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Rwby Volume 5 Episode 6 Recap (SPOLERS BABY)


A Qrow walks into a bar and asks “I’m an alcoholic-GIVE ME BOOZE!”…that’s not a joke, thats usually what happens.

1:48 AAAAAAAAAAAAAH-Piccolo bartender! And not SMOOTH Chris Sabat either-GRIZZLED! Or is that Lanipator? Either way-AWESOME!


Qrow: I’m looking for a guy with a bad ass name.

Bartender: That’s literally EVERYONE.

2:28 ANGRY PICCOLO BARTENDER IS ANGRY! I my god this is wonderful.

2:52 The above is the list of Qrow’s potential new Suicide Squad, and he BETTER get Blanka Griffin, that name just OOZES awesome!


…uh, okay I need fan-art of this beautiful blacksmith like YESTERDAY! We all know Qrow would’ve gotten her number if not for his…sad man’s search.

4:26 CLOSE IT OUT-with Qrow asking a father and child where their mother is…damn that was sad.

4:43…oh…my…GOD! Qrow’s so depressed he doesn’t DRINK! These are truly dark times.

He then goes to the leaderboards(yes they have those)to see that literally EVERYONE on his list is busy! He then goes to pay off Shiro’s tab-RIGHT BEFORE WE ALL SEE-

6:16 …that…right outside the bar. What the hell racist Piccolo?!

6:20 CUT TO-the Branwen clan, sitting down for tea! OH-and Vernal’s pooring, what a nice young demi-god!

6:46 We are then treated to Raven being sassy as usual before she drops the BIGGEST bombshell ever-

Raven: We did it[attended beacon] to KILL huntsman.


Those right there? Those are SHOCK faces, they be shocked.


Raven:-[Ozpin]-turning a blind eye for when we got into more trouble than we should’ve.

…damn, that boy has NOT changed a lot since Team STRK’s day have they?


Raven: So yeah…the Grimm have a dark Maleficent style Overlord that wants to kill all humanity.

Yang: Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

10:31 UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH Raven you stupid BITCH, make fun of Qrow, NOT the dad who raised her ALMOST single-handedly…wait bad metaphor, SORRY Yang!

…okay…this is the greatest picture ever. Yang’s all “DON’T YOU SHIT TALK MY OLD MAN!” while Weiss is all “Bitch you fucked up now.”

11:44 “But I bet he never told you what he did to my brother and me.”

Please just be bird powers, PLEASE just be bird powers, there’s too many creeps in the news with a line like that!

12:55 OH THANK GOD just bird powers. 

13:23 Raven: I’m giving you a choice, stay with me and I’ll answer everything. Or go to your uncle-

Yang: Uncle Qrow.

Weiss: Why would you bother asking that? You KNOW what her answer is you dumb bitch!

Raven: Hey, I’m abusive not SMART!

AW SNAP-now this is the greates pic ever. DAMN Freezerburn is KILLING IT with the sassy looks.


CUT BACK TO QROW-logically giving himself one FUCK of a pity party. Its okay man, you tried.

Qrow: This isn’t right, I get one or two of them but…all of them?

…huh, that…that is a good point. Either a conspiramacy is in the work, or his bad luck powers are in FULL foce, like that episode of the Flash or any episode of Milo Murphy’s Law! MAN-I can’t wait for that hiatus to end.

14:50 CARROTS! HOORAY FOR CARROTS! Also is that a dust oven? COOL!

15:28 DAMMIT RUBY-stop burning empty frying pans and go see your sister!


Close  it out with an ADORABLE ¾ths Team RWBY reunion and WE GOOD!

Holy SHIT this was the best all talking episode of Rwby EVER and I mean that sincerely!

Okay if someone is heat intolerant and they’re really upset and miserable because they’re outside or without air conditioning when it’s really hot they’re not “having a fit” or being a baby. The heat is making them violently ill and putting them in danger. It’s a dangerous health concern and you’re a huge dick if you’re minimizing that and laughing at them.

100 ways to say “I love you”:
1. You are beautiful.
2. I love your smile.
3. Here, let me get that for you.
4. I love seeing you wake up in the morning.
5. You are amazing.
6. I love (this) about you:
7. Stay safe. Text me when you get there.
8. I love when you do (this):
9. I think you’re beautiful when:
10. You’re too good for me.
11. I don’t deserve you.
12. I care about you.
13. Don’t put yourself down like that.
14. I adore you.
15. I can’t stop thinking about you.
16. Seeing you makes me smile.
17. I need you by my side.
18. I’m thankful for you.
19. You make me a better person.
20. You complete me.
21. Have a good day at work!
22. You’re the light of my life.
23. Seeing you makes my day.
24. I get butterflies every time we talk.
25. I’m so lucky to have you; I don’t know how I got so lucky.
26. You set my heart on fire.
27. I’ll walk you home.
28. I love to make you happy.
29. You’re my soulmate.
30. You’re my best friend.
31. I can’t wait to see you (again).
32. You mean the world to me.
33. You’re my rock.
34. I value you.
35. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
36. I love being around you.
37. Pull over and let me drive some.
38. Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.
39. I want you.
40. You complete me.
41. You’re my happiness.
42. Do you need anything?
43. I want to hold your hand and never let go.
44. You’re the only one for me.
45. You are my heaven on earth.
46. Every time I look at you I fall in love all over again.
47. Drive safe.
48. I don’t know what I’d do without you.
49. Forever isn’t too long, because I know I’ll be with you.
50. I’d rather argue with you than kiss someone else.
51. You look great today.
52. I love that _______ on you.
53. You look cute when you push your glasses up.
54. I’ll always be here; I’m here for you.
55. My heart hurts when you’re not around.
56. I can’t think of what my life would be like without you.
57. We’re perfect for each other.
58. I cherish you; you’re more important than anything else in my life.
59. I will love you until I die, and even after.
60. You’re mine.
61. I support you.
62. I’m addicted to you.
63. You’re perfect in my eyes.
64. Take this; it’ll help you feel better.
65. I can’t wait to see you.
66. You’re the only one for me.
67. I’m crazy about you.
68. I had an amazing time with you.
69. I feel so lucky to have you.
70. I’ll never let you go; I’ll never want to.
71. I hope this moment never ends.
72. You leave me breathless.
73. I’d do anything for you.
74. Seeing you happy makes me happy.
75. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings.
76. You always find a way to make me smile.
77. I can’t put what I feel for you into words; it’s too great.
78. I still get jealous even though I know you’re mine.
79. I’m listening to you.
80. I made this for you, I know it’s your favorite.
81. I’m excited and nervous for tonight with you.
82. I got you your favorite candy.
83. I’ll always care about you.
84. I made you breakfast.
85. I can never stay mad at you.
86. I love your eyes; they’re gorgeous.
87. I love that outfit on you.
88. You look so cute.
89. You’re the highlight of my day.
90. How’d you sleep?
91. Your smile makes my heart go crazy.
92. I hate seeing you cry.
93. It’s my job to make you happy.
94. I want to spend more time with you.
95. I’ll fix it.
96. I hate when we argue.
97. You’re the only person I want to live my life with.
98. You drive me crazy (in a good way).
99. I’m proud of you.
100. I trust you, I always will.

- L.L.
—  via @thoughtlessinspirationss on tumblr
you wanna run that by me again
Final Fantasy XV
you wanna run that by me again

Prompto: Hey Noct. Why don’t we sleep there? 

Noctis: They got something special?  (・о・)

Prompto: Ahhhh, a safe place to spend the night? The daemons will be coming out any minute!  (゚´Д`゚)゚

Noctis: As long as we keep moving, we’ll be fine.  (´ー`)

Prompto: AAaaAAwWWwww but how can you be sure?  (´;Д;`)

Gladio: What? The monsters got you scared?  (≖ᴗ≖๑)

Prompto: Nahh. Monsters don’t scare me. I ride with one every day.  (๑ ́ᄇ`๑)

Gladio: You wanna run that by me again?  (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

one of them 15 minute marvel specials about tony and rhodey fighting a really simple embarrassing villain where tbh they’d win in like two minutes but it takes 15 because they are too busy bickering amongst themselves about whether they should get donuts or bagels for breakfast