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F&D Defense XAR Invicta

This unique AR-15 has a side-folding barrel system that makes its extremely compact and easier to transport. It may make more sense in states that don’t have SBR access or maybe this is just another attempt to make a unique AR to stand out from the crowd. This XAR Invicta is serial number #0001, and was recently sold on auction for the NRA Charity. Final auction price was a little over $5,000. (GRH)

How to make a simple bag

This is a step by step tutorial on how you can make a simple bag for your cosplay.

This tutorial fits all kinds of fabrics and for this bag I used white faux leather. When working with faux leather remember that it melts under high temperatures, if you plan on ironing it use low temperature and a towel in between the iron and fabric. Also remember that when you sew in the fabric the needle marks will be visible even if you take the thread away so make sure not to sew wrongly.

1. Decide the measurements you want on the bag (this one is 10x14x2.5 cm). Remember to make the back piece longer than the front piece so it kan be used as a lid. To do this add the length of the height of the bag together with the side and the leght you want the lid to be. Cut out the parts in a fabric with at least 0.5 cm seam allowance. The fabric I used was a white faux leather.

2. Place the right sides of the front and side pieces together and sew along the marked line. 
(A good idea is to sew all the way over the seam allowance at the top but to not sew over the seam allowance at the bottom. This will make it easier to later fix the upper edge and to sew in the bottom piece.)

3. Sew together the back piece with the sides.
(Do not sew all the way over the seam allowance this time since you want to be able to fold the seam allowance down later.)

4. I like to sew the bottom piece of bags on by hand. This gives you more control and the risk that the sides twists because the corners got sewed on a bit off lessens.

5. Cut out a new piece that will be the inside of your lid. Make it a bit longer than the lid actually is.

6. Put together the right sides of the lid pieces and sew like the green line shows, not all the way down the sides of the lid.

7. Turn the lid part inside out and sew on the velcro or snap fastener so you can close the lid later. (If you want you can sew the velcro on after step 5, but I like to do it here since I feel it gives me a bit more control where to place it.)

8. Flip the lid inside out again and sew the sides of the lid together.

9. Cut the seam allowance’s corners of the lid, making sure not to cut of the thread, and flip the lid inside out. Take a pointy object like a chopstick or a pen and point the corners of the lid out so the get a nice edge.

10. Sew along the edge of the lid to make it lay flat and give it a bit of detail.

11. Flip the rest of the bag inside out and sew on the other part of the velcro or snap fastener on the front of the bag.

12. If you like to be able to have the bag on a belt like this one or hang it over your shoulder in a strap this is the step to add a piece of fabric on the back to pass the belt through or add the strap at the sides of the bag.

If you want a more soft look on the bag you can skip step 13 and 14 and jump directly to step 15.

13. To get a more square looking bag measure the inside of your bag and cut out pieces of cardboard (I like to use cereal boxes for this part). Make sure to measure all the way up on the seam allowance since you want to be able to fold a bit of the fabric down over the fabric. 

14. Glue the cardboard to the inside of the bag.

15. Glue and fold down the edge of the upper part of the bag. A good way to keep the edge in place while it dry is to use clothespins, just make sure you don’t get glue on them.

16. Glue the leftover of the inner lid piece to the bag so it stays in place.

And you are done! Simple and quick to make!


@deadfootarms 👈 
Simply badass. Simply effective. This @aero_precision 300 Blackout features our full function MCS AR-15 folding stock adaptor, @ballisticadvantage Hanson barrel, @yankee_hill_machine Slant muzzle brake, and @vortexoptics Sparc-AR red dot optic. At 19" OAL folded and capable of sustained fire from the folded position, this weapon features versatility and performance that rivals any other PDW style weapon on the planet. #weapons #ar15 #aeroprecision #guns #ballisticadvantage#arpistol #deadfootarms #tacticalgear #blaster #sickguns #gunchannels #firearms#swat #cqb #yhm #foldingstockadapter #shooting #2adefenders #AZWS

How I Became The Help: My Au Pair Story

Brace yourselves. This is the story of how I made a slow descent into madness. 

I met the Maline* family the third day I arrived in France. I had already skyped the mother twice the week prior and had fallen in love with her vivacious spirit. Marie*, we will call her. She was warm and sunny. She had long auburn curls and an infectious smile. I could just tell she was the most popular mom in the neighborhood. She already had two babysitters, but she was looking for a live-in english tutor. She assured me that my  *sole* responsibility was to help them with their english homework and babysit them every now again. Weekends were completely mine and I received weekly pay on top of free housing, a phone, and money for transportation. Who would turn down a deal like that? 

The Warm Welcome

Three months ago, Marie picked up my mother and me from our hotel promptly at noon. Her energy was through the roof. She was excited to meet us and my energy quickly matched hers. Their home was something of Martha Stewart perfection. Every room was immaculate, carefully constructed to allude the perfect balance between elegance and modesty. 

Hugging the entire back of the house were 5 shuttered French doors, which on this first visit were completely open to allow in the sun’s natural light. In the backyard were two little boys, ages 6 and 9, bonding over soccer with their father. In the living room was the eldest daughter, age 12, intensely focused, practicing the drums for an upcoming recital. 

What I loved most about my surroundings were the decorative artifacts in every corner of the house. Congolese masks in the office, Russian dolls in the den, Japanese art above the oven. They were trying to make a statement, for sure. “Not only are we well traveled, but we fully embrace other cultures within our home!” Honestly I dug it.  It was a nice touch to an otherwise vanilla home. 

After having a 5 course meal complete with red wine AND Champagne, Marie asked me when I was planning to move home. HOME. Whether this was a result of broken english or not, I took this as a sign that she already saw me as one of the family. I looked over to my mother & had an Orphan Annie moment. 

I moved in a couple days later, believing fully that this was the best gift I could have received in my move.

I was wrong. 

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IT’S HERE YAY! and the first au of the week:  Angel and Demons au. Honestly I’m a bit under the weather and this is probably my most chaotic and poor work but still it’s mine and i am proud of it. so for my first piece for @starcoweek2 I  wanted to just play around with the idea of angels and demons. so i kinda went anime with this. Star is a reckless angel who doesn’t quite fit into the norm of the composed, graceful angelic being and Marco is pretty nice for a demonic hell spawn. So what happens when these two meet on morally guiding shoulder duty? Well here it is.Not my best but I hope you enjoy it. Also keep an eye out for two special guest stars because why not. Mr.E is out! see you tomorrow!

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Marvey Week
└ May 11th: Day 2 » Favorite Gaze

Season 1 Episode 12: Dog Fight

Season 1 Episode 01: Pilot

Season 2 Episode 10: High Noon

Season 1 Episode 05: Bail Out

Season 3 Episode 16: No Way Out

Season 3 Episode 15: Know When To Fold ‘Em

I know I was to only pick one but they have eye sex/longing all the time! I mean really those two should see themselves!


Things I Learned From Beeb’s Periscope (7/29/15):

  • Always fold your toilet paper. “Don’t you ever just bunch it up and put it in your butt. That’s GROSS.”
  • Brendon really wants to go home and smoke weed.
  • He cried during Age of Ultron and Night at the Museum.
  • He likes Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle and Porko Rosso :D :D
  • “I haven’t had anything to smoke today and I only had a couple drinks on the plane.” *Zack and Sarah laugh hysterically* “Okay fine, I was hammered on the plane.”
  • Traffic commentary: “Oh- you just cut over the double yellow line in front of a cop. Ohhhhh, you’re fucked!”
  • “I am not a white girl at Starbucks so I guess I can’t even. Actually… I can even?”
  • The album is 95% done.
  • Zack has realized that he has to “stop being a piece of shit.” This is a momentous day. I’m proud of him.
  • “WELL I GUESS THIS IS GROWING UP,” sings Beeb after Zack’s very honest monologue. Nice Blink ref. Nice.
  • Sarah is an adorable ray of sunshine and her tattoos look really pretty.

Vaccination prices have gone from single digits to sometimes triple digits in the last two decades, creating dilemmas for doctors and their patients as well as straining public health budgets. Here in San Antonio and elsewhere, some doctors have stopped offering immunizations because they say they cannot afford to buy these potentially lifesaving preventive treatments that insurers often reimburse poorly, sometimes even at a loss.

Childhood immunizations are so vital to public health that the Affordable Care Act mandates their coverage at no out-of-pocket cost and they are generally required for school entry. Once a loss leader for manufacturers, because they are often more expensive to produce than conventional drugs, vaccines now can be very profitable.

Old vaccines have been reformulated with higher costs. New ones have entered the market at once-unthinkable prices. Together, since 1986, they have pushed up the average cost to fully vaccinate a child with private insurance to the age of 18 to $2,192 from $100, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even with deep discounts, the costs for the federal government, which buys half of all vaccines for the nation’s children, have increased 15-fold during that period. The most expensive shot for young children in Dr. Irvin’s refrigerator is Prevnar 13, which prevents diseases caused by pneumococcal bacteria, from ear infections to pneumonia.

Like many vaccines, Prevnar requires multiple jabs. Each shot is priced at $136, and every child in the United States is required to get four doses before entering school. Pfizer, the sole manufacturer, had revenues of nearly $4 billion from its Prevnar vaccine line last year, about double what it made from high-profile drugs like Lipitor and Viagra, which now face generic competitors.


The Price of Prevention: Vaccine Costs Are Soaring - NYTimes.com

It’s almost like running a vital service for profit has bad consequences.

Submit Anon: Con creep or: how I learned to love con security
(Please excuse that awful James Bond ref, I just had to…)

Those involved: L (friend), M (friend who I was cosplaying with), C (former friend and partial trouble maker), X (main trouble maker), and con security who were so kind to me during this whole thing.

Now this will be long, and for that I apologize, but I thought I’d share this since I am reminded of the incident every time I see C’s face. This is more dealing with con horror rather than strictly weeaboo-ness. And a warning to those reading, a “threat” (because I am not so sure if I can call it that really) of rape is made.

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