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ID #85218

Name: Kaitlyn
Age: 15
Country: USA

I love listening to almost all types of music and something I’m really interested in right now is Heathers the Musical and Hamilton the musical. I love having deep, intellectual conversations with people.

Preferences: Age preference would be someone 14 to 16.

100 Facts About Me!

1. I’m African-American.

2. I’m 5'1. Or 5'3.

3. I’m mature for my age.

4. Huge fan of anime.

5. My favorite Overwatch character is Reaper.

6. I play Minecraft.

7. I watch YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.

8. I have an iPhone 6S.

9. I love animals. (Snakes are my favorite)

10. I love spending time with children and elders.

11. I like anything that’s cute, weird, and/or dark.

12. Video games are amazing.

13. I do HTML coding once in a while.

14. My friends say I act white more than I do black.

15. Music Genres: Dupstep, EDM, Chiptune, Chill, Classical, Hip Hip and Rap (once in a while).

16. I love books, but hate them when it’s something boring.

17. I write poetry.

18. I like making people happy and inspiring people to keep going in life.

19. I absolutely love Tim Burton.

20. Favorite movies: The Wolf Children and Alice In Wonderland.

21. I do roleplay. A lot.

22. I’ve played three instruments (currently learning acoustic guitar).

23. I hate bullying, racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, terrorism, physical fighting, child abuse, rape, etc. And I one day hope I can prevent it all.

24. When I was a kid, I considered being either a doctor, a judge, a surgeon, or a police officer.

25. I’m planning on hopefully writing a book one day. Or a manga.

26. I love dyed hair and want to dye mine one day.

27. I love tattoos and piercings.

28. Love yaoi and yuri.

29. I have possibly over 100 husbandos and over or under 30 waifus.

30. I fucking. Love. Sushi.

31. I love men who wear makeup.

32. Tumblr has recently become my new favorite social media besides Instagram.

33. Anything that has a rainbow on it is gay to me.

34. My dream wardrobe: Beanies, snapbacks, flower crowns, chokers, sweaters, graphic tee-shirts, shorts, leggings, suits, flats, converses, and hoodies.

35. My favorite book is Full Cicada Moon.

36. I am considered sweet, caring, funny, weird, and an asshole by most people.

37. I like meeting new people and making new friends.

38. I’m shy.

39. I’d defend anyone in public if they were getting harassed or bullied.

40. I was in Girl Scouts for a few years.

41. I’ve done ballet.

42. I’m social when I feel like it.

43. I’m not always a happy person.

44. I feel awkward when taking care of babies and toddlers.

45. I’m awkward.

46. I have helped many people with their sadness and depression.

47. I admire people who have amazing talents.

48. I love memes.

49. My laughs are always different somehow.

50. When I laugh too hard I cry.

51. I’m a sensitive person.

52. I’m scared of getting into fights.

53. I fight verbally.

54. I suck with comebacks.

55. I’m considered a savage by some of my friends.

56. I love pocky (banana flavored).

57. I love romance.

58. I don’t care about size.

59. I look more at a person’s personality in order to determine their ugliness or beauty.

60. I like calling people dumbass (as a joke).

61. I joke about my race. A lot.

62. I love shows like Black-ish and Every Body Hates Chris. Basically shows that apply and exaggerated stereotypes.

63. I find androgynous people attractive.

64. My main goal is to look more like a boy.

65. I do have some gender dysphoria.

66. I like the dark.

67. My favorite seasons are winter and fall.

68. I love rain.

69. I love nature.

70. I love taking photos, especially of nature and food.

71. I’m insecure.

72. I don’t like pictures of myself, but try to take selfies once in a while.

73. I love Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Adventure Time.

74. I used to have a fat cat.

75. I have an adorable dog.

76. I like Outlast and Whistleblower for some weird reason…

77. I hate sports because I’m lazy and can’t run for 5 seconds.

78. I’m going to make an effort to try swimming.

79. I’m planning on learning violin, cello, piano, flute, oboe, soprano, and clarinet.

80. I occasionally roast people.

81. I hate bees and wasps. But I love spiders because they remind me of Claude Faustus. But they’re still gross!!!

82. I go crazy when I hear “Sebastian” or “anime” or “sushi”.

83. I sometimes speak in a soft, high pitched voice.

84. I feel both masculine and feminine.

85. I want a male name for myself.

86. I try singing anime openings and closings when I’m alone.

87. I’m shy and awkward around family.

88. I cuss a lot. For people’s entertainment and it’s what I do when I’m angry sometimes.

89. I love butterflies and fireflies.

90. I would like to make a song one day. Something gorgeous and peaceful.

91. I’m not a religious person.

92. The name Lucifer is sexy as fuck.

93. My acoustic is named Lucifer.

94. I’ve met some really nice people on here and appreciate their kindness.

95. I love answering questions. Most of them.

96. I love hugs a lot.

97. I’m very forgetful sometimes.

98. Not a fan of Donald Trump.

99. James Charles, Bretman Rock, Manny Mua, Patrickstarr. All fabulous men.

100. I’m still confused on all of existence.


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

ID #29324

Name: Dorkie
Age: 15
Country: USA

I’m L[G]BT and I enjoy a lot of things, ranging from Music to Retro Gaming to Aesthetics, among many others. Some of my Favorite Bands and Artists include: Nirvana, Black Flag, tool, Tomppabeats, among many others. I’m p lonely and really wanna talk to someone around my age!!

Preferences: 13-15, and thats about it

The most shocking thing I learned from the 2017 Tony Awards...

Apparently younger Broadway fans do not know the legend of Gavin Creel????

Gavin Creel, whose voice is literally butter, who can make you cry with one well placed riff during Corner of the Sky, who basically invented being gay on Broadway?????

The only person to ever end up dating a fan he met at the stage door (like half a decade later but still).

The OG politically active Broadway Boy. 

The man who dated JGroff before he was even out of the closet.

He closed down Hair and chartered a bus and took everyone to the Equality March! He was a singer songwriter before Matt Doyle even got his first Broadway credit. 

Gavin Creel is the reason any of us are even here. HE is EVERYTHING. 


Sketching out the son—because I’ve suddenly gone into a teenie, tiny art block, but we’ll see how long it lasts. Drawing Prompto usually helps get me out of that rut, but sometimes he doesn’t…Maybe I need to change the pace a bit—watch some good ol’ anime or something LOL Oh well, hope you like the sketches tho! Might add color to them later!

🎶 music box asks 🎶

1)   a song you can listen to on repeat
2)   a song from one of your favorite albums
3)   a song you loved when you were a teenager or kid 
4)   a song that makes you feel strong 
5)   a song that makes you sad 
6)   a song that cheers you up
7)   a song that reminds you of your friend(s)
8)   a song that reminds you of an ex partner or crush 
9)   a song that reminds you of yourself 
10)  a song that brings back bad memories 
11)  a song that brings back good memories 
12)  a song that grew on you 
13)  a song from a musical 
14)  a song with a great music video 
15)  a song that’s better as a cover 
16)  a song that’s better acoustic 
17)  a song with great lyrics 
18)  a song for summer
19)  a song for heartache
20)  a song for car rides
21)  a song for the rain
22)  a song for dancing 
23)  a song for making out
24)  a song for a lover 
25)  a song from before you were born 
26)  a song from a band that’s no longer together 
27)  a song you’ve seen live
28)  a song you want to see live
29)  a song by a band you don’t usually like  
30)  a song you recommend

Musical Acts

Week Ending May 15th, 2017

  1. Harry Styles
  2. Gorillaz
  3. Paramore +7
  4. Salvador Sobral
  5. Miley Cyrus
  6. One Direction +8
  7. Niall Horan −2
  8. Lana Del Rey +10
  9. Shawn Mendes 
  10. Camila Cabello +6
  11. Rihanna −8
  12. Selena Gomez −8
  13. Taylor Swift
  14. Justin Bieber −8
  15. Fifth Harmony +5
  16. Twenty One Pilots −9
  17. 5 Seconds of Summer −6
  18. PWR BTTM
  19. Francesco Gabbani
  20. Ariana Grande −5

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded names weren’t on the list last week.

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Three days after Harry Styles fans hear his highly anticipated debut solo album, they’ll get a deeper look into how the album all came together. Apple Music has all the behind-the-scenes footage Stylers could want in a documentary titled Harry Styles: Behind the Album, premiering May 15.

In addition to clips from Styles recording in the studio, the film will also feature an exclusive interview with Styles himself as well as live footage of Harry’s band performing his album songs for the first time together at Abbey Road. A trailer for the doc shows Styles singing, scuba diving, and yes, even getting his famous locks chopped – oh, and according to a press release, fans will also get to see Mr. Styles in his underwear.