15 days of the pacific

15 days of The Pacific | Day 10 | Favourite scene

Guy: So how bad was it? ‘Cause I heard it was bad.
Runner: From who?
Guy: What do you mean?
Runner: I mean before you got here. Had you even heard of this place?
Guy: Guadalcanal? Everybody’s heard of Guadalcanal on the 1st Marine Division. You guys are on the front page of every newspaper in America. You’re heroes back home.

(GIF of the actual scene can be found here)

15 days of The Pacific | Day 05 | A scene that makes you squee

Snafu: Saw you readin’ last night.
Sledge: My Bible?
Snafu: Writin’, too. Ain’t supposed to write shit down, you know. Gives the Japs valuable intel if they find it.
Sledge: Guess I won’t show it to ‘em then.