Guys Royal Family needs your help. After 9 months of rest, Boys Republic finally back with  new song GET DOWN,, but sadly after 15 hours of released they only managed to reach 30K views! For a group that has debuted since almost 3 years ago, this is such an absurd situation! please, please and please help us to raise the views on their youtube channel. I SWEAR THIS SONG, THIS ALBUM AND THIS MV IS A TOTAL MASTERPIECE

Their title track was composed by the team who wrote SHINHWA-SNIPER, TAEMIN-GUESS WHO, GOT7-JUST TONIGHT, HYOMIN-SKETCH, EXO-LOVE ME RIGHT, GROWL & ANGEL, RED VELVET-DUMB DUMB and the latest is PRODUCE 101 FINGERTIPS. Plus their side track also wrote by big names; EYES ON ME was made by DEAN AND JOOMBAS MUSIC. The MV also directed by Tiger Cave, the one who responsible for most of BEAST MVs (shadow, good luck, 12:30, Junhyung’s flower, Yoseob’s caffeine and Troublemaker’s now).

 Kpop group has a life span. We don’t want to lose another talented group. Help us.