15 million twitter followers

It’s funny to me that even though Christianity and Islam are derivatives of Judaism, Judaism isn’t anywhere near as big
There’s 1+ billion Christians and Muslims each, but about only 15 million Jews in the world. Lots of pop stars have more than 15 million followers on Instagram or Twitter
I wonder if Judaism would even be well known if Jesus wasn’t a Jew
** my mom’s side of the family is Jewish I’m well aware of the oppression. I was noting that it’s always had a small amount of followers despite influencing 2+ billion people.

Bella Thorne slammed by Orphan Black's Jordan Gavaris: Actors are losing jobs to people like her?

Social media queen Bella Thorne has received some unlikely criticism from the Orphan Black star, Jordan Gavaris. The 27-year-old actor, who came out as gay in a recent interview, opened up about the politics of casting in movies and TV shows and in the process slammed “people like Thorne”, who apparently made the cut because of their huge social media following.

The 19-year-old Thorne, who enjoys over 15 million followers on Instagram and more than six million on Twitter, was also called out by Gavarais on her acting skills.

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“Movies are the worst, because the movie business is failing terribly and they think they have some amazing model that’s going to fix it all, and it all involves hiring a girl with 2 million Instagram followers,” the Canadian actor told Vulture. “Hasn’t worked yet. And then in television it’s the same thing. Parts are offered to these YouTube sensations.”

Recalling the case of a YouTuber, who made it big because of his popular video series, Gavaris further explained how seasoned actors are losing their jobs to “people like Bella Thorne”.

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“So that is how the freelance paradigm is affecting actors and content creators, where then you have other actors who spend years toiling on working their craft and perfecting what it is they do, and they’re losing jobs to people like that guy, or to people like Bella Thorne, or whatever,” the TV star revealed.

Although Gavaris admits that he sounds like an “a*****e”, yet he goes on to claim that he wouldn’t invest on such actors if he were in position of power.

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“I would never invest in those people. There’s not enough there,” he said adding, “Not to say Bella Thorne couldn’t be a fantastic actress or that she’s not tremendously talented, but there’s not been enough investigation. There’s not enough of a commitment.”

Gavaris, who stars in the hit sci-fi thriller alongside Tatiana Maslany, even drew a comparison between the Orphan Black lead and Thorne.

“If you put her and someone like Tat Maslany side by side — so, you’ve got $13 million, who do you want to invest in? I’m going to invest in the other girl,” he added.

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lmao youre probably 12 so lets get this straight nice and easy for u(: Nash grier has over 15 million followers right (insta, twitter and vine) , ok so his fan base is around 10-14 year old girls basically so lets say the girls (and guys) start picking up his behaviour and attitudes towards women, different races and gays. thats where the problem comes in! 

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this "new zayn" kinda freaks me out lol, are they portraying him as sassy and take-no-shit type, because i think he kinda comes off as immature and rude, which also makes me think that maybe modest is still around because in no way that is the real zayn javaad malik, and all these club strolls, he is clearly not a fan because fans who met him last night in vegas said he fell asleep lol

I agree.  I don’t think this is Zayn at all.  He still has 15 million Twitter followers, so of course his account is being managed.  Who would just let him loose to fight whoever he wants on Twitter?  Considering business logic, it doesn’t make sense.

Also, we have a full year or so of Twitter activity from the boys that likely wasn’t monitored too much.  I’ve never seen anything that pointed to Zayn having this sort of personality.  Zayn is sweet, very smart, mature, thoughtful, and very gentle unless the people he loves are under fire.  He’s not the type to just attack whoever on Twitter and act like he has a huge chip on his shoulder.  That’s not the Zayn I discovered after I finally found out Ziam was real.

I think this “New Zayn” is supposed to be seen as both take-no-shit and as a jerk.  The first fits into the American rapper image.  The second is because it’s still partly for the purpose of getting promo for Little Mix.  The fight is making Taylor look good (Taylor, who incidentally gave Little Mix a boost by letting them perform with her recently).

As annoying as it is, it’s getting more attention for Zayn to be fighting with such big artists.  Also, Calvin ended the fight by saying Zayn has a great voice, so that’s actually helpful to Zayn since… he hasn’t released anything but an unproduced demo and a cover yet.

This is so stupid, so annoying, so gross, and so boring.  It just proves to me Zayn isn’t free to do as he pleases and he didn’t leave One Direction to start his own solo career.  If he were going to do that, I fully believe he would find a way to distance himself from this sort of crappy stunting.

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Burr and ham would have the oddest relationship because they can't stand each other but ham texts burr at 3 am with whatever pops into his head and burr always texts back (even if it's to tell him to fuck off) and burr was the one to get hamilton from the bar when he got drunk after failing the bar exam and hamilton taught burr how to braid his daughter's hair but then there was that time hamilton attempted to throw a chair at burr for pointing out that his hair was grayer than a thunderstorm.

Like if asked hamilton would say “no. I hate burr. We’re not friends” but also burr is his third emergency contact behind eliza and laurens and they get drinks like once a month just so they can make fun of each other irl instead of on twitter (for the benefit of their combined like 15 million twitter followers) and burr still gets a schuyler-hamilton-laurens christmas card every year without fail