15 victims

Charles A. Whitman, father of mass killer Charles Whitman, and son John look on as Whitman and his mother – one of his 15 victims – are buried. The priest who celebrated the funeral mass stated that the Roman Catholic Church gave Whitman a Christian burial because “God in His mercy does not hold him responsible” for his final actions.

How To Find Me Basically Anywhere

Friend #1: “Where’s Cass?”

Friend #2: “I Got This.” *Clears Throat*

Friend #2: “There Were 13 Victims Of The Columbine Shooting.”

Me: *Crashes Threw A Window*


To boys with abusive families

The abuse is not your fault.
You do not deserve to be hurt, physically or emotionally, by a family member or anyone else.
No one has the right to touch you without your consent.
Even though it doesn’t feel like it, you have options.
You won’t have to put up with these people forever.
You are not obligated to stay in an abusive situation even if you are “the man of the house”.
There’s light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.


On September 14th 1972, after stopping at a bus stop Edmund Kemper would pick up his third victim, 15 year old Aiko Koo.

He drove her to a remote location outside Santa Cruz, explaining to her that she had just been kidnapped. Koo became hysterical, but Kemper tried to maintain her trust, telling Aiko: I was gonna kill myself and take you with me, but now I just wanna talk.

Surprisingly, Kempers method of manipulation worked and the two would start having a conversation, mainly negotiating.  

When Kemper got out of his car to get something out of the trunk, he accidentely locked himself out.

The mistake Koo would make showed to be deadly. She let Kemper back in the car, unlocking the door for him, at the same time showing how convincing he could be.

As soon as they touch the handle of my car, their life is mine, Kemper once said.

After rendering Aiko unconcious he would rape her and then strangle her with her own scarf. Later dismembering her body at his apartment and scattering Aiko Koos remains in various deserted locations.


Today in class, we were talking about school shootings. Well, I said “Columbine had 15 victims, if you Dylan and Eric.” (Wich I do) She asked why I knew them by name. I told her I liked true crime. Still….it was a bit akward because it’s the first time I’ve said anything.


On 2 February, 2009, a woman walking her dog discovered a human bone in an area that is known as the West Mesa of Alburquerque, New Mexico. An investigation of the surrounding area uncovered the remains of eleven women and a fetus. The women were ranging in age from 15-years-old to 32-years-old. Syllania Edwards, one of the two 15-year-old victims, was four months pregnant at the time of her murder. All of the victims were young and many were involved in sex work and drugs. Investigators believe that they are looking for just one man, who has become known as “The West Mesa Bone Collector” although no evidence has been found. No more murders have been attributed to the bone collector but sex workers in the area still live in fear - “He is their bogeyman,” said the founder of Safe Sex Work.

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged 61 people and entities with conspiracy and fraud over a scam that involved phone calls from people pretending to be from the IRS or other government agencies.

The conspiracy defrauded at least 15,000 people of more than $300 million, the U.S. government says. The defendants — 56 people and five call center groups — were indicted last week, and the documents were unsealed on Thursday.

The Justice Department alleges that the conspiracy included several call centers in Ahmedabad, India, and that call center operators would dial numbers in the U.S. and impersonate an IRS or immigration official.

Dozens Charged With Scamming 15,000 Victims Through Fake IRS Calls

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Italy court orders man to buy feminist books for underage victim - BBC News
An Italian judge orders a man convicted of using an underage prostitute to buy her feminist literature.

Oh, you read that headline correctly.

An Italian judge has ordered a man convicted of using an underage prostitute to buy her 30 feminist books and two feminist films.

The 35-year-old man was also jailed for two years for his offence, following an investigation into a paedophile ring.

The books include Anne Frank’s Diary and the poems of Emily Dickinson.

Judge Paola Di Nicola reportedly hoped the books would help his 15-year-old victim understand the damage done to her dignity as a woman.

However, one author whose book was among those on the list told Corriere della Sera newspaper that it would have been better if the judge had read the works to the convicted man instead.

“Adolescence is not the time for reflection. What he did was much worse: an adult who, knowingly, paid for sex with a minor,” said Adriana Cavarero, a philosophy professor at Verona university and author of Notwithstanding Plato.

The ruling follows a three-year investigation into a major paedophile ring in Rome that preyed on two girls aged 14 and 15 in the upmarket suburb of Parioli. The mastermind has been jailed for nine years.

The teenagers were lured into sex work with cash that they used to buy new clothes and the latest mobile phones, investigators said.

A paedophile abused a girl, is only given two years in prison, and has to buy his victim feminist literature as part of his punishment?

Anne Frank’s diary is an example of feminist literature?

This is a disgusting attempt at turning a groomed and abused 15 year old into a feminist instead of supporting her. The female judge is more interested in the victim “understand[ing] the damage done to her dignity as a woman” than helping a teenager break free of the grooming and get back into having as normal and safe a life as possible. It is not the time to try and indoctrinate the victim into an ideology.

This is genuinely horrifying.

It’s kind of annoying when people say there were 15 victims during the Columbine massacre… Like I get Eric and Dylan were bullied, but the only victims on that day were the kids who were shot for no reason. It just sounds really disrespectful to me…


15 victims. April 20. 16 years ago.

  • Matthew Joseph Kechter (Born February 19, 1983)
  • Steven Robert Curnow (Born August 28, 1984)
  • Corey Tyler DePooter  (Born March 3, 1982)
  • Kelly Ann Fleming (Born January 6, 1983)
  • Daniel Conner Mauser (Born June 25, 1983)
  • Daniel Lee Rohrbough (Born March 2, 1984)
  • William ‘Dave’ Sanders (Born October 22, 1951)
  • Rachel Joy Scott (Born August 5, 1981)
  • Eric David Harris (Born April 9, 1981)
  • Dylan Bennet Klebold (Born September 11, 1981)
  • Isaiah Eamon Shoels (Born August 4, 1980)
  • John Robert Tomlin (Born September 1, 1982)
  • Lauren Dawn Townsend (Born January 17, 1981)
  • Kyle Albert Velasquez (Born May 5, 1982)
  • Cassie Rene Bernall (Born November 6, 1981)  

May You All Have Found Eternal Bliss. Rest In Peace, Sweet Angels. 

4/20/99 15 people died. Not 2, not 13, 15. Never Forget.


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A video I made of all my fav Dylan Klebold videos…R.I.P <3