15 weeks and 2 days pregnant

9th April 2017:
Good morning guys♡ i’m pregnant since exactly 15 weeks and 2 days ,time is running! In 5 weeks I reach the half. And next thursday i have my next ultrasound where i’ll see my baby again :)
In a few hours a friend of mine comes over, we wanna go swimming 😍🌊🏊🏄
Here in germany the weather is wonderfull!
24 celsius 🌞🌞 what are you doing today?

So I went back through all the old Jasam and wrote down a general timeline of their relationship…

They lived together for 7 months before they became a couple, then, after a month, he proposed. 12 days later they broke up, but, no worries, they got back together 12 days after that. Then, 2 months later, they decided to have a baby. 4 months after that he proposed for the second time. 

15 days into their engagement, Jason lost his memory. After 3 months, he proposed again, only to leave her 6 months later. They were apart for 4 months, then back together again for 10 months before breaking up for 2 years and 1 months.

They were together for 3 months before the first “I love you.” Then, after 1 year, 7 months, he proposed for the 4th time. After a 2 month engagement, they got married. Their honeymoon lasted 5 weeks, until Franco attacked. 2 months later Sam found out she was pregnant.

5 months later, Sam moved out. 5 months after that, they were back together again. They were together for 1 whole hour before Jason was shot and presumed dead.

3 years and 1 long month later is was revealed that Jake is Jason. 1 month later, Jason and Liz broke up.

2 months later, Jason and Sam are finally together again.

You, know, in case you were interested.

Our Next Chapter- Jack G. (Part 16)

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I’m fast forwarding time by a month or so! Kinda smut included. 


Days and weeks pass. I can see my stomach growing little by little and I know I won’t be able to hide it much longer.

I’m now over 2 months pregnant and it just looks like I’ve gained weight.

Jack is off his crutches finally, but he still has to be careful of his leg.

It finally has reached Christmas break so my sister and Jack’s sisters are home from college. 

I sit in the Gilinsky’s kitchen eating goldfish. I soon feel arms wrap around my neck. 

“Holy shit.” I yell. 

“Settle down, it’s just me.” Molly laughs. 

“You almost gave me a heart attack.” I say, holding onto my chest.

“How are you and my little brother?” She asks wiggling her eyebrows.

“We’re good.”

“Is he taking good care of you because if not, I’ll kick his ass." 

"He’s perfect.” I say, grabbing another handful of goldfish.

“Where is he anyway? I haven’t seen him since last night.” Molly says.

“He’s currently in the shower or getting out of the shower." 

Jack soon walks in the kitchen shirtless with red basketball shorts hanging low on his hips. I bite my lip and look at him. The things I want to do to him right now.

"We were just talking about you.” Molly says.

“Oh really?” Jack smirks. 

He comes over and stands behind the chair I’m sitting in and places his hands on my shoulders. He starts to message them and I let out a moan. 

“Oh god.” Molly says before standing up and going upstairs. 

I tilt my head up, so I’m looking at. He leans down and kisses me. 

“I love you.” I say. 

“I love you too." 

"What do you want to do?” I ask.

“We could watch a movie.” Jack suggests.

“Sounds good to me.” I say, standing up with the box of goldfish in my hand. 

“You hungry?” Jack asks.

“This baby is making me hungry. I eat like you do.” I laugh. 

We walk up to Jack’s room and I climb under his covers. 

“You’re bed is so comfy.” I say, snuggling up under the covers. 

Jack puts a movie in and climbs in bed next to me. After about 5 minutes I realize what movie it is, Friends With Benefits. He knows it is one of my favorites. 

The movie continues on and I can’t get the image of Jack in his basketball shorts out of my mind. He looked so good. The things this baby is doing to me.

“Fuck it.” I whisper. 

I soon am on top of Jack straddling his waist. 

“Hi baby.” Jack smirks. 

I don’t respond, I just press my lips to Jack’s. Our lips move in sync as Jack’s hands roam my body, finally settling on my ass. I remove my lips from Jack’s and start kissing down his neck. I lightly tug on his ear with my teeth then go back to leaving love bites on his neck. Jack lets out a husky groan as I bite down on his collarbone, making sure to leave a mark. I pull away and take my shirt off. I reconnect our lips right away. I reach down and start palming him through his shorts. 

“Babe,” Jack moans. 

Jack soon flips us over so he’s on top. He pins my arms above my head and attacks my chest with kisses. He quickly removes my bra and starts kissing and sucking on my boobs. 

“Jack,” I whimper.

He continues down and leaves kisses all over my stomach not missing an inch. 

Jack’s head jolts up when he hears a knock on the door. My eyes widen and so do Jack’s. 

“Pretend to be asleep.” Jack whispers. 

Jack lays down and pulls me into his chest. 

The door opens and my heart starts beating extremely fast.

“Shh, she’s asleep.” Jack whispers. 

“Dinner will be ready at 6.” I hear Molly whisper. 

Jack nods his head and I hear the door shut. I wait a few minutes before moving. I stand up and grab my bra and shirt from the floor. I then get back in bed and cuddle into Jack. 

“God, you’re hot.” He says.

“What, how? I’m gaining wait by the second." 

"What you just did was fucking hot." 

"This baby has my so horny. It took my all not to rip your clothes off when you walked down the stairs.” I say, causing Jack to laugh. 

“I don’t think this pregnancy is going to be so bad.” Jack laughs.

“Yeah for you. You’ll get all the sex you want and I’ll be getting fat.” I say, smacking his arm playfully. 

“You’re gonna be cute when you’re all big.” Jack says.

“Okay, sure.” I say, rolling my eyes. 

“You will.” Jack says, kissing my cheek.

“Shouldn’t we go down for dinner?” I ask.