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Do you remember this?

Remember when this clip was released? The 15:15-01:01 clip from s3ep7. 

It’s the only time we have seen a clip of the future, and boy was it painful! 

It was released on a friday at 20:30, which meant, when we were done watching it, it wasn’t done happening. Not only did we see past hours, we also saw future hours! When we were done watching the clip, we knew things were still good. They were at the hotel enjoying each other. Eating burger, drinking champagne, having sex. But we also knew that hell would break loose within the next hours.

I remember that night, just watching the clock, knowing what would happen at that hotel. Those hours were so fucking painful. I was literally thinking, while laying in my bed, Isak is running around Oslo right now looking for Even. It was really upsetting to know what would happen before it happend!!

Oh god, I was so invested in season 3. I’ve never been more anxious or nervous about fictional characters before.

I couldn’t go to sleep before we got that text from Isak to Eskild.

honestly? i wish peridot could go back to how she was in log date 7 15 2. that episode’s peridot was the perfect mix of “analytical, socially awkward and curious” and “learning to be more open and enthusiastic”.

that entire episode is peridot learning about earth in a quasi-scientific way and making notes on it. she becomes curious about whether or not everything on earth can fly and pushes greg off the roof to test it. she tries to understand humour by studying the joke book, and later takes the opportunity to find out what a chicken actually is when she gets the chance. after being introduced to tv shows by steven, she finds that she likes it, and takes it upon herself to analyse camp pining hearts so she can develop a greater understanding of it. she even tries to learn about fusion with garnet, and does learn something from the affair even if she can’t do it herself yet.

she was still analytical and somewhat detached like she was in the beginning, but she’d developed enough to let herself be enthusiastic about things that wouldn’t really have appealed to her in the past.

plus, we saw peridot and garnet developing a friendship, and more development between peridot and pearl/amethyst. i wish we could’ve seen more of that.

RvB15: Mysterious Cobalt Guy

So, here’s the “inverted colours” image of our character wearing Church’s armour.

And here’s another image (THe yellow is on the door behind him, this isn’t Wash.

FInally, we have this image, which shows the Wanted list.

The top row shows Sarge, Grif, Simmons, and Donut.

The second row shows Lopez, Caboose, Church, and Tucker.

The bottom row shows Carolina and Wash.

Wash is in his grey armour, and is separate from Church. So this isn’t them thinking that Church is alive because Wash was using his name and armour. Given than Hargrove is likely orchestrating this, he probably knows the state that Epsilon was in prior to the end of Season 13, and Epsilon introduced himself to the galaxy as Epsilon, not Church in his broadcasts.

So… who is this mystery Church?


Supernatural 12x15 “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” Sneak Peek - An attack by an invisible hellhound at a campsite leads Sam and Dean to investigate the mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, two of Crowley’s own personal demons uncover what he has been hiding; and Castiel gets a lead on Kelly Kline.