15 minutes without fame

I really hope nothing further happens with this busker thing. I don’t want Cole or the show painted in a bad light when he was speaking more calmly and politely than needed at that point. I’m sure they go through enough shit without this person milking it for another 15 minutes of fame. Hopefully the news outlets will let it drop.

Liberated || Overchele

Lea was left thinking a lot after her conversation with Chord, and the more she thought about it the more she realized everything that was wrong with her current situation. She wasn’t really in love with Matthew, in she wasn’t entirely sure she had been ready to start a relationship with him in the first place. After they met on the set of On My Way, she thought he was a nice guy, funny to be around that made her laugh and have a good time. But he had taken things to another level and rushed them into this serious relationship she wasn’t ready to be in. She knew she had to move on with her life, she felt ready to do that, but that didn’t mean she wanted to act is if she was erasing Cory of her life, and that is what Matthew was trying to do. Dating him might had been okay if he hadn’t rushed them into a full on public relationship, she was never one of those artists that like her private life all over the magazines, she and Cory had waited a long time before making their relationship public, and having her every move with Matthew captured by paparazzi was making her uncomfortable. 

Sometimes she had seriously considered he was the one calling the press and telling them where they were going to be, Chord’s words echoing in her mind, Matthew was using her. He was a struggling model/actor when she met him, and even when he denied the gigolo rumors, there was still something shady about him. He was always with her, and it was often suffocating. She was an independent woman that like to do her thing without him breathing over her neck all the time, and whenever he wasn’t with her, he was at her place, but she had never actually saw him go to work. This was wrong, this was very wrong! Had she been in such a vulnerable state that she didn’t saw all the warning signs?. How did she let the situation get this far? She was not a weak woman that he could take advantage and use her for his 15 minutes of fame. Moving into her house without her really ever really inviting him had been eye opener, and this ended now.