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My Fake Boyfriend Part 6

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2350

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

Originally posted by itsmaleficentbitch

You woke up feeling different, you felt lighter and happier. It has been a long time since you last felt this way, you look at the clock and it’s 8 a.m. then you look at Bucky who is sleeping peacefully under you.

Something has changed since last night, you don’t know exactly what but it feels distinct. You stay in Bucky’s arms for a while longer; at this point you are used to cuddling up with him. However, you were never the one to initiate it… until now.

You softly trace your fingers on his jawline, making sure to not disturb him still. You kiss his forehead, getting up looking at him one last time.

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HC: sabo went through a phase of wearing an eyepatch

this is kinda weird but story time:  i imagine fanfiction in my head all the time (i kno other ppl do this too) and, no surprises here, said fanfiction is about sabo.  and for some reason…….i always picture sabo with an eyepatch in my mind???  

i’m honestly not sure why.  i think it might be because i wanna imagine him having the squinty blind eye like i draw, but i also picture him in oda’s style, and i can’t imagine the squinty in oda’s style, so i just….picture him with an eyepatch……and you can assume the squinty eye’s under there…so if u looked in my sketchbook you’d be surprised to find that like.  in 90% of the doodles of sabo there he’s wearing an eyepatch :”D bc they’re from my brain fic.


wearing an eyepatch makes more sense when you have a blind eye than a missing one tbh, since it’d protect the eye from being hurt by light.  he’d totally dig it too.  i can imagine him wearing one at like 15 and a stranger mistaking him for a pirate and he feels really happy about that but doesn’t know why.

*NEW MINI SERIES* Birthday Present (Part I)

ANON: “Hey could you do an imagine where u fly over and surprise Nate for his birthday (you two met when he was touring in ur country and u became good friends) the other boys are in on it too and it turns smutty pretty please? Thanks (hope this made sense)”

“Miss Y/L/N. We will be landing in Los Angeles in 15 minutes.” I smile up at my driver, Nick. I bring him with me everywhere. 

“Thank you,” I say and look out the window. “Isn’t it amazing how different this place is from London? Every time we come here, I’m blown away by the consistency of the sunshine”

“It is quite remarkable,” He says and adjusts his seat a little before sitting back down across from me. 

“Sorry to drag you all the way out here for the weekend” I look up at him. 

“It’s alright, you and Nate have been friends since you were just starting out. I get why you want to be there for his 25th birthday. Plus I’ve been to every press tour, venue scope and contract meeting with you. Why would I let you down now?” He zips up his jacket as the plane descends.

“Thanks, Nicky” I take a sip of water and relax into my seat. It has been a while since I’ve been in LALA land. I couldn’t wait to see my favorite American boys. 


I’ve decided to make this into a mini-series Imagine. READER FEEDBACK IS ENCOURAGED.

This chapter’s vote:

It can be anyone but Nate…

Which boy should pick her up from the airport?  

Sherlock: The Final Problem - rant

I am so glad I watched the last episode of Sherlock in the cinema in a great company as it gave me some resemblance of enjoyment of this shitty episode. It felt like I was watching a compilation of ‘highlights’ instead of a full episode, which would explain why there were so many plotholes and loose ends. I mean, it is kind of entertaining if you don’t think much about what you are watching but the moment you start processing, it hits you with how absolutely dreadful it is. And even Mrs Hudson hoovering cannot save the mess it is. I mean, I am quite impressed that Moffat managed to combine every single one of his flaws as a writer into one episode, from prolonged exposition, leaps of logic, inability to let dead characters just go, and cliches… cliches everywhere.. oh, and things are true just because we say so - this must be my favourite one, why show that someone is clever when you can just say they are, or explain how this mind control thing works when you can just say it does. what a great way to tell a story! Oh dear…

Before I start the list of the thoughts that went through when watching the episode, I should really mention that I really liked the performances, especially Molly, Moriarty, Mycroft and johnlock. 

Despite the fact I sort of enjoyed watching it with a great audience, I still had some pretty “ranty” thoughts: 


1. It’s all about Mary? Why? 

2. So when will the film start?

3. It had no information that I found remotely interesting, nothing about creation of Mary as the character, no comparison with the books, nothing about her relationship with John, Sherlock and others. How pointless!


1. How are they doing the paintings crying blood? Oh, ok. I guess I’ll never know.

2. So he wasn’t properly shot. OK. But the psychologist + family were still dead somewhere in the cupboard or whatever of that house. How has Mycroft not been informed about dead bodies found in a place Sherlock was picked up from an episode earlier. He was watching his every step so this is just bizarre.

3. Oh, exposition. Great! It’s a sign of a truly wonderful storytelling when you have a character just sit and explain someone else’s backstory for 5 min.. Riveting. 

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"Boring me? Not at all! I love learning new things. What gave you that idea?" I hug him again. "I suppose my teacher can be a distraction. What, with those smashing good looks? It's a wonder I've accomplished anything." I flirt. "Anything else to do? Is it almost time to eat?" I ask and tiptoe up to kiss his cheek. *Kayla*

A smirk played on his lips both from your absolutely adorable nature and your affections. He shook his head then moved a few stray hairs from your face.

“I aim to please, Mi’Lady. I never miss my mark.”

He pecked your lips then led you to the fancy dining area. Pure Altissian turquoise plates gave the gold and silver cutlery a true spotlight. Stark white napkins in the shape of swans greeted you. He pulled your seat out for you.

“Dinner will be served in 7 minutes.”

Stumbling, Falling, and Spilling

Words: 1,063
Prompt: New to the Criminal Minds set and Matthew make you nervous

Joining the cast of Criminal Minds was everything that you thought it would be. The people were all nice and welcoming, the scripts were brilliant, and the hours were excruciatingly long. The one thing that you didn’t plan for was making a fool out of yourself in front of your extremely funny and handsome coworker—Matthew. Three times in the past week alone you had been stumbling over your words whenever you talked to him.

The first was bright and early on Monday morning. You had just gotten done filming your first scene for the day and went to go grab your coffee mistakingly grabbing Matthew’s due to your tired state. Having already taken a sip leaving your fresh lipstick stain on the cup already you contemplate throwing it away or hiding it, anything but talking to him because you would just turn into jello.

“Matthew!” you call over as he walks by, silently cursing yourself for being such an impulsive idiot. “Hey what’s up?” he says flashing his heart-melting smile. “I think I-um I Just got off set and was really really tired so naturally I was like oh I’ll go get my coffee. I think I grabbed yours by mistake but I already drank out of it and I have lipstick on and then you came over and I’m sorry.” you say speaking what seems like 10,000 words per minute.

“(Y/N) don’t worry about it I’ll grab another later if I need it.” he says putting his hands on his shoulders to calm you while laughing. “Oh well sorry again I should probably get going I have to be back onset in five minutes.” you say suddenly feeling very flushed.

“I know, we’re all in the scene together, remember?” he says flashing that goddamn smile again. “Oh well I guess I’ll see you there.” you say awkwardly pointing your finger at him, mentally face-palming yourself for being such an idiot.


The second time you had both been on set. It was one of those scenes where Spencer figures out something and just rambles off relevant facts or statistics. You were sat across from Matthew and to Joe.

You couldn’t seem to take your eyes off of Matthew as you watched him stick his hands through his brown hair and his sweet looking lips moving so fast. You were so caught up with the sight of him that you completely missed your line and came back into reality when the director yelled cut, reading out what your line was before starting again.

After you wrapped the scene about an hour later Matthew followed you to the break room where you were grabbing a quick snack. “Hey (Y/N) what was that about earlier? You never mess up your lines, is something bothering you?” he says with a worried look. “Who me? No I’m good,just got to be going back to makeup I have to be back on set in 15 minutes.” you say walking backwards into a chair and falling as your snack goes flying everywhere.

“(Y/N) are you alright?” Matthew says as he rushes over helping you up. “I’m good. Great actually!” you say picking up your mess with Matthew.

“Thanks for helping I’ll see you around pal.” you say lightly punching his arm before scurrying off hitting your hand to your forehead.


The third time was on Friday. You had been over in Matthew’s trailer to come ask him a question about a scene that you both were in later in the day. When you found an empty trailer you remembered that he was eating lunch with Shemar. Turning to leave you knocked over a water bottle as it all poured onto your crotch being the klutz that you were.

The best solutions you seemed to come up with was to grab one of Matthew’s button ups that he wore when he was on set seeing as it was long enough on you to cover up the stain. You thought you could roll up the sleeves a little in hopes that you could get back to your trailer before anyone noticed.

What you didn’t plan on happening was running into the man himself on your way out from his trailer. He looked you up and down before saying with a smirk, “Is there and special reason as to why you are wearing my shirt?”

“You see-um I had a question about that scene later and was coming to ask for some advice and your weren’t here you were at lunch—which I should have known because I walked right past there-”

“Woah woah woah slow down we’ve got time.” he says cutter your embarrassed ramble off. Your face changes to a light shade of pink as you look at your hands taking a deep breathe and continuing to talk, “On my way out I spilled some water all over my crotch and this seemed like the best way to hide it.” You pull his shirt up to reveal the dark stain on your light blue jeans giving him an embarrassed smile.

“(Y/N) it’s fine really. You look cute in it anyways.” he says smiling at you.

“Not as hot as you look in it though.” you say before you could stop your thoughts “You know I should probably just get going. Is it hot in here?” you say before trying slip past Matthew but failing. as he grabs your wrist.

“(Y/N) seriously don’t worry about it. As cute as you are when your nervous you don’t need to be. I’m the last person to judge you or make you feel uncomfortable. Let’s just start over. Hi! My name is Matthew Gray Gubler.” his big brown eyes looking at you accompanied by his polished smile.

“My name is (Y/F/N)” you say smiling as you shake his outstretched hand. “Well (Y/N) why don’t you say that we get you back to your trailer so you can cleaned up and maybe I could meet you there later and we get to know each other some more over dinner.” he says with a wink.

For the first time a gesture like this doesn’t cause you to stumble but your heart to flutter a little. “That sounds wonderful Mr. Gubler.” you say laughing knowing that this man would be the death of you.

You and Justin are sitting on the couch watching a movie when he starts whining about how bored he is and how he wants to do something fun. You tell him that you really want to finish the movie. He sighs and agrees to watch ONLY 15 more minutes. After exactly 15 minutes, he out of nowhere starts singing. At first you think that he sounds really good and you don’t mind but then he starts goofing off. He purposely misses notes and messes up. You hit his shoulder and beg him to stop but he doesn’t listen. He just starts screaming louder. “Justin you sound horrible” you laugh and he eventually stops. His head falls down and he tries to look sad and hurt. After he realizes that you’re not going to say anything he looks back up at you and says *gif* “Even though you’re being really mean, I still love you”

Would you guys be upset if I use this gif again? I got another idea for it as I was writing this.

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How would the RFA members react to MC being a dance teacher/musical choreographer, specifically for young kids? (For dance teacher I was thinking either ballet or contemporary, but whatever works for you is fine :3)

<of course anon!! i know absolutely nothing about dance, i chose soccer over dance when i was younger, but i always love to learn new things!! if i get something wrong, let me know!! hope you enjoy!!>


  • As soon as he found out he asked you to dance for him
  • “If you really wanna see, why don’t you come to class with me?”
  • He instant jumped up and dragged you out the door to go to the studio
  • He sat in the corner and waited for your class to begin
  • You needed to change into your leotard, putting your normal baggy t-shirt overtop of it before slipping off your shoes
  • His jaw dropped when you walked out looking like that, he had never seen you look like that before
  • He watched you stretch as your students walked in
  • “Alright everyone, today we’re going to practice for our recital coming up, please keep with the tempo of the song, that’s something we struggled with last week okay?”
  • He noticed your energy around kids and how they consumed your positive vibe, transforming the before empty and eerie dance studio into a happy and warm place to be
  • You turned on the song All I Want by Echos, all the kids scattered into their positions
  • You stood to the side, doing the dance along with them, but mostly paying attention to them dancing, seeing where to pause and go back to when they finish their run through
  • Yoosung sat and admired your focus on them and the dance, how you followed along in small gestures and then went back and showed them how to the move properly
  • He just sat there with his eyes full of curiosity, a few of your students went up to talk to him during the 15 minute water break you had given them before their second half hour of class
  • “Sir, are you that Yoosung boy Miss MC is always talking about?”
  • He blushed, saying yes
  • The students seemed interested in him, as you stood back and smiled watching how good he was with kids
  • After class, he wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck
  • “MC, I never knew you could dance like that!!”
  • “And I never knew how good you were with kids!!”
  • You both went home that night looking like blushing messes, but it was out of pure love so you were alright with the looks you were receiving

Jaehee Kang:

  • Little did you know she took ballet at a young age too
  • So when you revealed to her that you were a ballet teacher, she instantly smiled and asked to come to class with you
  • “Of course, Jaehee, I didn’t think you’d be interested in dance though.”
  • She was intrigued to see you in your practice leotard with your ballet slippers on, luckily she had sneaked into the changing room to grab a spare pair in case she felt like joining in
  • As your students filled in the room, she smiled watching you warmly greet every single one of them
  • “Alright guys, I’m going to teach you today how to put the moves we’ve been practicing to the music, try your best to keep up with the music and my movements, and stop me if I’m going too fast for you alright?”
  • Jaehee watched as you put on Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer, she knew it was one of your favorite songs since you talked about it all last week
  • She admired all of your moves, how gracefully you danced
  • …until you did your arabesque a little wrong
  • “MC, I actually believe an arabesque looks like this…”
  • You were shocked at how beautifully she danced
  • She continued dancing with you and your students, helping you out every so often
  • “Jaehee, this was our best rehearsal yet, you need to come to the others!!”
  • “I don’t know about that, MC…”
  • “Pleasseeeeee?~”
  • “Alright, but only for you.”
  • She became a ballet teacher right besides you from that point forward, and your class was the best ballet group in the area


  • He walked in on you dancing around the house, counting the bests to the song you had on the background
  • “MC, what are you up to eh?”
  • “Oh, hey Zen. Just practicing for a musical rehearsal I’ve got tonight.”
  • “You’re doing a musical to?!?”
  • “I’m just the choreographer, silly, it’s for a middle school around the corner.”
  • He sat and watched you practice, enjoying the way you put emotions into your dancing
  • “Can I go with you to rehearsal?”
  • “Of course, no need to ask!”
  • He learned on the way that they were doing a production of Suessical the Musical, finding it adorable
  • Once you both walked in, Zen headed to the seats to leave you to your thing
  • “Hello guys! Nice to be with you all again tonight, I’ll be working with just the Who’s, Mr Mayor, Mrs Mayor, Jojo, the Cat, the Grinch, and Horton for the choreography to Here on Who, so if you aren’t in any of those groups you’re gonna go down into the music room and learn some new songs. Let’s get on stage everyone!”  
  • Zen watched with admiration towards how you moved and so easily taught fussy children
  • “Hey Zen, think you can come up here and help me for a moment?”
  • The kids were shocked, they had seen Zen in previous musicals and were his fans
  • He came up and you showed him the move you wanted him to show one half of the group, as you taught the other side
  • You wound up teaming up for the rest of the night, Zen having the time of his life
  • “That was so much fun, MC, I think I’ll join you for the next one.”
  • “Good, I’ll need your help with it! You were awesome up there with all the kids, they loved you!”
  • “Hah, it’s just a natural thing I guess. Let’s go home and practice some more, alright?”

Jumin Han:

  • He walked in from work to see you standing in the living room with your hair pulled in a tight bun, ballet slippers laced on your feet, along with a baggy t-shirt placed over your leotard
  • “And where are you headed to, MC?”
  • “Oh, just ballet practice, wanna tag along?”
  • He did, but he wasn’t expecting to walk into a room filled of young kids
  • He took your bags and placed them in the office where you and the other teachers had their things
  • Tonight it was only you teaching your solo class, so he could keep his focus on you
  • “Alright everyone, let’s take this from the top, along with the music okay? You’re doing awesome so far tonight, we’re moving so fast!”
  • He watched as you turned on Make You Feel My Love by Adele, he recognized it instantly as it was the song you two were planning on slow dancing together to during your wedding
  • The thought made him smile, as he watched you dance around to the song that held such a strong meaning to the both of you
  • He talked to the kids after the class, making you smile to see how beautifully he handled the kids
  • “Liked my song choice, eh?”
  • “Of course, MC, is that why you chose it, since it’s our song?”
  • “Yes, the dance is a way for me to show my love you in ways that I can’t express with words, Jumin. So having the ability to teach kids how to dance to a song that means so much to me…is truly amazing, isn’t it?”
  • He smiled and embraced you in a hug that you weren’t expecting
  • “Yes, it is. Now let’s head home, shall we MC?”


  • You laughed, following your boyfriend out of the studio to go home
  • You both were at the studio all day, Seven doing his work as you cleaning up around the place and rehearsed for…rehearsal
  • “What type of dance do you teach, MC?”
  • “Contemporary.”
  • “Ah, mind teaching me sometime?”
  • ….he was joking that night. You weren’t.
  • “Sev, here’s your things get changed for class.”
  • “WAIT WHAT?!?”
  • You laughed, as he changed into pants and shirt you bought for him
  • “…no shoes?”
  • “Nope.”
  • Then the kids came flooding in, saying their hellos to you and your boyfriend
  • “Alright guys tonight we’ve got my boyfriend, Luciel, joining us for class, so don’t laugh if he makes any mistakes. Actually…laugh. He’d like that.”
  • He chuckled, as all your students giggled and you smiled
  • You walked over to the stereo to turn on Kiss Me by Jason Walker, before you started to teach the dance routine
  • You and your students giggled a few times at Seven’s mistakes, but overall he did very well at keeping up and doing the moves correctly
  • Once all your students left, he came up and wrapped an arm around your waist
  • “That wasn’t so bad, was it Sev?”
  • “I’m out of breath, sweating, and won’t exercise for the next month because that was too much, but I enjoyed seeing you love what you were doing.”
  • “That’s very sweet of you Luciel.”
  • “Yep, now let’s get home, I’m starving for honey buddah chips!”
  • You laughed, following your boyfriend out of the studio to go home

<i hope you enjoyed anon!! Zen’s gave me a throw back to when i was in eighth grade, i did a performance in my middle school of suessical the musical lol! good times, good times. anyways, if i got anything wrong with this, once again, let me know and I’ll do a redo!!!>

Longer Seungri in High&Low post

Seungri played “Lee” a slightly crazy junior mob boss.
I think his father is the leader of this Korean gang
{spoilers:they’re trying to take over the territory of the Exile gangs. It’s complicated google it or watch the drama lol}
but I’m not sure. I missed some things because my Japanese is a little dodgy ^^;;;

His acting was really good I think ^^ I was expecting a short cameo part but actually he was a fairly important character.

Considering the huge, huge cast (like really, a lot of people) his screen time was probably around 15+ minutes total which was quite good and I was happy. Would’ve been happier if he was always on screen but y'know…

He spoke (flawless) Japanese as well as (perfect) English, Korean (obv.) and Mandarin (can’t judge that).

He also has infuriatingly smug and sarcastic down. I kinda wanted to punch him a little. In a good way.

Extremely good suits.

No really he looked really good. I miss the platinum blonde hair so much T^T

Every time he came on screen my friend and I gasped a little.

Mainly went to see Seungri but came out of the theatre a much bigger Exile fan than before. Especially my love Elly <3

Soundtrack is well worth listening to. Lots of good, high energy hip-hop/pop/party tracks especially the 三代目 J Soul brothers tracks and Elly/Crazy Boys tracks. And of course Seungris track ‘we run dis’ with PKCZ.

Nightmares and Milk

Summary: Stiles is awoken one night when his daughter is having a nightmare.

Stiles Stilinski could sleep through a third World War on any given night. It normally took Lydia at least 5 minutes to rouse him, grumbling and dazzled, from their bed every morning.
Another 10 for him to untangle from the sheets and stumble out of bed and down the stairs for breakfast and his necessary cup of black coffee.
The next 15 were taken for him to actually form coherent speech and fully opened eyes.
But the moment he heard the first muffled whimper from the next room over, he was snapped out of his hibernation. He sat up as soon as his eyes opened (as quietly as possible as to not wake the sleeping wife next to him) and listened.
The second sob came a moment later. He was out of the room in an instant.
When he threw open the door, what he saw broke his heart.
There was his four year old daughter in the middle of the bed, tangled up in her sheets, tears staining her face and pillow. Her brown hair was plastered to her cheeks, her green eyes were squeezed shut and covered by her small hands. Sobs wracked her body. Stiles froze in the doorway, crippled by memories and images of long sleepless nights, waking up so gripped by fear, it literally paralyzed him. He was brought out of the flashbacks by a small voice.
He shook his head and stumbled over to the bed scooping up the girl in his arms the second she was in reach.
“Hey, angel. Did you have a bad dream?”
Allison buried her head into him, and took a fistful of his shirt, trying to be as close to him as possible.
“Yes,” her reply came muffled as she spoke into his chest.
He smiled, stroking her hair and rocking back and forth slightly.
“It’s alright it was just a dream, I promise you’re safe now”.
That’s when he smelled it.
He looked down and confirmed his suspicions with the wet spot on the covers.
“Allison, did you have an accident?”
She was silent for a moment. Then began nodding slowly.
“I’m sorry, Daddy”.
Stiles gently slid his daughter from his lap and stood up, motioning for her to jump on his back.
“It’s okay, angel,” he said once she was securely on, wadding up the sheet, “everyone has accidents,” he craned his neck to smile at her, “even me”.
She laughed at his joke and gripped his shoulders tighter. Stiles gathered the sheets in his arms and stepped towards the door. Once they were there, he leaned forward, allowing her to reach out and open the door so they could both make it through.
They tried their best to tiptoe down the steps. Once, Allison has to cover her mouth to stifle laughter when he stepped on an especially creaky step and snapped his head back to look in horror back towards the door to see if they had woken Lydia. If one rule was to be followed in the Stilinski household, it was that you never, ever wake mommy up unless the house is up in flames or someone is dying.
When they finally made it to the laundry room, Stiles leaned up against the dryer and let Allison sit on the top of it.
“Allison,” he said as he put the sheets in the washer and fiddled with the settings, “will you do me a favor and pick out which sheets you want? They’re in the cabinet above you”.
Allison nodded and carefully turned around on her knees to open the cabinet doors.
Without hesitation, she pulled out the Little Mermaid themed ones and showed them to her father.
“These,” she declared.
Stiles laughed and took them from her, “How did I know you were going to pick those?” Allison laughed now and shrugged as innocently as possible.
“Come on,” he said as he gently lifted Allison off the dryer and placing her onto the floor, “let’s go put these on your bed”.
But as he opened the door to go upstairs, he stopped.
“Actually,” he said slowly, “the covers can wait. I have just the thing to get you back to sleep. Grandpa used to do this for me, come on”.
Together, the two tiptoed hand and hand into the darkened kitchen. Stiles flipped on the dim light right above the stove and placed Allison on the island counter.
From the fridge, he removed a carton of milk, from the cabinet two mugs. With precision, he poured the milk into both and placed them in the microwave, punching in 1 minute and 30 seconds.
“Warm milk.” he explained when he saw his daughter’s confused face, “it makes you sleepy”.
Finally, the microwave beeped, letting them know the milk was done.
As her father stepped towards it, Allison remembered something she always asked when quiet and intimate moments like this presented themselves.
“Daddy,” began Allison, slow and thoughtfully.
“Yes, angel,” Stiles repled, removing his mug from the microwave.
“How did you and mommy decide what to name me”. She knew the answer. Her parents had told her this story multiple times before. She knew about Allison Argent as if she had been her friend also.
The only bad part about hearing about Allison was that mommy and daddy never seemed to be able to get through the story without their eyes ending up glassy and watery. But she liked being able to feel proud of her name.
So she asked anyways.
Stiles was quiet for a long time. He stared hard into his mug as if searching for the words to say in the surface of the milk.
“You’re named after a very exceptional person named Allison Argent. She was one of mommy and I’s best friends”.
Allison took another sip of her and thought for a moment. “was she kind?”
Stiles looked up and smiled at his daughter, “Yes, she was very kind”.
“Was she brave?”
“One of the bravest people I ever knew. She um…she gave her life for her friends,” he found his voice breaking on the last sentence, ”because she loved them. She loved me, and mommy, and uncle Scott-”
“She loved uncle Scott too?”
“Oh she especially loved uncle Scott”.
No matter how many times Stiles told his daughter the story, the hollow feeling in his chest never seemed to leave him. Every time he told her how kind she was, he thought of Allison’s smiling face as he danced with Lydia for the first time, or heard her voice asking about Lydia as she lay dying in his best friend’s arms.
Every time he told her of how brave she was, all he could see was her arrow piercing the chest of the oni or her smile, even in the days after her mother’s death.
“Daddy, why do you and mommy always look so sad when you talk about Allison?” his daughter’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts.
“Because sometimes mommy and I still miss her a lot”.
“I want to be just like her when I grow up”.
Stiles leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead, “that’s a good thing to want to be, angel”.
He glanced over at the clock on the stove and saw that it was somehow read 1:15 am.
“But for now, we’re going to get you back into bed, come on, up you go”.
He positioned himself and once again felt her small arms circle around his neck. She took the sheets off the counter and carefully balanced them between her chest and her father’s back. The two headed back carefully up the stairs.
Allison quietly hummed Part of Your World to herself, the sound carrying into his ear. He smiled a little as he felt her head slowly came to rest on his back. Exhaustion was finally taking over.
Stiles opened the door to the small bedroom and allowed the girl to slide off his back onto the bare bed.
“Hey, Alli, help me put them on?” he whispered.
She nodded with a yawn and jumped off the bed taking one end of the fitted covers from his big hands and wondering why she hadn’t wet the bed sooner.

A few minutes later, Ariel and Flounder’s faces were covering the bed from top to bottom with Allison snuggly in the middle of it all, staring up at the glowing stars on her ceiling. She listened to steady breathing Stiles’ who has accidentally fallen asleep next to her. His hand was still holding hers.
As sleep overtook her, she focused on the warmness of milk in her belly, the feeling of her father’s calloused hand on hers, and the clean sheets under her fingertips. She couldn’t help but feel that she was even luckier than Ariel to have a dad like hers.
She finally drifted to sleep, drowning in pleasant dreams of a woman with short black hair smiling at her next to uncle Scott.

Lydia was yanked out of her restless and nightmare ridden sleep with a strangled gasp. She immediately sat up and yanked her hands to her chest, checking to make sure they weren’t tied down to the bed with restraints. Sweat beaded on her forehead as visions of tile walls and the sound of drilling faded from her head.
Without thinking twice about it, she reached to the other side of the bed.
Panic raised in her throat as her hand made contact with and empty and cold pillow.
She forced herself to breathe. In and out in and out.
Rationalize, she commanded herself, He’s not gone, he’s just not in bed, he’s not gone.
Relief flooded her when through the cracked bedroom door, she saw that her daughter’s door was open a little bit as well.
Slowly, she slipped out of bed and walked carefully to the door.
When she entered the room, a smile spread across her face.
Allison’s head rested on one of the pillows, her thumb firmly in her mouth, eyes closed, a small smile on her lips.
On the other pillow was Stiles, sleeping a little less than gracefully.
Lydia stood and took in the scene for a moment longer, then as soundlessly as possible, she made her way over to the bed and gently laid down right between the two, her head on Stiles’s chest.
As she felt her husband’s arm come around her shoulders to pull her closer, she looked up to make sure she hadn’t woken him.
But his eyes remained closed, his breathing stayed even.
So she closed her eyes once more and let herself be overcome by the smell of clean sheets and Stiles and one that can only be described as childhood, overwhelmed by the thought that she didn’t know it was possible to love two human beings this much.

So I’m not super sure whats been going on with the drops for this particular run of Skyrim, but Miss Kirby has been rocking standard steel armor for nearly 15 levels now, without any chance to upgrade. So I finally killed a bandit captain and found a set of steel plate on him.  All well and good but:

Things I forgot about Skyrim: female steel armor v. female steel plate: Standard steel looks like a pretty solid, easy to maneuver in and easy to don set of armor. Meanwhile steel plate is form-fitting, tight, and your new only method of attack is to confuse enemies with the spirals on the metal boobs.

The steel plate armor is all about showing off the chest and hips, apparently…


Nia and I met Dave Grohl the other day. We were walking out of the UO at the mall we work at and she just stops and turns to me with tears in her eyes and I’m like “Woah woah what’s up are you okay?” And she said that Dave Grohl just passed us. I missed it because I’m a dingus and was looking at a trash can because I had an empty cup to throw away. I asked her if she wanted to go in and say hi and all that and we did.
We apologized for bothering him especially so close to Christmas time with shopping and all that but he said it was totally cool and just chatted with us for a good 10-15 minutes.
We thanked him for all his work and told him about how he inspires us and all that and he thanked us for the support and whatnot. He also totally goofed around and made funny faces and jokes and stuff which was awesome. Then we got our pictures thanked him again and headed out.
Thank you Mr. Dave Grohl for being such a rad dude and artist.

preference #13 baby on tour

CALUM: Calum smiled at the baby boy in his hands that was up in the air. Bringing him down and going back up again. We all sat on the couch right before the show, Luke was getting his hair done and Calum was next in line. “Who’s a good a good boy,” he said. Nathan stuck his hand in his mouth and giggle at his  fathers actions. After a few more Calum rested Nathan on his chest and smiled down at the baby whoes eyes were slowly drooping. He turn to me whose was sitting next to him.“I love him so much,” he lowered his head and planted a small kiss to the baby’s soft head. 

“I know and I love him,too,” I manged to steal him from his fathers tight grasp. I coo at him as Calum gets up to get his hair done. 

Calum sits there holding his arms open for Nathan,“Yeah Calum no,” I say with a laugh.

“Give me my baby woman,” Calum says. After a moment of him still holding his arms open I finally give him Nathan. With the intense hot air from the hair dyer blowing down on them Nathan begins to cry. Calum bounces him up and down gently on his knee to try to calm him down. “Shh peanut don’t worry,” he says in soft voice.

“Calum just let me have him,” I take him from and hold him swaying him back and frothed.Calum gives me a pouty face and gets up from his chair and walks over to me.  Michael walks in to discuss the next hair color. The screams are heard from all the way backstage an making Nathans fussy.

“I’m going to take him out to the bus,"I say about to walk out the door.

Calum soons stops me,” Whoa whoa, I bought something because of this,“ he goes to his black bag in the back and takes out headphones. He puts them on Nathan’s head and they immediately fall. Calum then readjusts them. Calum smiled as the Nathan went back to sucking his fist. Soon the bodyguards were rounding up the boys and walking them towards the entrance to the stage. 

I walked with Calum with Nathan still in my arms. Calum took him in his chairs, showered him in kisses as he was about to be handed his bass. I took Nathan and calum took his bass. He gave him one more kiss and me a kiss. "good luck i love you,” i hold Nathans free hand and make him wave to Calum.

LUKE: Luke held Grace on his hip as I packed the pool bag. Luke and I were in Mexico currently while he was on tour and me and Grace were with him. Today with the sun shinning high the sky me, Luke, and Grace were all going to the pool. Grace was fairly young still being 15 months old, I was pretty protective of her.

“Okay,okay I have sunscreen,towels,umm what could I be missing,” I say looking at Luke.

“Can you tell mummy that she should calm down,” he says to the Grace who just giggles at him.

“Luke I’m just making sure we have everything,” I grab the last thing and we left our room and headed downstairs.

Luke and I walk out into the pool area and I find us a nice spot. Luke has a tight grip around her as he walks slowly in the pool.“LUKE you need floaties,” I scolded him.

He walks back over to me and I had me the floaties I brought and I begin to put the sunscreen on her.“Thank goodness I brought these,” I say as I rub her arm. Luke laughs.

When the sunscreen has been rubbed on and her floaties on Luke reenters the pool and a scream comes form Grace’s mouth as her feet touch the water. I enter the pool as well and walk over to were they are. Luke stood in the 4 foot zone and Grace was squirming in his arms. I take her from Luke and wrap her and screams again.

After a while she got used to the water and begins to play and giggle and have fun. “ In the air you go,” Luke throws Grace in the air. She shrieks and laughs. she lands safety in Luke’s arms and giggle. Her way of telling Luke to do it again.

“Hi Lukkkkeee we were wondering if we could get a picture,” a two fans say looking down at their shoes.

“Yeah sure,” Luke hands me Grace and walks out grabs a towel and wrap it around his neck and posing next to them. Luke comes back into the pool and kisses Grace. “We have to leave, I have to get to the venue."I sigh and leave the pool. Grace again cries. ” No more being fussy,“ Luke says to her.


We arrive and Grace begins to crawl all over the dressing room. Her chubby legs too fast for Luke as she crawls."C’‘mere baby girl,” he says as she crawls away. She crawls over to Ashton. Ashton scoops her up in his bigs arms and hands over to me.“Finally caught her,” Luke says.

ASHTON: “She won’t go down,” I say to Ashton as I bounce up and down. Ashton sighs. Me and Ashton were on the bus and the fans outside were screaming,singing, and knocking on the bus. All of this and it was Ellie’s nap time. 

Ashton walks down the path way to the windows above the couch and sticks his head out. “Hey guys can you keep it down, baby Irwin is trying to sleep,” Ellie was 4 months and Ashton still hadn’t released the name. Ashton felt it that she should have privacy, he may have given all that up but that didn’t mean that she had to.

“ASHTON SHOW US YOUR DICK,” one girl shouted. My jaw drops at the request. 

“Okay I’m not going to do that,” Ashton yells into the crowd.“Also my child is here and you can’t yell that,” he scowls that crowd.

He comes back inside and I laugh when I see him,“ I’m just lucky that she won’t remember at this time,” I say looking down at the baby in arms whose eyes have finally closed.

“Yeah I guess so, but if her first word is dick don’t blame me,” he holds his hands in the air his defense.

“She finally went down,” I say after a moment of silence.

“Yay!” he yells/whispers throwing his arms in the air.

“I can’t believe that just happened, Ashton you will never believe what happened,” Michael said really loud when coming on the bus.

“No Michael, no,” Ashton told him, but it was too late Ellie’s screams erupted through the bus. “Thanks Michael,” Ashton said sarcastically.

“Well  it doesn’t help but we have a radio interview to do,” Michael said.


I waited in the back with Ellie in her carrier. Ashton didn’t want us to be in the bus for gods knows hows long.

“So Ashton whats her name, plus she is here correct,” the interview said quite eagerly.

“Um I guess so,” he gave me a look and I gave him a nod.

“Her name is Elizabeth but we call her Ellie for short,” he said into the mic.

“Can we see her,” they asked.

“Ummm this will make me a douche but no,because its quite private,and me and Y/N aren’t ready to expose to the world.”

“We understand,” they say.

“Although she is very cute,” Michael says.

“I can agree to that,” Calum chines in

MICHAEL: "This is not going to end well,“ Michael says to me as the airport approach’s.

"You’ll hold him okay, ” I ask.

“Yeah I got him,” he says. I handed him Kaiden and he started to coo at him. 

Michael tighten his grip on Kaiden. We pull up and Michael puts the strap of his brown leather bag on his shoulder. The door opened and a few fans stood at the entrance and Michael s hand was on Kaiden’s head as Kaiden’s face was pressed softly to Michael’s shoulder. I follow shorty after them. Both me and Michael keep our head downs as millions of girls shout his name. The other boys in the other car get out as well. They stood for a few photos but Michael just keeps walking. 

“MICHAEL CAN I GET A PICTURE,”  there was millions of girls when we stepped in the airport. Some girls were carrying gifts for the boys but most just had there with there iPhone out and ready for photos. When I did look up I saw some girl crying. I change gaze from the girls to Michael who was struggling from a girl’s grasp that was wrapped around his waist. His arms even more tighter around Kaiden.

I try to walk over to him but is soon pulled by a police officer.“Miss you have to back up give the boys some space.” he said in a stern voice.

“No I’m with them,” I say pulling the opposite direction.

“Yeah right, so is every other girl,” he laughs and pulls harder on my wrist.

“No really, my husband is in the band,” I plead. 

“Every girl here would say that,” he pulls even harder his long nails digging into my skin. I shriek in pain which causes a set free Michael to look in that way. His green eyes widen with worry as he sees me being pulled towards the doors.Hhe hands kaiden to calum who is standing at check in and pushes past the girls to get to me.

“Let her go, she my wife,” Micheal’s voice is stern and has authority. The police man lets me go in a instant. Me and Michael walked towards the boys and Kaiden. Kaiden soon starts to cry not being in parents arms. 

“Here I’ll take him,” I take him from Calum and his screams die down. He puts his thumb in his mouth and closes his eyes.

so i walked into a gas station and was checking out and the cashier looked at the 15 monsters i was buying and he asked why i had so many and this was our conversation

him: “uh, miss, why are you buying so many energy drinks??”

me: “well, you see, i just bought new xbox games and—”

him: “shhshhshhhh, no need to explain, i get it. may the power to game like a badass be with you, m'lady”

Yeah, today will be a good day.

A Matt Espinosa Imagine for Morgan


This was the most exciting day of my life, Matt and I have been dating for a while, a long while and ever since he went on tour we’ve not seen each other, of course I missed him but he was doing what he adored to do, every night we would skype and he would tell me all about his day.

I booked a flight to Miami and sat down in my assigned seat in the plane and placed my headphones on, I wanted to surprise him and that meant I shouldn’t post any pictures on instagram that would give the surprise away.I am so lucky to have the seat next to the window, I looked to my right and I saw a woman maybe in her early twenties, sit down next to me. I smiled at her and returned to listen to my music which was Break Free by Ariana Grande.

After about 2 hours the woman next to me tapped my shoulder “Hey sweetie, are you okay? you seem nervous and uncomfortable” she spoke softly, I let out a breath and nodded my head once “I’m fine, I’m going to surprise my boyfriend” I told her with a reassuring smile on my face, she chuckled “So am I, actually he’s my fiance”. So we spent the whole plane ride talking about the love of our lives, and she told me about Roger (her fiance) who is working in this big company that his father owned and that she was expecting a baby which is why she was going to see him.


The plane finally landed and I went down and grabbed my baggage, I said bye to the woman and we went our ways, I grabbed a taxi and told him the address of the hotel and he kindly took me there, so I figured Matt would be roaming around the hotel so I got a reservation at the hotel a block away just incase. I paid the man and went up to the hotel that I was staying in and got the room’s key. I went upstairs and unpacked then took a shower and dressed myself but not fancy, Matt liked it when I was comfortable in the clothes I was wearing. I grabbed my phone and went back downstairs and started to walk to his hotel, I smiled at the doorman who opened the door and greeted me “Morgan?” I heard a voice say I turned around and saw Nash “Hey Nash!” I replied and gave him a quick hug “What are you doing here?” he asked giving me a hug back and a placed my index finger on my lips and made a ‘shhh’ sound “I’m here to surprise Matt” I told him and he smiled “here take my key, we share a room so..” he paused and handed me the key card thingy “our room is on the 11th floor and its room 135” he continued and I mouthed thank you before going upstairs.

I reached the room and my heart was racing, I felt like a ran 3000 miles, I took a deep breath and opened the door quietly, I slowly stepped in and didn’t expect to see what I saw… Matt was sitting on the couch with a girl beside him and they were making out, my heart broke into million of pieces, I took a step back  but bumped into a table causing Matt to look up and we made eye contact “Morg, baby..” he said shocked and I shook my head and ran out, I kept running and instead of taking the elevator I took the stairs, I reached the lobby and I kept running, I couldn’t see clearly cause of all the tears so I bumped shoulders with Nash “Morgan? Morgan!” I heard Nash yell but I kept running, I crossed the street not even bothering to see if there was any cars, I ran towards my hotel and got into my room shutting the door behind me, I leaned towards it sliding down the door crying, I felt so shitty, why would he do this to me? What have I done?

After a few minutes I heard a knock on my door, I stood up and wiped my face, I opened the door to see Nash looking at me with worried eyes, I gave him a fake smile and he quickly pulled me in for a hug, and I lost it again tears started pouring out of my eyes as I hugged him “Everything will be okay, I promise” he cooed into my ear then moved us inside, we sat down on the couch and he took really good care of me, he made us food and we spent the night talking, I cried again a few times but he made it better, somehow.


The next morning I woke up and noticed I slept on the couch with Nash, I slowly stood up and checked my phone I had;

15 missed calls from Matt <3

4 messages from Matt <3

4 voice mails from Matt <3

I hesitated to look at them but I did, he said in all messages how much he missed me and he said he wanted to see me, I looked behind me to see Nash awake, he smiled at me and I smiled back “Matt wants to see me” I told him and his smile disappeared “oh..you should see him” he nodded and stood up “I should get back, see you later” he kissed my forehead and left. Why was he acting strange? I shrugged it off and changed clothes then went to meet Matt at his hotel.

Arriving there I noticed Matt and he wanted to hug me but I declined it “I’m so sorry, Morgan” he said to me holding boths my hands “why?” was all I could manage to say “I felt alone, I don’t know why but I felt like I had no one” he spoke and I frowned “You had me, Matt! You always had me…” I spoke to him with a tear running down my cheek 

At that moment he cupped both of my cheeks and made me look into his eyes “I’m so sorry for hurting you, I never wanted this, I promise I would make it up to you princess, I promise” he whispered placing his forehead against mine “Please take me back” he continued closing his eyes, I loved him…I loved him so much, and I know you might be saying “If you love him, let him go” but I couldn’t, he is the person that I loved the most, he is the only thing I got, he is the only one who was making me smile “I love you” he said and when he opened his eyes I saw that he really meant it “I love you too” I whispered and smiled “so that means you take me back?” he asked and I nodded, suddenly this smile appeared on his face and he picked me up, I laughed and held onto him tightly.


Nash’s POV;    

Seeing Morgan with Matt again kind of made me sad, I guess when we were talking last night I felt somesort of connection between the both of us, but who am I kidding? She will always love Matt no matter what happens…I guess I have to deal with that, I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I should, I can’t have feelings for my best friend’s girlfriend.  

(hey Morgan I know this is really really long but I hope you liked it, if anyone else has a request send it to me, and I will do it asap :) have a good day guys, love you -Mags :* )                                              

Preference #15 – He’s Your BFF


A big smile took over your face as you caught sight of your best friend. He’d been gone for about two months, travelling the world as he did every so often, bringing joy with his music while you were at home. ‘Hazza! It’s so good to see you!’ You exclaimed, wrapping your arms around him firmly as Harry did the same. “[Y/N],” he sighed, “god, you have no idea how much I missed having a sane person around.” You giggled and let go of him, taking a good look at him, before linking your hands together as you marched into your living room. ‘What do you think?’ You asked excitedly as you showed off your newly repainted walls and replaced furniture. He let out a low whistle, his hand moving along the dresser – the only item you’d kept from your old interior, with all sorts of framed pictures on it. His eyes focused on one frame in particular that held a photo of the two of you, which had been taken when he’d extravagantly celebrated your birthday with you back home, as he’d claimed he had to live up to his title as your best friend. “It’s beautiful, but I have to say I really liked your old interior too,” he trailed off, making you grin. ‘You’re just nostalgic, I know you hate it when I change things and you’re not there,’ you said, to which Harry feigned an offended frown. “I am not nostalgic. And I do very well with change. I change my lyrics and choreographies every single night.” Another giggle escaped you, shaking your head at his antics before letting yourself fall down on your newly acquired couch. ‘Honestly, Harry, you will love this new couch. It’s so comfy and it’ll be good for your back too.’ Interest now piqued, “you thought of me?” wondrously escaping him as he slowly made his way towards the sofa, inspecting it from up close before dropping down on it ungraciously. “I don’t see the appeal,” he muttered out while you laughed at the position he’d gotten himself in – upside down and half on top of you. ‘You should try sitting like me – an actual “sane person”,’ you suggested as you pushed him softly into an upright manner, as he showed off a cheeky smile with dimples. He settled into the sofa quickly then, adjusting a bit, before letting out a groan of satisfaction. “I am never leaving this couch again,” he said with his eyes closed, “you will have to remove me with force. Or buy me one.” You shook your head, ‘excuse you. I will do no such thing. I might be the sane person, I’m not the rich person out of us two. I spent my savings on this baby. It’s staying with me.’ He pouted, “Oh come on, [Y/N]! Can’t it be a homecoming gift?” ‘My gift to you is gracing you with my presence, don’t be greedy,’ you teased, and he laughed, before wiggling his eyebrows. “How do you feel about joint custody?” You rolled your eyes fondly, ‘hmm oh I don’t know Haz, that requires a lot of commitment,’ you spoke up as you placed your head in his lap, letting him stroke your hair like he always did. He was uncharacteristically quiet though, making you open your eyes so you could look at him properly. “I wouldn’t mind committing to you,” he murmured softly, green orbs unwavering as he stared back down. An unabashed smile made its way to your face, reaching out to intertwine your fingers. ‘If I had to share custody with anyone, you know it’d be you. You’re my best friend.’ His smile seemed to falter, even if it was just for a split second, before his dimple came into view again, “yeah. You’re my best friend too.”


You moaned in frustration, ready to throw your laptop out of the window, when Liam walked back in with two cups of tea. “Woah, what are you even doing?” He questioned, amusement obvious on his face, making you want to strangle him. ‘This fucking essay is not coming along at all,’ you muttered, reaching out for the cup of tea and taking a gulp. He frowned, settling into his chair, “well, being violent surely won’t be very conducive either.” You raised an eyebrow at him, ‘conducive? Someone’s been paying attention to me practicing my presentations.’ Liam shot you a glare in return, and you couldn’t help the giggle that escaped you. ‘Aw, babe, you know I’m just joking,’ you cooed, but he just stuck out his tongue petulantly, but then gave you a cheeky smile. “Remember when I thought psychiatry was a word I’d created myself?” Nodding immediately, you laughed, ‘it would’ve been a great invention if it hadn’t already existed.’ Liam let out a chuckle, then nodded at your work. “Still, I wish I could help you out, rather than just make you a cup of tea.” It was a sore point in conversation – it wasn’t that Liam wasn’t smart. He just had had other priorities, and hadn’t finished school. Hadn’t liked learning half as much as you had. It was how you’d met in the first place, tutoring him when he was still in school. ‘It’s fine. You make a mean cup of tea,’ which was a fact. Even Louis, who was a really difficult person when it came to his cuppa allowed Liam to make his. ‘And I’m glad we’re still hanging out. You’re my best friend, even if I don’t get to see you much.’ “Even if I don’t know that psychiatry is an actual word?” He asked jokingly, but you recognized the small sliver of hesitation, of insecurity in his voice. So you gave him your best smile, and nodded, bright-eyed. ‘Li, you’re not my professor. I know shit about music and I’d probably love your songs just because you’re happy and you made them with love, no matter what they sound like. And you still think of me as a great friend. So yes, I really do think you’re the best friend anyone could wish for – I don’t care if you’re studious or not.’ That finally seemed to convince him, a satisfied smile settling onto his features. ‘I’m more worried I’m boring you. Wish I was free so we could watch a movie or something,’ you pouted instead. Liam immediately shook his head, smile still evident as he replied, “don’t worry! I like just being here, away from the craziness. You just studying kinda makes me feel a bit more normal. Like we – you know, us, that’s normal.” You nodded, giving up on your work for now and opting to settle into the couch next to him. ‘I like being here too. Your house is infinitely more amazing than my apartment.’ He snorted, patting your leg, “only in it for the money huh.” You turned and looked at him affronted, ‘I wish. No, the invites to fancy parties where you get free stuff always go to the girlfriend.’ It was a joke, but Liam seemed to actually contemplate whether or not it was true he’d never taken you anywhere, and then slowly nodded, a bashful smile spreading out onto his face. “I’ll take you, [Y/N]. Next time I get to invite a plus one, it’ll be you.”


You laughed loudly, before accepting the drink Louis was holding in front of you, eyebrows wiggling suggestively. “How’s it feel?” You asked him, trying to shout over the pounding music in the room, but apparently he hadn’t heard you as his arm sneaked around your waist to pull you closer. ‘Say again, love,’ Louis murmured, and you motioned for him to turn his head so you could talk into his ear properly. “I said, how’s it feel. Like, being off, being on perpetual holiday,” you tried again, this time you noticed he’d heard you by the way he was smirking lightly. Being friends with Louis for the time that you had, had made you pick up on such small tell-tale signs that portrayed his mood to you. ‘Weird, bit irresponsible. Can’t really comprehend it. Remember when you slept over and you forgot that it was a Saturday and woke up at like 7 so frantically cause you thought you had class? I’m sure that’ll be me tomorrow,’ he said, and you nodded along to what he was saying – remembering exactly how you’d ended up there in the first place. It was actually the night you two had met, after you’d gone with a friend of yours to a ‘high-end party’. Which had ended up being a not-so high end party at Louis’ apartment – your friend knew his bassist or whatever, and just like that you’d ended up falling asleep in a bed, Louis’ it turned out, and he’d just let you. Crept in right beside you, tugged some blankets from your grasp and had cuddled with you until morning had come, which had left you embarrassed and frazzled. Still, your friends kept saying that something must’ve happened that night, despite the countless amount of times that the both of you denied it. “Hmm. Want me to make sure you won’t get restless then?” You offered as you leaned back into his embrace, pulling Louis down with you on a couch nearby, which allowed you two to actually hear and see each other a bit more clearly. He didn’t remove his arm from around your waist, instead let his head drop onto your shoulder, eyes unfocused from the alcohol, nodding softly. ‘Mmhm, just wanna cuddle. Don’t tell Liam,’ he added suddenly, making you laugh. The last time you’d slept over – Louis claimed it calmed him down, he felt homesick and alone quite fast – Liam had walked into the tourbus, fully expecting to only encounter Louis. Instead, he’d found the two of you curled up in one bunk. Which had resulted in a very awkward conversation where you had to try your hardest to dispel any assumptions about your relationship. “Hmm like how I didn’t tell him about the incident?” You teased, referring to a particularly embarrassing moment for Louis you’d bared witness to, who immediately opened his eyes and glared at you. ‘Don’t you dare. I seem to remember an incriminating voicemail that I will definitely use against you,’ he stated, and you flipped him off in response. The two of you sat quietly for a while, until you spoke up again. “So, no pulling tonight?” It was weird, and you didn’t really know why you wanted to ask that question, but there it was – out in the open now. Louis didn’t seem to mind though, a smirk on his face as he turned to glance at you. ‘Nope, ‘ve already got a girl secured for in my bed, don’t I?’ He laughed, and even though you knew exactly how he meant it, it still left your cheeks burning hot.


“And then he just fell, you know?” You hummed to show that you were listening as Josh recounted another story. Niall had taken to throwing pieces of bread at your head, after you’d refused to entertain him and his need to watch the latest golf tournament. He was your best friend, but even you had boundaries as to what you’d accept and you just didn’t like golf at all. Didn’t see the appeal of watching it, didn’t see the appeal in playing it, so you were fine with having Niall undertake such activities with other people. However, he hadn’t taken as kindly to your rejection and had proceeded to annoy you whenever he could. Ignoring Niall so far hadn’t really worked, and you were losing your focus on what Josh was even talking about, so you sighed exasperatedly, before speaking up, “oh my god, stop it!” Niall just chuckled, and threw another piece. ‘What’s the magic word? I didn’t hear any magic words,’ he singsonged, again bringing his hand up to throw a bread crumb. You just blinked, and felt it hit your face moments later. Within seconds, you launched yourself at Niall and tried to wrestle the stupid sandwich out of his hands so he’d stop throwing food at you. Of course it quickly dissolved into a playfight in which you were aiming to pin his hands above his head. ‘They say boys tease girls because they like them,’ Josh suddenly piped up, smirking as he regarded the position you were now in – lying on the floor, tangled together. Redfaced, you immediately let go of Niall’s wrists, and stood up to dust yourself off. “Niall and [Y/N], sitting in a tree, K-I-S-mmpfh” Josh’ song was interrupted by Niall covering his face, to which you promptly started yelling another song, ‘Josh and his hand, sitting in a tree, Mas-Tur-Ba-T-I-N-G!’ As expected, both boys immediately burst out laughing and you let yourself fall back on the couch with a satisfied feeling. “Alright alright, I’m bowing out,” Josh repented, before leaving Niall’s hotel room where you’d been cooped up for the entire day. Niall sidled up to the clothing rack that their stylists had put there earlier on, who’d been slightly surprised finding you in the room as well. ‘So, what do you want to do before the show?’ He asked, and you shrugged. “We could get tattoos,” you suggested, if only to see Niall bristle in terror, before glaring at you. ‘We could also just go and get food downstairs,’ to which you raised an eyebrow. “So you can throw more of it at me? I don’t think so.” He leveled your gaze and then broke out into another cheeky smile, reaching over to kiss your nose. ‘Honestly, [Y/N], babe, I was just sharing with you. You know I don’t share with anyone. I was being extra nice,’ he replied. A giggle erupted from your throat, shaking your head. “Stop! You’re only trying to distract me from the fact you actually wanted to play golf with me. You’re supposed to be my person! You should know that I hate it, I’m still appalled.” He laughed at your fake disdain and uncrossed the arms you’d just pulled up over your chest, holding both of your hands in his lightly. ‘But you’re my person, don’t you want to indulge me?’ He asked with a pout, fluttering his eyelashes at you. “Not working. I am using BFF privileges. And you threw food at me,” you defended weakly, which led to Niall realizing he might actually had a chance. ‘Please? I could use my BFF privileges too, you know, but I’m just asking you nicely,’ he pointed out, making you roll your eyes in defeat. “Ugh fine, I’ll go golfing you big baby,” you conceded, taking your hands out of Niall’s grasp. “Why didn’t you just ask Harry? Or like, Josh? They’d enjoy it, and actually know what to do. You’ll have to explain everything to me,” you couldn’t help but ask, to which Niall shrugged, cheeks coloring red. ‘Just wanna spend some time with you, just you.’ A soft smile spread onto your face, before reaching over to place a kiss on his cheek. “Love you, Ni.”


‘Wanna take a break?’ You asked, eyes going back and forth between Zayn and the producer. They’d been working on his verse, re-recording the same set of lines over and over again. It all sounded great to you, but apparently it wasn’t up to standard – judging by the frustration evident on both of their faces. Zayn’s eyes flickered over to you, immediately softening in intensity, shooting you a warm and grateful smile. “Yeah, I’ll be back in 15,” he excused himself, following you out of the studio. ‘So. I take it your day is not exactly going as planned?’ You asked casually, eyes locked onto the frantic way he was trying to light up a cigarette as quickly as he could. Scowling, he inhaled deeply, before sagging into a chair, relief flooding through his body. “Not at all. What’re you doing here though? Thought you wouldn’t be working,” he asked curiously, although it was a rather obvious attempt at deflecting the topic. He never liked talking about himself, and you usually let him get away with it. You weren’t his girlfriend – you were his best friend and you were going to be there for him when he wanted you to; you weren’t going to push or force it out of him when he didn’t want to. So, instead of challenging his short response, you just nodded. ‘I’m not. I actually just came here because I had somehow left my phone at work, came to pick it up and heard you. Couldn’t resist peeking inside and have a listen,’ you replied with a wink. He smirked, eyes meeting yours for a second, before he focused on blowing rings of smoke. “Have a listen? Or ogle at me?” It was your turn to snort, pulling a face at him. ‘Come on Z, how many times I’ve told you, smoking’s a total turn off for me. Maybe the producer though, he looked kinda cute,’ you teased, to which Zayn rolled his eyes. ‘You’re such a hypocrite, [Y/N]. I was there last Friday, and you were definitely sharing a cigarette with Lou,’ he pointed out. Raising an eyebrow, you sat yourself down on the ground next to the chair Zayn was sitting in. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you started, Zayn ready to protest. “Besides, even if I was smoking, I was totally drunk. And I admit, when I’m drunk I make stupid decisions. Exhibit A: befriending you.” He laughed at that, leaning downwards on purpose to blow smoke right in your face. ‘You love me.’ You shrugged noncommittedly, but smiled nonetheless. He still looked stressed out, so you decided to take a different approach. “Hmm. Now, as your best friend. I have to ask – are you really okay? Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’re just itching to have a second, third and fourth cigarette in the 15 minutes you’ve given yourself.” He sighed, flicking the now finished cigarette bud on the ground, earning himself another glare from you. ‘I’ll clean it up, I promise,’ he said as he raised his hands in mock defense, before leaning back in the chair. ‘There’s just a lot of pressure, yeah? And I don’t want to mess this up. I don’t want to let anyone down.’ Instead of sitting still, he’d already lit his second cigarette, exactly like you’d predicted. “You won’t. Your voice is amazing Z. Trust me. I work at this record label, and I know you. As your best friend, I wouldn’t lie. Don’t force it.” He gave you a shy smile, nodding his head, ‘thanks’. Wanting to lighten up the conversation, you frowned sternly, teasingly leaning forward to whisk the cigarette right out of his mouth “and stop smoking so much.” He let out a whine, then suddenly smiled wickedly, leaning in with his eyes focused on your lips. ‘Come on then,’ he whispered huskily, letting his smokey breath ghost over your mouth, pressing them on yours for just a millisecond. A little shocked you pushed him away, grinning profusely at his dazed, but smug expression. ‘I don’t do as I’m told, [Y/N], you should know.’ That earned him another eyeroll, before you pushed him back inside the building. “Yeah yeah, just trying to be a good friend. Now destroy that song. See you next week,” fondly waving at him as he disappeared into the studio once more.