15 years :o

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Ok not to start discourse or anything–I get not wanting to sexualize/pornify otayuri bc yurio is 15/16 and like, same tbh, but why do people think otayuri is gross just as a cute ship? Like what’s wrong with thinking that these boys kiss and hold hands and go on nice dates and stuff? Otabek is only 17/18. It’s not that crazy.

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So I've followed you for a while and ur cosplay has been so good for such a long time and I've always wanted to tell u!!! I think u look so good and sometimes it surprises me when it u doing the cosplay and the only reason I recognize it is cus he have such an original shaped room

aw thank you!! it feels good to be appreciated! :D 

but please help me…i am trapped in geometry shape prison, i havent been able to leave, and all ive been able to eat for the past 15 years is  r h o m b u s e s 

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"OUR DICKS. I PHOTOSHOPPED OUR DICKS FOR US." ( hello, cracked-out sunshine vampire. )


● ═════ ♚ ═════ ● “……………..” W h a t ? ? ? Why would he- what is–

      ˙ “……… Ichijou, I do believe this is the oddest thing you ever said to me,” and Takuma has said a LOT of odd things to him in the past 15 years.

                                                A  l o t .

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So I see quite a bit of the happy families au on your page but idk what it is could you explain or give a link to it?

i have a link here :D but i get this question a ton and y’all still seem a lil confused so, to sum it up: it’s just an au where sally works as tristan mclean’s housekeeper/chef/sort of as a nanny to his 1 year old daughter piper, and sally’s kid percy tags along sometimes to help babysit. he’s there a lot, helps raise piper alongside sally and sometimes tristan (when he’s actually home, jfc) flashforward 4 years, and 15 y/o percy is basically 5 y/o piper’s surrogate big brother. they are literally sally’s troublemakers. like one big…um……very dysfunctional family.

This is my second literary tattoo, once again inspired by this site and also by my 4 year old, this is his favorite book, The Giving Tree.  It has 4 apples, each one colored after each of my sons’ birthstones, oldest to youngest from left to right.  The dragonfly was added to represent my cousin. We lost her to cystic fibrosis at 15 y/o 10 years ago, so it goes.  

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