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  • still the man his father made him to be, lawrence’s ambitions and personality hardly wavered the years leading up to the second world war. growing up with more than what most had, he was encouraged by his parents to seek out more than what would be given to him. he was a young, educated black man in the 1940s and there would always be people trying to keep him down. he was given opportunities to advance himself, becoming the first in his family to go to university and being promised the family business upon his father’s retirement. little did he know that his thought out plan would change drastically. 
  • he was 24 when italy’s involvement in the war broke the news and not long after, lawrence was conscripted by the military to fight for the axis powers, much to his many protests. he was forced to participate in a war he did not agree with, for a side that he did not agree with, with the threat that his family would pay the price should he not comply. he was deployed to vichy france and was a part of the german-italian invasion of france in 1942. there he would stay during the occupation for two more years before being injured in an riot and sent home to verona. 
  • the city had changed completely in his absence, the streets lined with rubble and his home-life shattered with the estrangement of his sister and the death of his father. while he had hoped to resign to a quieter life after his run in the army, he chose instead to resist those who forced him to commit atrocities on the innocent and take part in their fascist regime. months after his return to verona, he caught wind of a rebel organization while delivering rations to shelters and found himself among old and new faces. 
  • it’s still early on in his participation of the resistance, but he hopes that his military background and experience with the axis army will help in the campaign to victory for the rebels and for the future of his beloved hometown. 


  • ODESSA : family had always meant so much to lawrence, so imagine his surprise and heartache upon learning that his sister had cut off communication with their parents. he often wonders if he could have prevented this someway somehow if he had been at home instead of at university or deployed. it has been years since he last heard from her, but seeing her in the flesh on the first floor of the Vittoria could have stopped his heart dead. 

watching my 12 and 15 year old nephews practice homophobia, and its just like…was I like this? were my friends like this? rictor scales can’t measure their vehement output, and i lose count of how many homophobic sentiments they practice a day. And don’t get me started on the 10 year old niece that’s consciously, passionate about perpetuating it. poor child. but for my nephews its in every exchange, between themselves, their friends, playing video games online. there isn’t a sentence that doesn’t include f*ggot, a weaponization of ‘gay’.

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This is my second literary tattoo, once again inspired by this site and also by my 4 year old, this is his favorite book, The Giving Tree.  It has 4 apples, each one colored after each of my sons’ birthstones, oldest to youngest from left to right.  The dragonfly was added to represent my cousin. We lost her to cystic fibrosis at 15 y/o 10 years ago, so it goes.  

lovelyxylophone  asked:

So I see quite a bit of the happy families au on your page but idk what it is could you explain or give a link to it?

i have a link here :D but i get this question a ton and y’all still seem a lil confused so, to sum it up: it’s just an au where sally works as tristan mclean’s housekeeper/chef/sort of as a nanny to his 1 year old daughter piper, and sally’s kid percy tags along sometimes to help babysit. he’s there a lot, helps raise piper alongside sally and sometimes tristan (when he’s actually home, jfc) flashforward 4 years, and 15 y/o percy is basically 5 y/o piper’s surrogate big brother. they are literally sally’s troublemakers. like one big…um……very dysfunctional family.

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