated my mae west [sailors called their inflatable yellow life vests “Mae Wests”] and then started swimming towards the raft. Fortunately, the fall hadn’t injured the boat, so it inflated easily and I struggled into it. I then realized that I had overexerted myself swimming, because suddenly I felt quite tired. I was still afraid that the wind would take me in closer so I began paddling. It was a hell of a job to keep the water out of the raft. In fact I never did get it bailed out completely. At first I was scared that perhaps a boat would put out from shore which was very close by, but I guess our planes made them think twice about that. A few fighter planes stayed nearby the whole time until I was rescued and you can imagine how comfortable that was. One of them came right over me and dropped me some medical supplies which were most welcome, since I had no idea how badly cut up I was. It turned out to be slight, but did use the iodine anyway. I had some dye marker attached to my life jacket and also there was some in the raft so I sprinkled a bit of that on the water so the planes could see me easily. I took inventory of my supplies and discovered that I had no water. The water had broken open when the raft fell from the plane I imagine. I had a mirror and some other equipment, and also was wearing my own gun and knife.

There was no sign of Del or Ted anywhere around. I looked as I floated down and afterwards kept my eye open from the raft, but to no avail. The fact that our planes didn’t seem to be searching anymore showed me pretty clearly that they had not gotten out. I’m afraid I was pretty much of a sissy about it cause I sat in my raft and sobbed for awhile. It bothers me so very much. I did tell them and when I bailed out I felt that they must have gone, and yet now I feel so terribly responsible for their fate, Oh so much right now. Perhaps as the days go by it will all change and I will be able to look upon it in a different light.

I floated around for a couple of hours during which time I was violently sick to my stomach, and then the planes started zooming me, pointing out my position to my rescuers. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw this submarine hove into view. They pulled me out of the raft and took me below where they fixed me up in grand style. As I write this I am aboard the sub – don’t know how long I will be here, or when I will get back to the squadron.

As I said physically I am o.k. The food aboard here is unequaled anywhere I have ever seen. I am getting plenty of sleep and am even standing watches so that I will get the air occasionally. My back ached as did my leg last nite, and also my seat was a bit sore from the chute straps, but the pharmacist mate rubbed me down and today I feel much better. Last nite I rolled and tossed. I kept reliving the whole experience. My heart aches for the families of those two boys with me. Delaney had always been a fine loyal crewman. His devotion to duty was at all times highly commendable and his personality most pleasing. I shall most certainly write to his family after I am sure they have been notified by the Bureau.

As for Ted White, I have spoken of him several times in my letters before. He was the fellow from Yale, one class ahead of Stu Clement [Bush’s first cousin]. He comes from St. Paul Minn. White Bear Lake to be exact. Perhaps Dad, you know the family. If so do not write them until you get the word from me or elsewhere that the family has been officially notified. There is a possibility that they parachuted and I didn’t see them, but I am afraid it is quite remote as we received a message aboard here last nite saying that only one chute opened. All in all it is terribly discouraging and frankly it bothers me a good deal.

As time goes by I shall add bits to this letter and will mail it at my earliest possible convenience. I shall do the same by Bar, but shall not go into detail like this over my experience so please read her the parts of the letter which might interest her. It’s a funny thing how much I thought about Bar during the whole experience. What I wouldn’t give to be with her right now. Just to see that lovely face and those beautiful eyes and to know she was by my side. Right now I long to be with you so much. To be with you both and to be with Bar is my main desire – at least it won’t be too long, the time is going by quite rapidly.

Please excuse all my misspellings – they are caused not from ignorance but from carelessness in operating this machine.

much much love to you all,
your ever devoted and loving son,

As he celebrates his 93rd birthday, George Herbert Walker Bush has been many things to many people, and has done so much for so many more.

During the Vietnam War, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song “Fortunate Son” sang: “It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no Senator’s son/It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no.”

Not too long after World War II, George H.W. Bush was a Senator’s son – his father Prescott was elected to the U.S. Senate from Connecticut. Later, George Bush blazed his own trail. Oilman. U.S. Representative from Texas. An unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate from Texas (famously encouraged by the Texas Democrat and President Lyndon B. Johnson that the difference between the House and the Senate was the difference between “chicken shit and chicken salad”). U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Chief U.S. Liaison in China. CIA Director. Vice President of the United States under Ronald Reagan. President of the United States (“41”). Father of one Governor and President (“43”) and another Governor who was once considered a top candidate to become “45″.

But before everything – George Herbert Walker Bush was a war hero. And he was a war hero because of his love, honor, and duty to his country.

Just don’t ask George Bush if he was a war hero.

“It was just part of my duty. People say ‘war hero’. How come a guy who gets his airplane shot down is a hero and a guy who’s good enough that he doesn’t get shot down is not? Ask [John F.] Kennedy about it, why are you a hero? ‘They sank my boat.’ Why am I a hero? They shot down my airplane.”


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Jungkook x Reader 

Angst, fluff

“You look awful.“
Jimin’s voice is soft and smooth, as always, but Jungkook can hear the accusing tone it has. He knows his friend too well to miss it. Instead of answering, he just groans and rolls around, showing Jimin his back.
Fuck off, Park.
Jimin frowns as if he heard the words Jungkook threw at him in his head and takes a step back. “Okay, okay”, he gives in. “Just be sober for the show tomorrow, okay?”
Everything Jungkook gives him is a low mumble that vaguely resembles a “Out of my room” and a very rude insult. Jimin leaves and closes the door. He knows it’s useless to try and argue with a hungover Jungkook.

His throat is dry and hurts, his head is spinning at approximately 150 miles per hour and his whole body is heavy to the point where it feels like his muscles turned into stone.
It’s not the good kind of heavy.
While he tries to gain back the sleep Jimin took from him, pictures start flashing in his head as his mind tries to rebuild yesterday evening’s events. Everything he can see is alcohol, cigarettes and a few girls.
And in the middle of them, your face.
Your eyes are widened in shock and he can see your lips moving, but he doesn’t understand a word you’re saying. His words though, drunkenly slurred together and provocatively thrown at you, are all too clear in his head and if he could move, he would cover his ears with his hands just to get rid of the sound.
What was he thinking?
You weren’t, Jeon. You were drunk and high. Thinking is nothing you normally are capable of in that state.
Again, a groan escapes his lips and his throat stings. The groan turns into a dry cough.
What the hell was he thinking?

“Give me the vodka.”
The girl extends her hand and I take the cold bottle, burning against my palm. Fucking Namjoon, putting the alcohol into the freezer and forgetting it there is just like him. I should kick his ass for that.
I take a sip of the icy drink and shudder as it runs down my throat and warms my insides. Vodka is my favorite drink – it tastes like nothing and does its job nevertheless. I hate the sweet stuff Jimin drinks – if he drinks. Jimin is handsome and not quite what I would call weak, but he’s a bit nerdy.
I fill my glass and the girl moves closer. Her thighs touch mine and I look up. She smiles at me in the stupid assumption I give a shit about her or her body. Instead of saying anything, I cock an eyebrow and she blushes.
Desinterestedly, I turn towards my shot again and down it with one swift movement.
“Don’t you like me?”, she pouts, and since everything she gets from me is an arrogant glance, she snorts and gets up to leave me alone on the couch.
Not for long. Yoongi is quick to join me, ice cubes clinking against the walls of his glass of whiskey as he plops down next to me. “Been a while”, he says. I look at him. Judging from his reddened face and the stinging scent that surrounds him, he’s been drinking quite a few glasses of his favorite liquor, but this bastard’s eyes are sharp as hell. Yoongi is immune against alcohol.
I don’t envy him for it.
“What have you been up to?”, he asks and when I don’t answer but fill my glass again – sweet, oh sweet alcohol – he takes a sip of his amber-coloured drink. It takes a few seconds, but even before he speaks up, I know what he’s going to say.
“Where’s your lady?”
I freeze as I am reminded that I don’t know where said lady is. To be honest, after my last party, she cut off contact. “Get to your senses before calling me again”, she yelled in her voice that was sweet as honey despite the angry tone, and like she ordered, I did. In the belief that she would give in someday, I didn’t call her, didn’t text her. But I still thought about her every single day and every single second. Only the moments when alcohol and drugs numb my heart and erase all memories, I can be free for a few hours.
My silence is enough for Yoongi to understand. He hums and grins to himself as he gulps down his liquor. “Good luck, mate” is all he has to say as he gets up, and he laughs at the plastic cup I throw at him. He may be my hyung, but he still is a cocky asshole who lacks something like respect for privacy completely.
I sit still for a few heartbeats before I take the bottle of vodka and raise it to my lips. Shots aren’t possibly enough to ease my mind.
The cold bottleneck burns against my lips, the feeling worse than against my palm.
Ah. Freedom.

Jungkook wakes up again to a big glass of water and a few pills on the table next to him and a blanket around his body. Jimin may be nerdy, but he is a good friend and always takes care of him when it gets too bad.
The water feels perfect in his dry mouth and the pills are quick to ease the pain in his body and throat, so much that he can sit up and look around. The apartment he shares with the older is tidy as always, a huge difference to the messy flat yesterday’s party was held in.
Jungkook blinks a few times and then reaches for his phone which Jimin also somehow managed to find when he picked him up yesterday. Jungkook himself was in no state to even remember where he put it when he arrived to the party.
His hope awakens as he types in his code and the home screen pops up, but just as the little voice in the back of his head assumed, there are no new messages nor missed calls from you. In a short moment of anger and frustration, Jungkook is tempted to throw the phone against the wall, but he manages to get a hold on himself before it is too late. He has no money to buy a new one anyway.
It takes him a few more minutes to gather the strength to stand up, and it even takes a longer time to get from the living room to the bathroom. He leaves his clothes scattered on the floor and enters the shower.
The water is icy – Jimin always makes sure to put the setting on the coldest temperature possible when Jungkook is hungover. A string of curse words leaves the young man’s lips as he jumps back from the freezing water drops and reaches around them to turn the temperature up. He hisses a few death threats and insults before stepping under the now warm water again.
His anger vanishes slowly as the shower massages his stiff muscles and pounds the pain out of his body. He’s had enough hangovers to know that the best way to defeat them is to be active. So after he steps out of the shower, drying his hair with rough movements, he decides to go for a walk. Normally he would run, but it definitely is too early for that.

As he looks into the mirror, he stops and carefully examines his face. He looks horrible, indeed – grey skin, dark bags under his eyes and an empty glance. Pain stings in his chest as he thinks of how you would treat him on such days – with utter irony. You wouldn’t help him at all, just laugh at his stupid behavior and tease him for being a weakling. All of your words would hold a hint of softness, as if scolding a little child, and your eyes would sparkle with amusement.
His expression darkens. He always misses you as soon as you leave, but days like these when you fight – which happens way too often – are the worst. He knows his reckless behavior is a way to cope with the feelings of loss and depression, but still he his stubborn enough not to call you, not to text you, not to get near you again until you signalize you forgive him.
Jungkook runs his fingers through his wet hair and turns away from the mirror. He can’t stand the look of himself – he looks weak, broken, empty. Although he has always been this way, since the day his father left him and his mother for another woman, now that you entered his life and showed him what warmth and love are like again, he hates the feeling of his heart aching.
As he picks up his phone, his thumb hovers above your name and he is tempted to press the green call button, but decides against it after a while. It’s no use if he runs after you. You need to be willing to come back first.

The walk does help a lot. The fresh, cold air against his skin clears his mind and gets rid of the last few bits of pain in his body. It doesn’t help against the stinging feeling in his chest though, and surely not against the insecurities creeping up in the back of his head. So far, waiting until you calmed down has always been enough, but as he walks further, he isn’t so sure about that anymore. What if this time, you are determined to leave? What if this time, no time in the world can fix the mess he caused?
The thought of you vanishing from his life makes a shiver run down his spine and he stops abruptly. What did Jimin say again?

“You know she is going to leave you at this rate, right?”
Jimin’s voice disturbs my sleep and I groan unwillingly, opening my eyes just to see my best friend picking up the clothes I left scattered all over the room after last night.  I know he is going to put them in the laundry although I didn’t ask for it. Jimin just hates messes.
Remembering that he uttered something, I I roll onto my back. “What was that?”, I ask, sounding more disinterested than anything, and to be honest, I kinda am.
Jimin straightens his back, his arm full of dirty clothes, and looks at me. “I asked if you are aware that she is going to leave you at this rate”, he repeats. I glance at him. “You think?”, I reply, the sharp irony evident in my voice. Jimin just huffs. “You’re an asshole, Jungkook”, he says. “A really bad one.”
Now I have to frown nevertheless. “You told me before”, I snap. I’m not gonna let him insult me like this. “She is a good girl. She will come back eventually.”
Jimin’s glance pierces right through me and is voice is like ice, making me sit up as he leaves the room. “Yes”, he answers. “She’s a good girl. And that’s why she’ll understand she deserves someone better than you one day.”

Jungkook frowns. He never asked Jimin any further about that matter, and Jimin never brought it up again. But now he feels like he should have asked, “What can I do to make her stay?”
The young man shakes his head, turning around to go back home. Why does he think about this right now? He never doubted you before. But now he feels like he should, and the insecurity in his stomach is not a good feeling. And he isn’t used to it at all.

When he reaches his and Jimin’s apartment, he fumbles for his keys and opens the door. As soon as he steps inside, he notices something is different. The hint of a perfume lingers in the air, and he recognizes the scent immediately.
Hastily, he steps forward and pushes the door to the living room open. At first sight, everything seems normal, but then he notices you sitting on the sofa, Jimin by your side.
Jimin raises his head as soon as Jungkook enters and quickly gets up. You, on the other hand, don’t even move. His best friend throws Jungkook a short glance, then he proceeds to walk up the stairs and vanishes. A few seconds later, the sound of his steps is gone and uncomfortable silence settles above the two of you.
It takes Jungkook a while to gather his confidence. He quickly slips out of his shoes and coat, then slowly approaches you. You don’t look at him until he enters your field of vision, and even then your eyes are cold and hard.
Jungkook swallows, then carefully sits down, facing you. The pressure on his shoulders is almost unbearable and it takes a while before he gathered enough courage to speak. “Y/N”, he manages to get out.

Jungkook normally is a very confident and calm guy. He has trust in his abilities, maybe even so much a lot of people would call him arrogant and overly confident. It is rare for him to experience insecurity or nervousness, but when he does, it takes over his whole body.
He’s never felt insecure because of you before, and he didn’t think there would ever be a need to. But seeing your motionless expression and the lack of warmth in your eyes surely is a need to fear what’s ahead.
He swallows again, then talks again to break the silence that seems to be emitting from you in waves. “Y/N”, he repeats your name, gaining a bit of confidence as you don’t get up and leave yet. “Look, I-“
You huff. You are sick of the endless apologies that don’t mean change anyway. “You have to think of something better this time, Jeon”, you reply harshly. “You went too far.”
Jungkook gulps, for the third time since he entered the room now. The cold turned into anger, and angry you is way more scary than he would’ve thought. Never before have you been this upset, and never before has he been scared of what you are capable of.

Silence spreads as he desperately looks for words to explain himself, to apologize and make things right again. After a while, he realizes that for the first time in his life, he lacks the ability to properly escape a situation.
He doesn’t know what to do, and when he looks up again, your glance didn’t change. It’s still hard and cold, and so Jungkook feels the icy feeling of unsecurity from before return to his body. He shakes his head.
“I have no apology”, he finally manages to admit. You look surprised, at least for a second, and he is nearly glad for the change in your expression.
“I was an idiot, and I can’t offer an explanation”, he says and then averts his glance elsewhere, expecting you to stand up and leave.

The silence gets harder and harder to bear and Jungkook’s shoulders sink down more and more. But you don’t get up, at least he doesn’t hear you do it, and because of that he listens hard to whatever sound you’re making, despite the shivers that run up and down his body.
A small hand enters his view of vision which is solely focused on his lap and clenched hands, and then you intertwine your fingers with his.
“Jungkook”, you say, and your voice turned softer, but he still doesn’t dare to look up. For some unexplicable reason, he is scared to.
You hum. “Look at me.”
Slowly, Jungkook raises his glance. You’re kneeling in front of him, your face is serious, but the harshness vanished from your eyes and his breath hitches in anticipation. He is unsure about whether you believe him or not, but you don’t take long to answer that question.
“Jungkook”, you start over. “I want a break.”

The young man stares at you in utter disbelief. And more than that, you can see his whole world crumbling to pieces in his eyes.
Jungkook certainly didn’t expect that, and he can feel how his heart just clenches at the utter pain that washed through his veins. He can feel he is close to tears, unable to explain why – he has always been strong and tough, and he has never cried in front and because of someone, and it’s a first for him.
He can see that you are aware.

“A break, Jungkook”, you explain softly, your thumb rubbing over the back of his hand. “I am not breaking up with you for forever.”
Jungkook stares at you with wide eyes and your heart aches, but you continue.
“I’ve been there for you all along, Jungkook, and now I want you to do something for me.” You take both his hands in yours and look up to him. “I want you to work on yourself.”
The disbelief starts to mix with confusion, but the young man keeps listening. You take a deep breath. “These past months, and ever since we’ve been dating, you have been there for me, but at the same time you haven’t. The days and hours we spent together were the best ones in my life, and I don’t want to miss any of it.”
A smile tucks at Jungkook’s lips, barely visible.
“But you have your bad sides. A lot of them.”
The smile vanishes as quickly as it appeared.
“You’ve been drinking, and smoking, doing drugs and partying almost every weekend. I’m always afraid you will leave me for someone else, someone who is… more like you, and I can’t stand it. And I know it isn’t good for you either.”
Jungkook swallows.
“You become careless and even a bit abusive when you have been spending the weekend like this. And I am sick of it.”
You take a big sigh, and suddenly Jungkook understands how hard this must have been for you, and how hard it is now to tell him all of this. His face softens. He never thought about how his behavior made you feel, and why should he, but you threatening to leave made him realize a few things, and the more you talk, the worse he feels.
“So I want you to get better, not necessarily for me, but for yourself too. Just use this chance well, okay?”
Jungkook nods, suddenly serious.
“I will, Y/N.”

He accompanies you to the door, something he always did despite being an asshole, only that this time, he doesn’t get a kiss or a hug. You say goodbye with a short wave and a smile, and Jungkook thinks that he wants to make sure to get a kiss again soon. 

3 months later
Jungkook leaves the grey, dull building, swings his backpack over his shoulder and heads towards the train station. He is glad to be able to breathe fresh air again, but at the same time, the sessions really help and he feels relieved every time – even if digging out memories and problems leaves a bad taste in his mouth the first few minutes, he gets used to dealing with it more and more. 
His phone vibrates and he takes a short look at it.
“Done for today!”, his display smiles at him, and he has to chuckle. He developed the habit of using his phone’s calendar since a while ago, and each time he is through with his appointments for the day, he has to smile. Life has been busy, but he feels like he has been getting a lot better, and the work has been worth it all.

It takes him half an hour on the train until he reaches home. He feels so free when he opens the door and kicks his shoes off his feet, sniffing the air for Jimin’s dinner.
“I’m home!”, he informs his nowhere-to-be-seen best friend loudly. The apartment stays quiet, and when he enters the kitchen, it’s neat and tidy and shows a disappointing lack of food. Jungkook frowns, then grabs his bag and heads upstairs.
The door to his room is closed, and even though he left it open this morning, it doesn’t seem suspicious. Jimin, that perfectionist, often closes all the doors in the house before he leaves. So Jungkook doesn’t suspect anything and shrugs, opening the door again.

His backpack falls out of his hand as he grasps the scene that opens up before him.
The room seems normal, the usual balance of mess and order, but on the mattress that is his bed sits a familiar figure, and this figure holds a controller in her hands and – judging from the music emitting his tv – plays Overwatch.
“Y/N”, he croaks out, reaching for his backpack again, missing the handle two times before he gets it and throws it into the corner just as he always does. He then enters the room and closes the door. Only then do you turn off the sound and put the controller down, a smile spreading on your face. “Jungkook”, you smile, and the young man can do nothing but stare at you.
He feels like you just magically appeared in front of him, and it seems like one of the old times on top of that. Your hair is up in a messy bun, your have very little to no makeup on your face, and your body is hugged by one of your favourite t-shirts and sweatpants – both of whom you stole from Jungkook, and he would chase you around the apartment for it.
“Y-you still wear those?”, he asks, taking an insecure step forward, to which you chuckle and pat the spot next to you. Jungkook sits down hesitantly.  You shrug. “Yeah, I do”, you admit. “They’re comfy, and they remind me of you.”
Jungkook swallows and you turn towards him, surprised at how pale his face is and how nervous he seems. “How have you been?”, you ask and he raises his head a bit. “Good – I guess?”, he replies. “I’ve been studying well and I’ve had no alcohol…” At this moment, everything he’s kept in and everything he did just wants to come out, and so he lets it.

“… And I haven’t been to a party in three months, well just once, but I kept my distance from drugs, and I found a job at an animal shelter”, at which he nearly blushes, because who would’ve thought tough Jungkook would find joy in working with abandoned animals?, “and I’ve been visiting the therapy every week and we’ve been covering a lot of the issues I had, so I think I am finally on the right tra-“

His voice trails off as you put one leg over his lap and sit on it, and the next thing he knows is how soft your lips feel and how good you smell and god how much he missed you.
Your fingers run through his hair as if nothing ever happened, as if you didn’t put a break on your relationship, as if you didn’t barely talk for months, it all just vanishes and all Jungkook can think is “Finally”.
You pull back after a few seconds and immediately, his arms hug your waist, because he doesn’t want you gone again.
You look at him and smile, and when he notices the warmth is back in your eyes, shining brighter than ever, he feels as happy as never before.

“I’m so proud of you.”

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I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately, especially not of my own work, and unfortunately, I don’t think that’s gonna change soon. But I’ll always post stuff when I finish it sporadically, so just bear with me, okay? 
I (finally) have the last part of the “Partners in Crime” story ready to post, so that should be up soon, too. Hope you will like it! 


On the afternoon of the 27th June 1946, Margaret Drinkwater who lived in the small Welsh village of Penllergaer, near Swansea was beginning to worry. She had just seen her twelve-year-old daughter, Muriel, enter the small wooded area that led to their village but had failed to see her emerge from the other end. And, since it was so out of character for Muriel to be late when arriving home from school, Margaret decided to leave the family farm and see what was causing her daughter to dawdle. However, upon searching, Margaret found no sign of her daughter and, now panicked, she headed into the village to ask for help. A dozen local village men conducted their own search but they too could not find Muriel. It struck everyone as odd, how easy she managed to disappear. 

The next morning, while walking through the woods, a police inspector came across Muriel’s battered body. It was later concluded that not only had she been beaten around the head, but she had also been raped and eventually shot twice in the chest. 

A day later, the murder weapon -  a US Army Colt .45 service revolver from WWI - was discovered; but despite investigators’ best efforts, neither the original owner of the weapon nor any other information could be gathered.

However, police were visiting each house in a 150 square miles area and conducting interviews with over 20,000 men from the Swansea, Aberdare and Carmarthenshire areas. Yet their efforts failed in turning up any concrete leads.

Unfortunately, as time passed, the case grew cold and it seemed unlikely that the killer would be found. But in April 2003, authorities revealed that the murder weapon was being tested for any DNA that had potentially been left behind by the killer. Just five years later, in 2008, attention was again drawn to the case when cold case investigators discovered DNA from a no-longer-visible semen stain on Muriel’s coat and while it failed to match anyone in the national database, police officials did reveal that they are still very much hopeful.

Pipeline spills 176,000 gallons of crude into creek about 150 miles from Dakota Access protest camp
North Dakota officials estimate more than 176,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from the Belle Fourche Pipeline into the Ash Coulee Creek.
By Tom DiChristopher

A pipeline leak has spilled tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil into a North Dakota creek roughly two and a half hours from Cannon Ball, where protesters are camped out in opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline.

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes, as well as environmentalists from around the country, have fought the pipeline project on the grounds that it crosses beneath a lake that provides drinking water to native Americans. They say the route beneath Lake Oahe puts the water source in jeopardy and would destroy sacred land.

North Dakota officials estimate more than 176,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from the Belle Fourche Pipeline into the Ash Coulee Creek. State environmental scientist Bill Suess says a landowner discovered the spill on Dec. 5 near the city of Belfield, which is roughly 150 miles from the epicenter of the Dakota Access pipeline protest camps.

The leak was contained within hours of the its discovery, Wendy Owen, a spokeswoman for Casper, Wyoming-based True Cos., which operates the Belle Fourche pipeline, told CNBC.

It’s not yet clear why electronic monitoring equipment didn’t detect the leak, Owen told the Asssociated Press.


After 46 years, “Jane Doe 59″ was finally identified as 19 year old Jeet Jurvetson. In 1969, she was found stabbed more than 150 times, just 5 miles down the road from where Sharon Tate and four others were viciously murdered by the Manson family. The style, location, and timing of Jurvetson’s murder has led police to believe it was the work of Manson’s followers. The Los Angelos Police Department interrogated Manson in Corcoran State Prison, but found no relevance. There was no evidence to support a link, but investigators have not ruled it out just yet.

“It’s always easy to think that Manson or the Manson family had to be involved in any kind of suspicious disappearance or murder in that era, particularly where stabbing was involved…it’s a convenient thing, since they were obviously so capable of any disgusting violent act,” — Jeff Guinn.


The combined power of three space observatories, including NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, has helped astronomers uncover a moon orbiting the third largest dwarf planet, catalogued as 2007 OR10. The pair resides in the frigid outskirts of our solar system called the Kuiper Belt, a realm of icy debris left over from our solar system’s formation 4.6 billion years ago.

With this discovery, most of the known dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt larger than 600 miles across have companions. These bodies provide insight into how moons formed in the young solar system.

“The discovery of satellites around all of the known large dwarf planets – except for Sedna – means that at the time these bodies formed billions of years ago, collisions must have been more frequent, and that’s a constraint on the formation models,” said Csaba Kiss of the Konkoly Observatory in Budapest, Hungary. He is the lead author of the science paper announcing the moon’s discovery. “If there were frequent collisions, then it was quite easy to form these satellites.”

The objects most likely slammed into each other more often because they inhabited a crowded region. “There must have been a fairly high density of objects, and some of them were massive bodies that were perturbing the orbits of smaller bodies,” said team member John Stansberry of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. “This gravitational stirring may have nudged the bodies out of their orbits and increased their relative velocities, which may have resulted in collisions.”

But the speed of the colliding objects could not have been too fast or too slow, according to the astronomers. If the impact velocity was too fast, the smash-up would have created lots of debris that could have escaped from the system; too slow and the collision would have produced only an impact crater.

Collisions in the asteroid belt, for example, are destructive because objects are traveling fast when they smash together. The asteroid belt is a region of rocky debris between the orbits of Mars and the gas giant Jupiter. Jupiter’s powerful gravity speeds up the orbits of asteroids, generating violent impacts.

The team uncovered the moon in archival images of 2007 OR10 taken by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3. Observations taken of the dwarf planet by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope first tipped off the astronomers of the possibility of a moon circling it. Kepler revealed that 2007 OR10 has a slow rotation period of 45 hours. “Typical rotation periods for Kuiper Belt Objects are under 24 hours,” Kiss said. “We looked in the Hubble archive because the slower rotation period could have been caused by the gravitational tug of a moon. The initial investigator missed the moon in the Hubble images because it is very faint.”

The astronomers spotted the moon in two separate Hubble observations spaced a year apart. The images show that the moon is gravitationally bound to 2007 OR10 because it moves with the dwarf planet, as seen against a background of stars. However, the two observations did not provide enough information for the astronomers to determine an orbit.

“Ironically, because we don’t know the orbit, the link between the satellite and the slow rotation rate is unclear,” Stansberry said.

The astronomers calculated the diameters of both objects based on observations in far-infrared light by the Herschel Space Observatory, which measured the thermal emission of the distant worlds. The dwarf planet is about 950 miles across, and the moon is estimated to be 150 miles to 250 miles in diameter. 2007 OR10, like Pluto, follows an eccentric orbit, but it is currently three times farther than Pluto is from the Sun.

2007 OR10 is a member of an exclusive club of nine dwarf planets. Of those bodies, only Pluto and Eris are larger than 2007 OR10. It was discovered in 2007 by astronomers Meg Schwamb, Mike Brown, and David Rabinowitz as part of a survey to search for distant solar system bodies using the Samuel Oschin Telescope at the Palomar Observatory in California.