Imagines Masterlist

Thor Odinson:

Imagine you decline Fury on joining the Avengers…[till you see Thor]

Imagine for Valentines Day you watch Disney movies

Imagine Thor is injured on a mission

Imagine you try to help Thor over his break up

Imagine doing different hairstyles with Thor’s hair

Imagine being shy but still asking Thor out.

Clint Barton:

Imagine you are Clint’s neighbour

Imagine playing frisbee with Clint [with Cap’s shield]

Bucky Barnes:

Imagine telling Bucky you love him for the first time [whilst sleeping]

Imagine annoying Bucky by placing magnets on his arm

Imagine taking Bucky ice skating

Imagine being pregnant with Bucky’s child

Imagine being married to Bucky in the 40′s

Imagine being Bucky’s girlfriend [in 40′s] and him going off to war

Imagine you get your wisdom teeth taken out [Bucky looks after you] 

Natasha Romanoff:

Imagine car journeys with Natasha

Imagine being stuck in car with Nat and her asking if you like anyone

Imagine you keep annoying Natasha till she gives you some attention

Peter Maximoff:(X-Men)

Imagine Peter annoying you by taking seflies

Bruce Banner:

Imagine making Bruce laugh with terrible Hulk puns

Imagine meeting Bruce on a train

Imagine spending Valentines with Bruce

Imagine you buy a new modern sofa and Bruce hates it

You buy a pet for yourself and Bruce and your new home

Wanda Maximoff:

Imagine being the only one to make Wanda laugh-hysterically 

Imagine making vines with the Maximoff twins

Imagine Wanda asks you to marry her [least romantic way]

Imagine cooking the Avengers dinner with Wanda

Steve Rogers:

Imagine making Steve laugh by pretending to be him

Imagine going on a date with Steve [refusing to get on his bike]

Imagine telling Steve you like a man in uniform

Imagine waking up beside Steve and having a small cute argument

Imagine Steve catches you in one of his shirts

Imagine you and Steve go out for a walk

Imagine painting eggs to look like the Avengers

Imagine Steve hugging you when you are hormonal

Imagine having a crush on Steve and asking him for advice about it

Tony Stank:

Imagine annoying Tony by touching his stuff

Imagine you and Tony are best friends and he likes to make you laugh

Imagine Eskimo kisses with Tony

Imagine you and Tony getting Burger King after a mission

Imagine Tony dying on the battlefield

Imagine Tony trying to help with your period [and failing]

Imagine coming home to Tony and your son playing

Sam Wilson:

Imagine meeting Sam as Steve harasses him on their jog

Imagine Sam telling you his nicknames for the Avengers

Peter Parker:

Imagine growing up and studying alongside Peter

Scott Lang:

Imagine the Avengers not knowing you are dating Scott

Imagine having an emotional moment with Scott and he ruins it

Imagine having a very sarcastic relationship with Scott

Pietro Maximoff:

Imagine you and Pietro crazy dancing to a funny song

Imagine being an avenger and not liking Pietro

Imagine annoying Pietro by saying he isn’t fast


Imagine meeting T’Challa and not believing he’s a king.


Imagine Steve and Bucky having inside jokes

Imagine being friends with Steve and Bucky [back in the 40′s]


Imagine retiring from the Avengers [Part Two]


Imagine yourself and Steve broke up but he has a new girlfriend | Imagine you wished yourself and Steve never broke up | Imagine you are leaving but Steve does still love you|

Imagine finding out Bucky is ticklish | Imagine Steve forces Bucky to break up with you | Imagine Steve and Tony try to explain their reasoning to you | Imagine Steve admitting he is wrong but you are in trouble on a mission|

Prank War:
Imagine a prank war between yourself, Wanda and Pietro | Imagine Pietro pulls a prank on Bucky but he had already done one on Wanda | Imagine Steve joins the prank war without your team knowing |

Steve gets you a dog:
Imagine you somehow convince Steve to let you get a puppy | Imagine Steve has been away on a mission and comes back to a guard dog | Imagine introducing Buddy and Bucky | Imagine Bucky gets a cat and it gets along with Buddy |

Sebastian Stan:

Imagine posting videos of Seb on your Snapchat

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1- The Arrival
Fine ink and watercolor drawing heightened with gouache.
15.1 x 14.9 cm. (5.9 x 5.51 in).

2- Dancing to a piper
Unfinished ink and watercolor drawing.
15.3 x 15 cm. (5.9 x 5.9 in.)
This scene was later redrawn with a rabbit playing a ‘cello surrounded by five dancing rabbits ( and two rabbits nuzzling each other by the black wall.)

3- The Departure
Fine ink and watercolor drawing.
15.2 x 15.2 cm. (5.9 x 5.9 in.)

Source : Sothebys.

Beatrix Potter

I wish I could just click my fingers and make all the :re chapters come out in one instant.


chapter 10
chapter 11
chapter 15
chapter 20
Kaneki the badass
Kaneki and the squad
Hide gets back
Amon gets back
All truths are revealed
Final showdown
Kaneki and Touka get together
Everyone lives happily ever after
Only happy chapters from now on

Hell yeaaah

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Edward Weston 
(American, Highland Park, Illinois 1886–1958 Carmel, California)

Date: 1931 Medium: Gelatin silver print Dimensions : Image: 19.3 x 24.1 cm (7 5/8 x 9 ½ in.) Mount: 38.1 x 39.6 cm (15 x 15 9/16 in.)

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