15 days of castlevania


15 Days of Castlevania//Day 15: Favorite Incarnation of Dracula

~ Malus

(Castlevania 64 [N64])

I don’t care what the AVGN says.
Castlevania 64 is a good game. The controls and camera are kinda sucky, yeah, that much is true, but the story and atmosphere was done so nicely that I actually enjoyed this game.

It actually creates a scary setting which not many Castlevanias can do. (Ironically.)

But let’s get to Malus here who is just one of the factors that make this game creepy.
You first meet this cute little boy in some sort of garden. Malus tells you that he escaped from Dracula’s Castle after he and many other children had been kidnapped. He gets scared by something and runs away.
You run after him into the garden maze, of course.

With two demon dogs made out of stone and Frankenstein’s monster with a chainsaw chasing you.
Yeah, this was odd. It’s even more odd that it actually scared me.

After you get to Malus, you help him escape, however, you meet him again in the Castle Center.
… Where he suddenly talks stuff that just freaks you out. As if he was posessed by the devil or something. Then he runs off.

Now it depends how many days and nights have passed, because that gives you either the good or bad ending.
In the bad ending, you defeat Dracula, whatever and you go out with Malus.
So you are living happily ever after! <3

Yeah, the ending is kinda creepy, too, since it gets pretty obvious that Malus is actually fucking evil and your hero doesn’t notice it.
Well fuck.

But when you haven’t fucked around for too long, you escape the room where you defeated Dracula. However, you meet Malus again.
Riding some sort of skeleton thing.
And he reveals his true identity to you.

Now that’s something.

I… Seriously don’t really know why he is my favorite. The game was well done with the story and I did like Malus in the beginning and all, but you do get that uncomfortable feeling.
And that was just really nicely done.

15 Days of Castlevania: Day 3

Least Favorite Belmont

Richter Belmont, the strongest Belmont since Trevor [Up to Richters time, if we were to say strongest then Julius is all the way].. Strong, Handsome, Utilizer of his skills, quick on his feet, honor bound and a complete failure to the Belmont clan.

He seems to be everyone’s favorite and I can understand that, but honestly? He was a failure as a Belmont and not that I don’t like Richter in some aspects, because I do. Whipping shit with him is fun. Pretty much like that with any Belmont, though.

He killed Defeated Dracula, but he did not quite finish the job entirely, got the girl then got the fuck out of dodge, then got possessed, became evil and tainted his families bloodline and caused them to lose the whip for 200 years. I’d say he dropped the ball pretty hard on that one. Thus putting the blackest mark on the Belmont family history.

Though if it were not for this failure, then The Morris Clan would not have been called into service to be the direct ones to use the Vampire Killer, but still, it could have not happened at all! Imagine the games that would come IN BETWEEN if it had not? We wouldnt be at a weird point in the series! We’d probably know more of Belmonts who came before Orange Julius.

15 Days of Castlevania: Day 6

Favorite Supporting Character

The Master Librarian.

Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou! Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou!

Something you have without a doubt heard a million times. May you hear it a million more.

15 Days of Castlevania: Day 2

Favorite Belmont:

Okay wow this is REALLY hard to choose, but I’ll say Trevor Belmont (Ralph C. Belmont)

Beside the fact he’s absolutly awesome, he’s one of the only Belmonts that were actually seen as a side character and sometimes an enemy you fight (Like Richter and Julius, even though with J later you can play him as a main character), and in Curse of Darkness they did a great job showing this feature and on the way showing more of his personality, and it also one of the things that make me think he’s so awesome.


15 Days of Castlevania//Day 8: Favorite Friendship

~ Juste Belmont & Maxim Kischine

(Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance [GBA])

I gotta admit, I have a soft spot for these two idiots.
Oh, how I enjoy their friendship. This game doesn’t have as many characters and handles the relationships better than Aria of Sorrow. I mean, I could include Lydie in this, too, because I like her for some reason as well.
Since they try to make us care for her the entire time.
Not like….

AHEM. Let’s get to the duo! Since they’re the main characters anyway.

So, we have Juste who is pretty much destined to be the strongest Vampire Killer ever, because he’s obviously a Belmont. However, Maxim feels slight jealousy and worry.
First, he wants to be recognized like that, too.
But his worry is even bigger than that. He feels the need to free Juste from his curse to vanquish Dracula like his ancestors in order to protect him.
Maxim would rather sacrifice his own life to see Dracula taken down instead of Juste going through all of that stuff.

So what does he do?
… I’d be giving spoilers away, so I’m not gonna tell.

BUT ANYWAY. They protect and fight each other like the closest of brothers and care for one another deeply.
While Juste is all good-willed and collected, Maxim is hot-headed and takes on any situation straight forward. Opposites attract! And they can safe each other from doing stupid things.

So yeah, I like their friendship and shit.
I also ship them with a friend of mine, mwahahaha. But that’s another story…

15 Days of Castlevania: Day 8

Favorite Friendship

Dracula and Death are bro’s forEVER [at least until 1999]

It was almost a tie, considering John and Eric being bro’s, but for serious. Death and Dracula.  Who’s gonna be there when you get resurrected in 100+ years, then harass the Belmont/Hero/Your Son with a goofy ass smile.  Yeah, that’s right. Death.

Bro’s 4 lyfe

15 Days of Castlevania: Day 4

Favorite hero (Non Belmont):

It’s really hard to choose, there’re a few awesome non-Belmont heros… But I’ll go with…


She was a great edition, not only gameplay-wise, but also as a part of the timeline and the story, I love the fact the Belmont vanished all of a sudden and then Shanoa and Ecclesia came to the rescue (Except for Barlowe because’s he’s a manipulative old bastard).

I also like her development through the game, slowly gaining all her emotions and memories one after the other.

And lets not forget to mention how pretty she is, with the long ass black hair and bright blue eyes (Also her fashion taste is fabulous)

Also of course AlbusxShanoa are one of my ultimate Castlevania ships and they’re so cute together ksjdfhkjasdf


15 Days of Castlevania//Day 3: Least favorite Belmont

Julius Belmont

(Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow [GBA]; Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow [DS]; Castlevania: Harmony of Despair [xBox 360/PS3])

Notice how it says “leastfavorite”. I don’t really dislike Julius, he’s just…


He kind of appears in Aria of Sorrow and is all like “OMG I CAN’T REMEMBER SHIT.” And when you meet him again, he goes “FUCK I REMEMBER EVERYTHING AND NOW I GOTTE DESTROY EVIL. KKTHXBYE.”
Julius is supposed to be the first Belmont after 200 years! People have believed that this clan died out! He deserves to be a total badass, but instead, he was put as a lame side character in a lame game.

But that’s another story.

Let’s just hope that Julius will one day get a game that is about 1999 where he defeated Dracula and banished his castle.

15 Days of Castlevania: Day 6

Favourite supporting character:

Saint Germaine, the mysterious dandy time traveler from Curse of Darkness.

I really like his role in the game and of course his attire and personality. I mean come on what could possibly be wrong with a time traveler with a dandy attire, a rapier and a cheerful  mustached face?

Also you gotta love how cheerful he sounds and looks when he says “For example, I can fight you!”

Watch on thealmightypharaoh.tumblr.com

15 Days of Castlevania//Day 11: Favorite Battle Theme

~ Castlevania Judgement - Vampire Killer [Wii]

And please don’t kill me.
The designs of Judgement are horrible. The game itself is eh. The voice acting and scenes are lame.
But the music.
My God, the music.

It almost makes me want to rent the guy for me to try. It’s just that nice.

15 Days of Castlevania: Day 7

 Least Favorite Supporting Character/s

Town’s people from any town in Simon’s Quest.  I can’t just choose one. The only ones who are helpful in any way and not misleading is generally the priest [I think? It’s been a few years since i’ve touched CV2], but even then HGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
“I told you after Castlevania not to return” YOUR NOT MY REAL DAD!
“You’ve upset the people, now leave!” NO FUCK YOU LADY.
“Do not look into the death star or you will die” WHAT?
“Let’s live here together” !??!?! THE TOWN IS EMPTY?
“Hit Deborah Cliff with your head to make a hole” I am going to murder all of you.

Though there is a hacked rom of Simon’s quest that fixes the dialogue. I wish I’d have chosen that route, rather than beat it on the actual console. Took far longer than it should have. With it all rewritten, Simon’s Quest is a far better game. Ya'know. Cause it makes more fucking sense.

15 Days of Castlevania: Day 5

Favorite Villian:

Well. Castlevania is filled with awesome villians, from Dracula to Walter. It’s really hard to choose… OTL


He’s a GENIUS villian, okay? His lost sanity makes him a great villian, and of course the fact he’s Hector’s antithesis.

Also I really love the Isaac battles. Beside the fact he casually walks like a model on the catwalk in the middle of the battle, I love the fact that he also laughs maniacly in the middle of the battle - just like “Okay Hector gimme a sec I need to laugh for a while.”.

Also you gotta love his tatoos, they’re awesome.


15 Days of Castlevania//Day 5: Favorite Villian

Mathias Cronqvist ~ Vlad Tepes ~ Dracula

(Several games; Pictures from: Castlevania [NES]; Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [PS1]; Castlevania Chronicles [PS1])

Oh, I know, that’s lame, but it’s not a true Castlevania without some Dracula thrown in! I mean, he is the devil, a dragon from hell! How much cooler can a villian get?

Or, if we look at Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, he had a pact with the devil after his wife died even if he prayed to God to cure her.
Some centuries later, he met Lisa with whom he’d have his son Alucard. And, as we know, she was executed as well.

Now Mathias was pretty pissed and decided to call himself Vlad Tepes alias Dracula.

So, as he has sold his soul, he can never change his fate again and tries to bring darkness to the entire world.
However, the Belmont clan and their descendents are stopping him every once in a while. And this repeats until 1999, where Julius Belmont was able to finally destroy him and ban his castle into the solar eclipse.

… Of course, he was reborn anyway. As Soma Cruz. But this guy is so…

Let’s not talk about it.

15 Days of Castlevania: Day 4

Favorite Hero (Non Belmont)

Hands down, Maria Renard. This little lady is a powerhouse. As a young girl, she held the title of vampire hunter, and was laughed at by one Richter Belmont, and we saw where that got him. She is strong willed and independent, able to handle herself quite well, be a child or a young woman.

If any of you have seen Sega Saturn game play of her in SOTN, then you know how strong she can be . She blows through hallways of enemies with ease, twice as fast as Richter or Alucard, hell she probably could do it twice as fast as both of them put together.

Judgment has no hold in this at all, as that was just.. no