15 years of half life


I had been asked if I could do a sorta “before/after” thing with respect to Enjolas’s transition. That’s a little impossible to do in two images, since transition can have a variety of different milestones and it doesn’t exactly have a beginning and end point. 

However, I had been wanting to do an age progression with my Enjolras! So I think this illustrates the request pretty decently. Titles in the caption.

Notes about the verse:

  • Enjolras is transmale, of course.
  • Enjolras and Cosette are identical twins. (Cosette has the other half of that heart necklace!)
  • Enjolras and Cosette were both raised by the Thenardiers until they were adopted by Val Jean at age 11. 
  • Grantaire (and Montparnasse and Feuilly) were also fosters of the Thenardiers. Grantaire met Enj around the time of the first image. 
  • When Enj was adopted, R thought he would never see Enjolras again - but they meet again in university, at the time of the fourth image. 

(PS: If any assfucks writes a comment or tag akin to “hot in both genders” I will come to their house PERSONALLY to replace all their vanilla pudding with mayonnaise, soak every vegetable they own in windex and give all their video games to good will.)


My last night with my best friend. He is a little fuzzy (no more hair cuts since he hates those). He got to eat some of my ribs and mashed potatoes and gets one more walk tomorrow morning. I sit here 1am and can’t sleep, but he sleeps there peacefully and it breaks my heart. 15 years of friendship, half my life with this amazing companion. I will always miss you old friend. To any of you with a friend like this please be sure to live them as best you can, while you can.

304 - Freedom & Whisky aka That Pterodactyl Screeching Noise You Hear is Me

Alrighty, now that my heart rate has returned to a normal level let’s do this! Freedom and Whisky was hands down my favorite episode so far. I’m sure that won’t last long since Printshop™ is coming, but still.

For me, this episode was everything we’ve been missing this season. We got to see Caitriona SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND bring so much depth to Claire that I feel has been sorely missing this season. 


- I would watch the shit out of “Outlander Anatomy” tbh…

- Speaking of which, the guy in the back rattling off blood pressure statistics looks a hell of a lot like George O’Malley

- LOL the professor tried to shock his students with the Paul Revere plot twist but Brianna’s sitting there like “I just found out my dad is an 18th century highlander so Paul Revere can fuck right off” 

- “Fuck fate”

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- Being a historian must pay really well if Roger can afford to fly across the Atlantic to impress a girl 

- I love that Claire totally knows that Roger flew across the Atlantic just to see her daughter

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- I can literally feel my heart breaking. In order to close the door on the past she had to give up all hope of ever going back. But at the same time, she loves her daughter and her daughter is both the best thing in her life and the biggest reminder of the past she’s trying to forget. 

- “I watched you live a half life for 15 years, if you have a second chance at love - take it” GET YOU A BEST FRIEND LIKE JOESEPH ABERNATHY

- We’re here to honor the exceptional work of the late cheating rat bastard great Frank Randall

- There was a great line in the book that Claire says to Frank during a fight, something like “I would have given you up in a heartbeat if only you’d asked” and I really REALLY wish she’d said this to the Candy-Land Trollop 

- Or just thrown her drink on her, I’d have been okay with either tbh

- I absolutely LOVE Claire’s outfit in the ceremony scene. Who runs the world? Terry Dresbauch.

- I liked this scene a lot because I loved watching them work through Bree’s questions and fears instead of just fighting and not communicating. 


- I’m so happy that Claire’s narration is back. I really missed hearing her voice and thoughts, especially since this story is mostly told from her point of view. 

- The comparison between Claire’s journey and Apollo 8 is 👌🏼

- I’m so here for Brianna realizing what an incredible woman her mother is

- Its wonderful that we’re finally getting to see them bond and have some kind of relationship besides shouting at each other 

- Wait, if Claire need’s a gemstone to go through the stone but she looses them when she goes through…did Brianna just give her a gift she’s going to end up loosing? 

- DESIGNER CLAIRE. Wonder what her label says… “Sassenach by Claire Fraser” 

- “The first time I went through I was terrified, second time heartbroken. This time, I want it to be peaceful” 

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- That coat she’s wearing when she leaves is STUNNING where do I get one? 

- Obsessively checking the clock to see if we’re just going to see the bell or more than that…


- BABY WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

- Closed Captioning said “emotional woodwind music” but tbh I’m just plain emotional right now

- I literally have no words for the ending because it was so good, so perfect, and I NEED THE NEXT EPISODE NOWWWWWW



Today is once again International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia and Transphobia and WOW I woke up with a big smile on my face and said screw you to the world I was brought up in because today I’m going in to MAXIMUM OVERGAY to tell everyone that you are important, valid, and meaningful.

3 years ago, 5 years ago… 10 years ago… 15 years ago… for half of my life people were figuratively pooping on me daily and I was afraid to be me, I was afraid to fall in love with girls, I was afraid of just straying too far from “normal and accepted”.

Now there’s people who follow me who are in the same situation I was in and I just want to reach out to those people particularly and just… LOOK JUST KEEP FIGHTING OK. JUST KEEP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF AND WHO YOU ARE. No-one can tell you who you are except you! Strangers, friends, teachers, parents, guess what, they can be wrong sometimes! No-one has full power and knowledge over your identity and who you love, no-one can control that, heck even you can’t control that, it just is what it is. Accept it, embrace it, funnel its power in to charging the rainbow mechs.

I promise that whenever you find a way to escape the negativity or to turn it in to positive vibes, it’s like you’ll explode in to a whole new fabulous person, you will be you and it will be glorious.

It’s beyond my capability to help each and every one of you with whatever holds you back, but I believe in you, even if it takes 15 years like me, I totally one-hundred percent wholeheartedly zero-doubtedly mega hyper super sonic racing believe that you are all absolutely wonderful and can kick homo/bi/trans-phobias collective BUTT!

We are awesome and we are allowed to exist. YEAH!!!

(Shout out to pansexuals, asexuals, etc. too, I’m pretty sure they just love the IDAHOBIT acronym because I totally would a hobbit. Which is why I’m dating Fiona. Hahah pelase don’t kill mgahbfbnf


special1004: ..10 years have already passed before we know it.. because I wanted to survive each and every of the schedules, each and every of the variety programs that I went on (after much) difficulty were a battlefield to me.. in order to hear that I did well and become a fixed (guest), I was worrying even until really late the day before and while reading the entire script like I was in a lesson, I kept wondering and wondering if there were things that we could do together even if it wasn’t my part. I thought that if I did that, it’d seem like our team will be able to go on for a long time and if my personal popularity or recognition level goes up, I will be able to gain a line or so more for my parts.. I didn’t have any leadership but I acted like I was strong while leading the many members.. acted like I was overflowing with confidence. I’m not hardworking but I acted like I was hardworking. I’m not clean but I acted like I like to be clean. I’m not kind but I acted like I was kind. I wanted to play but I acted like I liked being lazy in the dorm. Seemed like I had to do that to be successful. Just like that, 10 years has passed. Before I know it, the pretentious parts of me has made me a little stronger and while becoming friendlier to other, it changed into a personality that was understandable. I’ve once heard that if you have been pretentious for 10 years, (the pretentious part of you) should be accepted as your personality but it seems the accumulation of doing those things were what made the current me strong.. even though I’m not with a lot of members now, this is just a process in order to walk even further and longer. We’ve endured lots of wolves and tornadoes well. 10 years.. we ran intensely in order to be successful but now, it seems like we should run in a direction where we can be together for an even longer time, looking around our surroundings and in a way where we can receive love as our priority.. the 15 years at SM, while spending half the time of my life together with them, I would like to thank everyone at SM, please take care of me from now on too. And our ELF whom I felt worked very hard at supporting us every single time!! Thank you and I love you. I’m not sure if you became a fan at the beginning at your own will but there isn’t a door to leave from the very beginning.. ^^ lastly, our members will have an even harder time ahead so let’s hang in there for a little bit. And it’s really the start from now on..!! Let’s all try to do well together. We are Super Juni eo!!!eyo!!!… -10th anniversary reflection- instagram.com/p/93GmlQKNqF/ (cr)

RIP Buddy September 2000- July 20,2015

It has been a month to this day since I put Buddy to sleep. I wanted to take the time to write exactly what I felt about my sweet dog, but every time I sat down, no words came out. How do you describe a dog as steady and as loyal as Buddy? He never did anything particularly amazing or unusual, just was an all around good and well behaved dog. He was smart and sweet and loving.  He was easy-going, but protective. He was no trouble at all and was always just a staple of the house. Since the time I was 10 years old, Buddy was with our family. He has lived with me in every home and apartment I have been in since. He protected me and kept me company. Most everyone who has known me in the past decade knew Buddy. I snuck him into school for a class presentation and he was even the mascot for one of my softball teams. Yes…he came inside the dugout and wore a jersey.

Buddy lived a great long life and died when he was almost 15 years old. So many life events had him in them. More than half my life.  Buddy spent most of his later life just relaxing. He always wanted to be with his family, whether outside working in the yard or lounging on the couch.  

He aged very well up until Thanksgiving of last year. We noticed there was a tumor on the back of his ear. We opted to have it removed, and poor Bud’s ear never hung the same way. But he didn’t let it bother him. He still did all the things he loved to do; roll in the grass, ride in the car, and take walks.  A tumor would grow back every two and a half months in a slightly different spot, so we removed them twice more, as Buddy was still happy. But after the last one, Buddy grew 3 tumors back in less than two weeks.

So we decided to not put him through surgery again, just to let him live out his life as long as he was happy. Over the next few months, though he still enjoyed his life, Buddy lost lots of weight and muscle mass. We watched and checked him all the time, to make sure he wasn’t hurting. Buddy managed to the make it to the lakehouse one last time for the 4th of July, which is an amazing blessing. He was a spoiled prince. He rode in the boat, rolled in the grass, and sat in the water by the shore. It was wonderful.

But only 2 weeks after that, we knew the time was coming. Buddy began to have trouble at night and would wake us several times a night, peeing all over himself as he rushed out the door to get to the grass. He never had bathroom troubles. That next day, we got out leashes to take everyone on a walk…and Buddy did not move. He didn’t want to go. After one more bad night, we knew it was time.

So I took Buddy out for a wonderful last day. We went to the park together and sat in the grass and watched the world go by. We had ice cream at Bruster’s. He had hamburgers and chicken nuggets and whatever else he wanted. He loved every minute of it. We rode with the windows down and went to see friends. Buddy was so happy that he was the center of attention again.

That night, Mom, Dad, Justin, and I all went to the vet. As we waited for the vet to be ready, we got Buddy a SlimJim. Talk about spoiled. He was so full from the day, he only ate half of it. We all relaxed together before the vet came out and did what needed to be done.  The vet estimated that the tumors had gotten to Buddy’s spleen, so I am glad that he did not have to suffer. We buried him in the backyard, wrapped in a big blue shirt he would wear in the winter.

It has been so strange this past month. It has felt like he has been here, but at the same time, I haven’t even had a chance to miss him. I guess because he was so old and relaxed anyway, that his presence was just a staple. One that I often took for granted. But I still will be handing out treats and go to grab one to make sure Buddy gets it. And the other day, I started to look for him to let him out to go potty. I miss him a lot. But I don’t feel as much of the pain or grief that I thought I would. More of fond memories are there. Plenty of sadness, but lots of love and happiness too. Unlike with Dempsey’s death, I do not feel that Buddy was cheated out of a good life or robbed of time on this earth. Buddy lived a wonderful amazing life. He was always there and happy to see us. He always protected us. He was always eager to please and to tag along. He put up with all my rescues and other needier dogs constantly getting more attention than him.

What more can I say about Buddy? I could go on all day and only say the same things in different ways. He was amazing. He was my first dog. He started this whole insane animal persona I have going on. He taught me everything there is to know about dogs and training. And he taught me about just being happy with who you are and what you have.

Buddy was a good boy and I sure do miss his big squishy head and loving brown eyes.

Love you angel. Thank you for the many long years you shared with me. 

Naruto 699 spoilers

I just have to say a few things, I don’t even know if those spoilers are confirmed, since I was never into Naruto spoilers before.

I just find it completely ridiculous that Naruto ends up with Hinata, if you like her, good for you, but she’s completely useless and the manga would’ve been the same, if not better without her. So you take the fucking main character in the series and pair him up with the most obnoxious girl ever and give them 2 children already. No kudos for you Kishi.

I’m not anti any pairings, I just think it was ridiculous that Naruto ended up with the most annoying character in the history of Naruto. He did not deserve it.

Ohhh Sasuke leaves the village (like who didn’t see that coming), but not before impregnating Sakura and leaving her with a kid that looks like it came out of Karin. WTF?????????????????????????????????????? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to consider 698 as the actual Naruto ending, and since I’ve never seen nor will ever see any Naruto movies I don’t care for this stupid ending. I’ll continue to love Naruto, it’s part of my life for the last 15 years, exactly half of my life. I’ll never stop loving it, reading fanfics and maybe who knows I’ll read it all over again for a 3rd time.

KakaSaku/NaruSaku/SasuSaku/SasuNaru for life!!!