15 days of gilmore girls

15 Days of Gilmore Girls

Day 13 - Favourite Episode of Season Seven

That’s What You Get Folks for Makin’ Whoope

  • Loved Rory and Lane in this episode. Very old school.
  • Lorelai’s Fake!Asia
  • Luke punching Christopher (YES!)
  • Kirk’s Diner (and offering Luke the application form…I think I died)
  • Liz’s dodgy cooking. I love her and her jelly cups.

15 Day Gilmore Girls Challenge 1. Favorite season of Gilmore Girls

2. Favorite Gilmore Girls main character

My FAVOURITE Gilmore Girls main character is Lorelai - what can I say ever since I watched the first Gilmore Girls episode I have loved her character and Lauren Graham is awesome as her. If she wasn’t Lorelai I don’t think the show would have been the success it was and is to this day.

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15 Days of Gilmore Girls

Day 15 - Favourite Lorelai and Rory Moment

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero?”

Oh, lord. I adore this moment. You think that Lorelai is gonna play the ‘Mom’ card, but no. Genius. Rory’s 'Oh my God!“ is fabulous, and Lorelai chasing her down the street singing.

Perfection (though, they did have a lot of perfect moments.)