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The GOP House Majority Leader reportedly said aloud that Trump is on Putin’s payroll

  • Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) reportedly said in private conversation in June that he thought then-candidate Trump was being paid by the Russians, per to the Washington Post.
  • The exchange took place on June 15, 2016, with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and several other Republicans present.
  • “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy reportedly said, just after emerging from chat with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman on the subject of Russian attempts to finance populist candidates in other countries.
  • After McCarthy’s comments, Ryan reportedly cut the conversation off abruptly and swore all of the Republicans present to secrecy. “No leaks,” Ryan said. “This is how we know we’re a real family here.”
  • When the Post initially reached out to Ryan and McCarthy for comment, spokespersons for both denied the conversation ever happened. 
  • After being told that a recording of the exchange existed, both spokespersons changed their responses to say that the exchange was simply an attempt at “humor.” Read more (5/17/17)
Learn Some Osage With Me!

So there are hundreds of unique native cultures and languages but there are also language families just like in the rest of the world. Osage language is a dialect of Siouan, and many words and grammar structures are interchangeable with other nation’s languages throughout the Great Plains. 

Unfortunately there are only about 15-20 speakers left. Not necessarily “Osage as first language or learned in conjunction with English as a kid” speakers. Just….speakers. That’s it. That’s how nearly dead our language is; it’s like that moment were a person goes code blue and there trying to shock them back to life but there’s no heartbeat but they’re not quite ready to give up and call it. 

FORTUNATELY there are around 300 people trying to learn it! And I’m one of them. I’m learning from official online classes as well as various online sources. Unfortunately I am unable to speak to any fluent speakers so things get complicated sometimes. Online sources can be shoddy and I’ve had to fill in holes and hypothesize tone and nasal sounds/glottal stops when something is written phonetically instead of in the Osage writing system. I’m doing the best I can, but if anyone with actual knowledge of this (or any Siouan) language notices a mistake, please let me know! 

Let’s get started with some animals!

(I’ll continually update this post throughout the day!)

Happy aboriginal day y’all. 

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What kind of accent does Scott have? ^^

I could not decide for a long time, but then I saw that post about Suvi writing her mails as scottish people tweet, yeah, and I could totally see Scott doing that. 

So, I guess he has scottish accent. I’d say Ellen’s family was from Glasgow and because she spent all of her time with twins, they both have her accent, instead of Alec’s. Obviously their accent is a bit toned down. :-)

Maybe it’s why Scott and Suvi are such great friends lol. Accent buddies.

How To Say 'Happy 4th of July' in Osage!

……oh wait, sorry, Osage people were forcibly ripped from their language and there are only about 15 speakers left so I don’t know how :/

So he’ll be just fine...

I got a two minute proof of life phone call from Little Money down in Panama tonight.  He was dropped off at his host family’s house today and will be there until August 15.

He called, on speaker phone, to let us know he was safe in his placement.  Apparently the host family has wifi! He’s not supposed to use the phone or call home, but his host mother wanted him to let his parents know because she’s a mom and knows we’d be worried.

So two things.

1.  If his host family has wifi I figure he’s in a pretty nice placement.  We didn’t know where he’d be and it could’ve been anywhere from in a city in a nice place to a shack where he poops in the woods and baths in a river.  I’m guessing wifi is on the nicer end.  He said the name of the town but he said it so fast I didn’t get it.  The mom chimed in it was four hours from Panama City.

2. I think Money will be just fine.  One, I’m a fan of the “this rule is dumb, we aren’t following it.”  Two, I’m a fan of, “it’s dumb, but you can call to say you are safe and that’s it, and it’s on speaker.”  Granted that’s what a kidnapper would do, but I like that she broke the rule, but not so much that it was broken for good. He won’t call again.  And three, I appreciate that he is with a family where the mom knows enough that other parents would be worried and had him call  (I know the call wasn’t his idea).  I feel pretty good if he is with someone like that.


Self care for non-canon Vulcan from Star Trek: The Original Series (anon) 

Cacti Journal: $5.95 Journaling is wonderful self care!

Succulent Vase: $7.99 Zebras remind me of Vulcans! I think maybe it’s the sharp black eyebrows. 

Vulcan Salute Journal: $7.99 Or if you’d prefer this journal! 

Shower Speaker: $15.18 + $2.00 shipping. This way you can skip, pause and play your music in the shower/bath instead of having to have your phone outside the shower or something.

Perfume: $15.41 I had no idea such thing existed. 

Raspberry Lotion: $8.99 How lovely! 

Incense Variety Pack: $6.73 It has lavender as one of them, and that sounds amazing. 

Vulcan Pon Farr Candle: $18.00 + $7.49  shipping. Rich amber with top notes of fruity scents. 

Pillow Cover and Insert: $23.00 + $2.99 shipping. Live long and prosper! 

Halloween kicks Christmas’s ass. I mean, what’s not to love? Horror movies, monster-themed cereals, that unique smell of a freshly opened cheap latex mask… And not to toot my own horn, but I’m a boss at the whole costume thing. Two years ago, I was a Deadpool Stormtrooper mash-up. Last year, my Xenomorph from Alien was deemed “too scary” for the kiddies. But this year was my best work yet. I was the Doof Warrior from Mad Max: Fury Road, complete with an electric guitar that spewed flames! Yeah. It was pretty awesome.

Every Hallow’s Eve, Professor Stein (miss that dude!) and his wife Clarissa convert their digs into a spooktacular haunted house. But with the professor out of town (I wonder if he and Jax have mastered the Torque Roll yet…), Clarissa wasn’t sure if she could pull it off on her own. Enter Cisco Ramon: Halloween Expert Extraordinaire! I brought along some equipment – a 360-degree autostereoscopic display prototype modulated to project 3D holograms of escaped mental patients (Tupac ain’t got nothin’ on me!) – and turned their Martha Stewart home into a terrifying madhouse that would give the Bates Motel a run for its money. We boarded up their windows, hooked up some dual 15” concert speakers with Bluetooth to blast some creeptastic sound effects, and made sure the candy bowl was overflowing just in time for the first trick-or-treaters.

This year’s gotta-have-it costume? The Flash! How cool is that?! There must’ve been dozens of little speedsters running from house to house on sugar highs – all red and gold and causing a headache for the horde of hassled parents tagging along. I made sure to give an extra Snickers or two to each Flash I saw, but I totes got called out on it by a particularly broody tyke dressed as The Green Arrow. We got into a…. shall we say…. heated argument about who would win in a fight between the two heroes and I had to drop some science on the kid: Beyond just being fast, The Flash can throw lightning, vibrate so fast he can pass through walls (what we geeks call “quantum tunneling”), create a sonic boom by snapping his fingers, and, thanks to his capability of reaching infinite velocity, he can travel faster than the speed of light – which means time travel, baby! How can The Green Arrow compete with that? In response, the lil’ brooder just shot me smack dab in the forehead with his toy bow and took a fistful of candy before flitting away into the shadows. I better watch my back – I think he’s got it out for me now.

Clarissa’s house ended up being the most Instragrammed location in Central City that weekend. Stein will have a helluva time topping it next year! But he doesn’t need to fret on that front – I’ve already got a few ideas up my sleeve…. Meta-zombie apocalypse, anyone?

11) you can’t break pinky promises

12) be the loud obnoxious girl because no one remembers the quiet girl

13) eat your lunch

14) mom’s car radio can go up to 46 before you’ll blow a speaker

15) if your head is high enough, you can pull off any outfit

16) never fall in love

17) moisturize every night and keep lipchap in your locker

18) sometimes you fall in love when you’re not supposed to, that’s life

19) guys who talk shit about your best friend don’t get a second date

20) don’t take yourself too seriously {and laugh at the people who do}

—  ten more things my sister accidentally taught me before I turned 16

So I decided to make a playlist of some of my favorite songs for the winter :)
1. Hold back the River - James Bay
2. Gasoline - Halsey
3. Georgia - Vance Joy
4. Is there Somewhere - Halsey
5. Doubt - Twenty One Pilots
6. Send my Love (To your new Lover) - Adele
7. Mess is Mine - Vance Joy
8. All I Want - Kodaline
9. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift
10. Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
11. Love Me - The 1975
12. Wonderland - Taylor Swift
13. Youth - Troye Sivan
14. Olivia - One Direction
15. Speakers - Sam Hunt
16. American - Lana Del Rey
17. Scars - James Bay
18. Touch and Go - Ed Sheeran
19. Don’t Panic - Ellie Goulding
20. I Miss You - Adele
21. Hands to Myself - Selena Gomez
22. Cold in Ohio - Jamie Lawson
23. Sometimes it’s Hard - Jamie Lawson
24. Halo - Lewis Watson

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Stancing an STI is fucking retarded. You're such a fucking shithead. You only like it because it's gets reactions. That car is a pile of dog shit like your Supra will be, if it ever fucking runs.

You know what I miss sometimes? Being a kid and being into cars. I didn’t have a bias. I thought bikes were cool, I thought cars were cool, I thought trucks were awesome and practical and that the little Saturns and Neons at the NOPI shows were so cool for fitting 15 different sized speakers into their trunks. I loved lowriders and motorcycles and anything loud. I just loved cars.

Anyways, don’t come at me like I’m such a bad person for liking a vehicle for any reason at all and find that kid that you used to be when you weren’t such a giant fucking prick.