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this is a tumblr hug (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ pass it on to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know you love them!

Awww thank yoys I send this to everyone of my followers

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"Please do not forget JYJ and, also the two members, who are doing their best" is he talking about himself and junsu (two members that are not jyj because hyung is not active) or yunho and changmin im confused if theres a pause before those two members i will know and if thats the case yoochun... yoochun why. i was doing ok

He said Jaejoong and Junsu. As always, bigeast has an agenda, sorry.

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this is a tumblr hug (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ pass it on to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know you love them! 

♥ ♥ ♥ 

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hi. i was wondering if you could tell me where you found such a great HD version of the last episode of The Lover? thanks! 

I don’t remember which hub posted the torrent first, but generally, if you’re looking for any kdrama, just google its Korean title, followed by the episode number, followed by your preferred format (example: 더러버 E12 720p) – tosarang and torrentair are decent as long as you have AdBlock and by now 1020p versions might be out, too.

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how do you think yoohwan takes revenge when yoochun says stuff like i wish i had a sister

Bwah. IDK, I’ve never thought of it as Yoochun saying he wants a sister instead of a brother–more like in addition to a brother–but now I’m just picturing Yoohwan in the nursery and Yoochun’s first words to him being, “You were supposed to be a girl, they promised me a girl, you’re not a girl,” and at twelve, “ Yoohwannie… what if you grew your hair out…” and now at twenty-four, whenever Yoochun pops his head in the room to randomly sigh, “…a sister…” Yoohwan probably just chugs a protein shake because have you seen this guy lately, he’s gone shopping at musclemart and brought all the guns home.

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idg what the big deal about enlistment is. its just two years and all ya’ll acting like theyre dead and miserable 

Okay, IDK, I have a lot of feelings about this, but in short: 

You feel like getting in your car and driving around on a bad day? You can’t. You feel like eating whatever you want, whenever you want? Feel like sleeping in? Staying up? Growing your hair out? Coloring it? Wearing jeans, wearing nothing, dating, drinking, grabbing coffee, marathoning shows, being there for your friends and family, curling up with your pet? Too bad, you can’t.

They’re literally losing their freedom for two years. And usually, people who have their rights taken away are being punished for something. It’s a correctional/punitive method that poses a permanent physical/emotional/FINANCIAL loss to people who’ve done nothing to deserve it, so IDK, it’s kind of a big deal.

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this is a tumblr hug (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ pass it on to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know you love them!

Like I said yesterday, I don’t do chain mail. I know you mean it well but I think it is really annoying, so please don’t send it to me

My favorite tumblrs (Day 15 Writing Challenge)

It’s halftime in my writing challenge!!

So here are my tumblr faves:

justroxonmute as my fellow Shay lover, of course has a place in the list. Check her out & love you!

losing-every-extra-pound is absolutely inspiring & I find myself reblogging almost every thing.

deeplifequotes because who doesn’t need those?

totheedgeofmydesire because it’s a blog like you & me but better 😄 I’m jealous of all the traveling.

fortheloveoffutbol just too good of a writer to not be among my faves. It’s absolutely like reading a good book. Keep it up!

bae-sino great minds think alike! ;)

petalsandplaid love her fashion sense (she’s also a DIY - loooooved the dress)

Thank you all for being amazing!!
And I really hope I don’t come across as a creep here! 😜

xx A.

thank you!

Hey guys! I just wanted to say thank you all so much- I have reached 6k followers the other day! It made me so happy and I do not understand why so many people want to continuously see what I post. This is just unreal! 

As a sign of my gratitude, I would like to have a small promo opportunity: reblog this, and I will pick 15 of my favorite blogs overall. If you are chosen as a winner I will follow you (if i’m not already) and give you a promo! However, you must be following me (I WILL check) AND this will only happen if I have at least 50 notes on this- otherwise I’ll delete this because it will be too embarrassing ;)

I will choose winners on July 2nd, and hopefully the promo will actually help some of you guys (sorry in advance if it doesn’t >_<). Again, thank you all so much!

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This is a tumblr hug. (✿づ◠‿◠)づ Pass this to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know that you love them ♥ ♥ (Sorry about the ridiculous amount of notes, I just really love the gutter party and everything.)

Thankyou darlin’!

And I love the notes because I’m a total narcissist so don’t stress hahaha

I’ve been sent this a shittone of times through fanmail as well, so I’m gonna be a lazy cunt and tag some faves instead lol

noclevernamelbr captainyukicho its-pineapple-me callmearenegade elsa-lost-in-translation dragonslikesmaug earrinde-lancaeriel peonies-and-poppies maxwell-demon maebyrutherford stripperleepace versefameandbeauty jvierk abbessolute knittingfynatyc and there’s a crapstack more but I’m lazy! 

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this is a tumblr hug (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ pass it on to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know you love them!