15 days of rise

Nat’l Poetry Month -- day 15

D. H. Lawrence

 Slowly the moon is rising out of the ruddy haze,
Divesting herself of her golden shift, and so
Emerging white and exquisite; and I in amaze
See in the sky before me, a woman I did not know
I loved, but there she goes, and her beauty hurts my heart;
I follow her down the night, begging her not to depart.


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Day 15 of 366: my next tattoo, should I decide I want another, will be a quote about the sun. It’s from the song Truce by 21p. I love this quote too. I also like the idea of a pretty sun tattoo.

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1. Do not be angry at your current situations at hand. As bad as it seems, it could have prevented your life from going in a far worse direction.

2. Do not question and analyze everything, to try and figure out the “whys,” “hows,” and “what ifs?” Focus on the NOW. Focus on today. You may never know why something happened. Dwelling on it won’t change the present.

3. When all else fails, look to the relationships in your life. Cherish them, laugh with the people you love, nurture those connections.

4. If you have your health, you have everything.

5. Things heal. Everything heals. The body, mind, soul, heart. They mend.

6. An Epsom salts bath accompanied by a book, a cup of tea, and candles can change your week around.

7. So can an incredible bowl of pasta. Or a piece of cake. Or whatever comfort food you choose to enjoy.

8. Remember that if it didn’t kill you, you will only get stronger. If you are breathing, there is a plan for your life. Don’t give up.

9. I know how hard it is some mornings to get up when you are angry, upset, frustrated, sad. Get up. Eat breakfast. Move. Stretch. Pray. There is a reason you are here.

10. A hot shower followed by pajamas and getting into bed will also cure many things.

11. Whether you think you are a good singer or not, I promise you, singing will cheer you up. Dance will help as well.

12. Feeling sorry for yourself will not change anything. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to dig deep down and discover the strength and patience you never would have found.

13. Be positive. Be a light. Be radiant. If you can choose to still smile, lift up those around you, and lift yourself up, congratulations, your character is admirable.

14. If you need something to make you feel good, organize. Organize all of your things, get rid of the things that do not benefit you anymore, buy some new clothes, get a haircut.

15. Above all else, remember that even on the gloomiest, coldest, and darkest day, the sun still exists. It is still there. Even if we cannot see it, the sun comes out every morning. If the sun can still rise each day, so can you.

—  15 things I have learned in 2015 thus far.

“Dress suitably in short skirts and strong boots, leave your jewels in the bank, and buy a revolver”

Constance Georgine, countess Markiewicz, died on this day (15 july) in 1927. She was an Officer in the Easter Rising, the first woman elected to the House of Commons, and the first woman to serve in a cabinet position in the Dáil.

Honoring the memory of those who have laid down their lives.

What’s Up for November?

November weather can be challenging for backyard astronomers, but the moon is a reliable target, even when there are clouds.

Did you know that the moon takes about 29 days to go around the Earth once? It also takes the moon about 29 days to spin on its axis. This causes the same side of the moon to always face Earth.

On Nov. 3, the moon reaches last quarter when it rises at midnight and sets at noon. This is a great time to see the moon in the morning sky.

On Nov. 11, the new moon isn’t visible, because it’s between Earth and the sun, and the unlit side faces Earth. In the days after the new moon, the slender crescent gets bigger and brighter. Look just after sunset on Nov. 13 and 14 near the setting sun in the western sky.

The next phase on Nov. 19 is called the first quarter, because the moon has traveled one quarter of its 29-day orbit around Earth. The moon rises at noon and sets at midnight, so you can see it in the afternoon sky. It will rise higher in the sky after dark. That’s when you can look for the areas where four of the six Apollo missions landed on the moon! You won’t see the landers, flag or footprints, but it’s fun and easy to see these historic places with your own eyes or with binoculars.

To see the area: Look for three dark, smooth maria, or seas. The middle one is the Sea of Tranquility. Apollo 11 landed very near a bright crater on the edge of this mare in 1969. The Apollo 15, 16 and 17 landing areas form the points of a triangle above and below the Apollo 11 site.

On Nov. 25, you can see the full moon phase, which occurs on the 14th day of the lunar cycle. The moon will rise at sunset and will be visible all night long, setting at sunrise.

On Thanksgiving (Nov. 26), the 15-day-old moon will rise an hour after sunset. You may even see some interesting features! And this is a great time to see the impact rays of some of the larger craters.

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Loves Fall

This little Ficcy was written especially for my dearest Valentine @mydiaryofemus I hope you enjoy it my dearest snuggle muffin.  Tee hee (sorry but after you said you wouldn’t like a pet name I had to give you one).😘😘  Happy valentines Day.💕

This Ficcy has 3 different endings so you can choose the way you want the story to go.  Thanks to @how-ardently for letting me borrow/steal/copy your idea (Choose Your Own Adventure).  I’m really sorry if it blows.

Thanks to both @broughttoyoubythelettera @nenita1978 for the Ficcy advice.  

Warning:  there is some smut in one of the endings.

Loves Fall

Every day was the same. Every day like clockwork Rae would rise at 9:15 am just in time to make the last sitting for breakfast before they stopped serving at 9:30 am. She would meet Tixie and Danny at their table and they would giggle and gossip for half an hour before they went their separate ways for different appointments.

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