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Last season when Riggins and Friedkin were gearing up to take on the Rowdy 3, didn’t Riggins say that Project Incubus was “one of the first subjects” brought into Blackwing? If Blackwing was started in ‘88, it’s not crazy to assume at least 1 of the 4 boys were brought in within a year or two of that happening, right??

I’m only asking because this tweet has got me thinking. If Priest originally brought in the subjects, just how long has he been working for Blackwing??? Cause if he’s supposed to be Alan Tudyk’s age ( 46 ), Priest would have only been 17 in 1988.

Did Blackwing, a multi million dollar government program, really hire a 17 - 20 year old to go up against an only slightly younger Martin, Cross, Gripps and Vogel??? Were the older boys captured together, or were they united after Blackwing threw them in the same cage??? How much longer did it take for Vogel to be added?? I can understand Priest catching Dirk pretty easily ( sorry Dirk ), but what about Bart??? How was he able to escape being straight up murdered by the psychic murder bean, who was - at the time - probably no older than 19 ??? At Most ??? ? Just how young was Bart when she first killed for the universe ????

@ Max you need to release a timeline relating to Blackwing because I Got Questions.

Hey but the concept of Shidge is still really fucking cute? Like imagine this teenage girl bonding with her brother’s and family’s friend, who she ends up working with and being close friend with too.

She develops a little crush on him but doesn’t do anything about it because the age-gap is too wide and she’s still very young in comparison but they still remain close friends.

Some time passes, and she’s an adult now and then it could either become platonic, like they’re still friends and she confesses she had a crush on him when they were younger but not anymore and Shiro find this adorable and teases her about it.

Or she still has a little bit on a crush on him, and Shiro begins to realize he does too. And after some awkward beating around the bush and being pining messes they end confessing to each other and start this dating thing.

I don’t know, Shidge is just really sweet.

Ok not to start discourse or anything–I get not wanting to sexualize/pornify otayuri bc yurio is 15/16 and like, same tbh, but why do people think otayuri is gross just as a cute ship? Like what’s wrong with thinking that these boys kiss and hold hands and go on nice dates and stuff? Otabek is only 17/18. It’s not that crazy.

2014: What a time to be alive!
  • Haikyuu!! Anime
  • and the manga gets published in my country
  • Durarara!! Season 2
  • Durarara!! Season fucking 2
  • Kagepro Anime
  • Free! Season 2
  • Sailor Moon Remake
  • I repeat: Sailor Moon REMAKE
  • and Death fucking Note Remake
  • Did i mention Durarara!! Season 2?
  • Psycho Pass Season 2
  • K Project Movie
  • Gay Swimmers Season 2
  • DRAMAtical Murder Anime
  • Love Stage! Anime
  • We get a lot of !
  • And a lot of sport
  • and feels
  • and…tears *looks at Mekaku City Actors*
  • Gay Volleyball players Anime
  • Have i already written about Death Note Remake?
  • No?
  • Yes?
  • Well, it won’t hurt to repeat; Death Note friggin’ remake
  • And Sailor Moon Remake
  • Especially Sailor Moon Remake
  • It’s like my entire childhood
  • Not to mention all the yuri
  • We got three yuri series in two season
  • and a series with yuri subtext in the third
  • This is a good year for yuri
  • and for yaoi
  • and for tears
  • and for Persona
  • We get Persona fucking 5
  • have you even the slightest idea of how much i waited for this shit to be real?
  • No you don’t
  • Since 2009
  • 5 years
  • 5 goddamn years
  • what a year this will be
  • I will get nearly all the things i’ve ever wanted
  • And we’re just starting
  • Nothing could make it better
  • Except one thing
  • A fucking date for Final Fantasy Xv
  • It’s been 8, eight, otto, ocho, huit, acht, YEARS

oxnards  asked:

I'm older than both you mid-20ers, don't feel bad! Speaking of, how old was everyone when they started watching Hamtaro? I think most of us saw it from Toonami about 15 years ago right? :O

I was in elementary school, I read the little mangas first because for some reason my local comic store has always had weird manga out. Then the show came out… I’d say 6-8…

When did y'all first see hamtaro??? :o

the picture. that’s it. this was written bc of that damn picture. idk. i’m also on drowsy medication and am very sleepy so. i rly dk.

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lovelyxylophone  asked:

So I see quite a bit of the happy families au on your page but idk what it is could you explain or give a link to it?

i have a link here :D but i get this question a ton and y’all still seem a lil confused so, to sum it up: it’s just an au where sally works as tristan mclean’s housekeeper/chef/sort of as a nanny to his 1 year old daughter piper, and sally’s kid percy tags along sometimes to help babysit. he’s there a lot, helps raise piper alongside sally and sometimes tristan (when he’s actually home, jfc) flashforward 4 years, and 15 y/o percy is basically 5 y/o piper’s surrogate big brother. they are literally sally’s troublemakers. like one big…um……very dysfunctional family.

This is my second literary tattoo, once again inspired by this site and also by my 4 year old, this is his favorite book, The Giving Tree.  It has 4 apples, each one colored after each of my sons’ birthstones, oldest to youngest from left to right.  The dragonfly was added to represent my cousin. We lost her to cystic fibrosis at 15 y/o 10 years ago, so it goes.