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Sunday:     Wall Ball Game.....Two WODs.....MedBall Situps

Grey skies constantly threatened rain, therefore only 6 girls dared to risk their Sunday morning hair-do’s at our outdoor workout.

Coach Paul led off with a thorough mobility and stretching routine omitting his usual Jumping Jacks.

Warmup Game:     Partner Synchronized Wall Balls.  Do as many reps as possible in 5 minutes.

Lilian/Sue-166     Warren G/Herb-163     Bernie/Shane-155     Josh Bo/Drew-150     Dale/Angel-150     Nick/Warren A-150     Larry /Yun-149     Paul/Lew-148     Manny/Tom-148     Frank/Coach-140     Alicia/Julia-131     Craig/Scott G-125     Clint-57 (solo)

“Two WODs”      2 seemingly familiar couplets of exercises.  The first couplet is performed, weight changed, and then the second couplet is performed, all on a continuously running clock.  Both couplets are done on the rep and set formula 21  X  15  X  9.  The weights and time are posted.

The combined couplets were offered as partner workouts with partners using one barbell, sharing the reps, and only 1 working at a time.  Athletes were also offered the option of doing both couplets solo.

               21     X     15     X     9

  • Deadlifts     (225/155)
  • Ring Dips
  • Thrusters     (95/65)
  • Pullups  

Each athlete did all the reps of both exercises:  Listed by Deadlift wt / Thruster wt / time.  Prioritized by weight.

Ed/Josh Bo-225 / 95 / 26:18        Timmy-165 / 75  / 20:16       Warren A-165 / 65 / 12:47        Larry-155 / 65 / 14:24      Warren G-155 / 65 / 15:57

All of the below did ½ of the reps sharing a barbell:  

Super RX:

Bernie/Shane-255 / 95 / 8:55


Nick/Clint-225 / 95 / 8:31         Craig/Scott-225 / 95 / 13:27         Seaneen-155 / 65 / 15:56

Masters Super RX:

Frank/Coach-225 / 95 / 17:00

Non-RX, “Little People”, Wimps:

Paul/Lew-225/75/15:10     Manny/Tom-185/65/11:57     Yun/Herb-165/65/18:33

Alicia/Julia-135/65/13:07    Dale/Angel-105/55/13:41    Lillian/Sue-105/45/10:46

Buy-Out:   150  Partner Med-Ball Situps.


The secretarial duties were performed by 2 humble fellows who wanted me to inform you that they shared 7 college degrees.  This claim passed unchallenged and is wanting verification.  I think they started counting with Pre-School certificates of attendance.  Fortunate for my readers, I was able to dis-entangle the the hodgepodge of names and numbers into the nearly understandable format that you find here.  I left in situ a few of their chosen words, but changed  their ordering that placed them 1st in the listing.  I miss Jamie and Kati.

The “Two WODs” format allowed everyone to chose wether they wished to partner or go it alone, and to chose the degree of difficulty they wanted to do.  At least Frank and I enjoyed it.

Some of you have noticed that we frequently do Med-Ball Situps on the weekends, and that the total number required has been gradually increasing.  Frank wanted to know if we would one-day have to do 200 reps.  What do you think?? 

There were no new people today.  It was sweet to have Seaneen and Josh Bo back with us after a too long absence.  I asked Seaneen to please come back more often.

Two blogs back I informed my readers (all attendees of the totally free Little Harpeth CrossFit) that Miss Linda would be out of town over a period of time that would necessitate my being left high and dry for 7 nourishing meals.  The over whelming response from all my friends resulted in my going to The Bone Fish Grill with Frank on Friday evening, but I have been eating dry cereal out of a box (with red wine) for the remaining 6 meals.  I picked up the tab at Bone Fish or I would have been eating cereal that night too.  Lew told me today that curmudgeons like me can expect NO VISITORS EVER when I’m in my nursing home a few years from now.

Tuesday at 4 PM.  

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