15 stair

Happy Accidents

Summary: You meet a cute stranger on the bus ride home.

Word Count: 1363

Warnings: None 

Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: This is my entry for @singingflames ‘s Birthday Challenge and my prompt was coffee shop. I used another prompt from @fanficspromptsandfun and that prompt was  “I’m so sorry I fell on you, it’s just the bus driver can’t break for shit.” This was beta-ed by @avasmommy224 who knows me as @whenlucasmetmaya. Okay, that’s enough rambling. Enjoy!

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You had been waiting for the bus for 20 minutes and it had yet to come. Normally you wouldn’t mind, but today had not been the best of days. Everything that could go wrong, did. Your alarm clock didn’t go off, the elevator at your job was broken, which meant walking up 15 flights of stairs, the copier jammed, and your boss decided to take out her frustrations from not getting laid out on you. To say that this day had been a disaster would be a hilarious understatement.

Now you were stuck in the sweltering heat, waiting for a bus that didn’t want to come. Just as you were contemplating walking, at the end of the block you saw it.

“Finally,” you scoffed under your breath.

As you stepped onto the bus, you took one of the only vacant seats in the middle and put your headphones in. The bus continued its route and stop after stop, people filled the bus. At one of the stops, an elderly woman got on and as you suspected, no one offered her a seat. People truly had no home training. Since your mother had raised you right, you tapped her shoulder and she turned around.

“Excuse me ma’am, would you like to sit down?”

“Oh yes, thank you.”

You got up and helped guide her into the seat.

“My knees were just about to give out,” she joked.

“Well we wouldn’t want that, would we?” you said with a smile.

The bus came to another stop and more people got off. It was now considerably less packed. More seats became available, but since your stop was coming up soon you decided to stand. The seats quickly filled as more people got on once again. Soon those vacant seats were no longer available and the rest of the oncoming passengers were forced to stand. There were no old ladies this time, however, there was a cute dark haired man that stepped on the bus, and he was coming closer. You pretended to be on your phone as he approached, simultaneously checking to see if your hair was okay and that there was nothing in your teeth. You looked up as he stopped in front of you. He gave you a small smile and you gave one back.

Another stop, another influx of people forcing you to move back further. You pulled out your phone again and played Candy Crush. That was until the bus driver decided to make a hard stop. Everyone caught themselves, everyone except the guy in front of you. Thank God you had worn pants today, because if you hadn’t you would’ve flashed the whole bus.

“Sorry,” the bus driver threw back half-heartedly.

You groaned as the man who had landed on top of you got up and offered his hand.

“I’m so sorry I fell on you, it’s just the bus driver can’t break for shit.”

After you got up, you let go of his hand and adjusted yourself. You lifted your head to look at him

Damn, you thought, He has some seriously green eyes. I could get lost in them. Wait. How long have I been looking? Oh God, I’ve been staring for way too long. Look away! Abort mission!

You cleared your throat as you looked away.

“It’s okay,” you mumbled, “It’s not your fault.”

You thought that was the end of it and started to turn away until he decided to speak up again.

“I’m Dean by the way,” he stated, “Your name would be..?”

You timidly turned to face him, scared of making a fool of yourself.

“Y/N.” you answered.

“Y/N.” he echoed. “A pretty name for a pretty girl.”

A nervous laugh escaped you as you tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

“Well Y/N,” he continued, “I’d like to make up for falling on you earlier.”

“Oh no,” you objected. “ You don’t have to-”

“No, hear me out,” he interrupted, “I’d feel better if you’d let me get you a drink. Maybe some coffee? And who knows, you might end up liking me.” He said with a wink.

He looked at you with pleading eyes. How could you say no to that?

You sighed as you acquiesced.

“Sure, why not?”

“Great! What are you doing now?”

“Nothing, just heading home,” you answered.

“Well there’s a great coffee shop a couple of stops from here if you would like to go,” he smiled at you.

You smiled right back. Maybe a little bigger than he did.

Two stops later, you two got off of the bus walking towards the coffee shop exchanging “accidental” brushes. As you arrived at a little hole in the wall coffeehouse, he held the door open for you. You gave a quick “thank you” as you stepped inside and quickly found a table, but before you could sit, Dean pulled out your chair. What a gentleman.

When you sat down, he asked what you wanted. You looked at the board and replied with a simple caramel latte. As you went into your purse to give him the money for the drink, you noticed that he had already walked off and went to stand in line.

The line dwindled quickly and he made his way to the front. You couldn’t stop staring at him as he ordered the drinks. When he came back to the table with your latte and his black coffee, you two immediately launched into conversation. You learned that he was a mechanic and that he had just moved here from Kansas. He was taking the bus to learn the city and his brother had introduced him to the coffee shop.

When you asked about his brother his eyes lit up. His brother, Sam, was a lawyer and a good one at that. He was on his way to becoming a partner at one of the best law firms in the city, Shirley & MacLeod. The way he kept going on about his brother, you could tell how much Dean loved him and was proud of him.

He realized how much he had been talking, not that you had minded. He could talk about paint drying and you’d still be captivated, and asked about you. You told him how you had been in the city since you graduated college. You were the assistant to an executive editor in chief at a book publishing company. Working with books was a dream come true, even if it involved dealing with your jerk of a boss.

You two continued to talk, the conversation never dulling. You took a glance at your watch and noticed the time.

“We’ve been here a whole two hours!”

“No way!” Dean said incredulously as he checked his watch, “Wow. Time flies, doesn’t it?”

As you got up, Dean offered to walk you home and you gladly accepted. As you walked home in comfortable silence with your hands brushing yet again, you couldn’t help but notice how much you enjoyed his company. You turned to him when you arrived at the front of your apartment building,“I had a great time.”

He looked up at you with a shy smirk, “I did too. Maybe we could do this again sometime?”

The hopefulness in his voice made you want to kiss his cheek. So you did. When you pulled back, a slight blush had graced his cheeks.

“I would love to Dean.”

After you exchanged numbers and agreed to meet the next morning at the coffee shop, you said your goodbyes and you walked into your building. As soon as the door shut behind you, you sprinted up the stairs to your apartment, rushing  from your door to the window hoping to catch a glimpse of Dean before he turned the corner. He must of felt your eyes on him, because he turned back and looked directly at you, and you both waved at each other. You could’ve sworn you saw him wink before he turned back around.

After he disappeared around the corner, you got ready for bed, hoping to dream of the green eyed man who was on his way to stealing your heart.