15 minute doodles

thelastpilot  asked:

Hey twin, wanted to say your Nino making adrien purr by accident comic had me in stitches earlier today, love your art as always lmao. Can't you just imagine Adrien is asleep and Nino absent mindedly pats his head only to get a purr. and in wild confusion he slowly raises and lowers his hand and the purr starts and stops like Lilo and Stitch with the record player

And Nino plays with it but its killing him. Sorry for such a crappy doodle lol. I have errand I have to go do and I wanted to draw this. 

A very very sketchy 15-minute Chris because this man needs more love and appreciation I swear to God.

I mean it’s not a huge height difference or anything but you know this would come up aaaallll the time anyway.