15 folds


Things I Learned From Beeb’s Periscope (7/29/15):

  • Always fold your toilet paper. “Don’t you ever just bunch it up and put it in your butt. That’s GROSS.”
  • Brendon really wants to go home and smoke weed.
  • He cried during Age of Ultron and Night at the Museum.
  • He likes Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle and Porko Rosso :D :D
  • “I haven’t had anything to smoke today and I only had a couple drinks on the plane.” *Zack and Sarah laugh hysterically* “Okay fine, I was hammered on the plane.”
  • Traffic commentary: “Oh- you just cut over the double yellow line in front of a cop. Ohhhhh, you’re fucked!”
  • “I am not a white girl at Starbucks so I guess I can’t even. Actually… I can even?”
  • The album is 95% done.
  • Zack has realized that he has to “stop being a piece of shit.” This is a momentous day. I’m proud of him.
  • “WELL I GUESS THIS IS GROWING UP,” sings Beeb after Zack’s very honest monologue. Nice Blink ref. Nice.
  • Sarah is an adorable ray of sunshine and her tattoos look really pretty.


you can make a fucking heavenly bed out of $50 or less if you find better deals than i did.  

here’s a picture of the bed i made out of two goodwill comforters ($15 & $16) folded on themselves three times, two foams from walmart ($7 each) (+a mattress foam i already had), a mattress cover from goodwill ($10) wrapping it all together, and a fitted sheet from walmart on top ($10 for a fitted sheet, a sheet and two pillow covers).  all in all it was a $55 deal, which is still pretty pricey but let me tell you this feels like sleeping on a CLOUD if you know how to fold them (tip: make it REALLY NARROW, so its way THICKER). 

the only drawback is that i had to go to a laundromat to wash my goodwill comforters, and it was fucking $20 to use two washers and two driers (i broke down & cried a little.) but hopefully wherever you live you either have your own washer or laundromats ARENT FUCKING $20.

also this is a good opportunity to mention if u wanna help me cover my moving costs u can donate to my paypal interplanetarydiplomacy@hotmail.com

Example questions to ask the Firearms Safety Experts:
  • Can I safely fire an AR-15 with a folding stock while the stock is folded? Specifially the Law Tactical folding stock.
  • Is it safe to fire a military surplus firearm that is still covered in cosmoline?
  • Is it safe to carry a weapon that does not have a safety?
  • What’s the safest CC carry position?
  • Is it safe to carry your handgun at full cap+1?
  • Are bump-fire stocks safe to use?
  • How does one handle a select-fire weapon safely?
  • Is it safe to slam-fire shotguns?

Add more to this list and pass it around. We need to saturate them.