15 day blog challenge

Day 2 of 15.. My bucket list.

Crap. I already almost fell behind! And I only have a few moments to finish this before I force myself to go to sleep for 45 minutes before I am up again.

Anyway, this was actually kind of tough for me! I pretty much do whatever I want whenever I want to.. so yeah. i think that I came up with some good ones.

  1. Sleep through the night.
  2. Get back into rock climbing, even if it is indoors.
  3. Own a town home in Portland, Or. Preferably one near Voodoo Doughnuts.
  4. Take Chad and the twins to Tahiti and show them all the wonderful things and places that I got to experience growing up.
  5. Sleep through the night.
  6. Take all my friends to Solvang Ca on a bus so we can get shit faced, but it will be classy since it is wine tasting.
  7. End the stupid fucking violence in Mexico so I can take Chad and the twins there and we can visit where they filmed Predator so that I can take a picture of the family sliding down the water fall that I used to slide down. Also I will drink lots and lots of REAL margaritas.
  8. Dance with my daughter at a pow wow and not care that other people care about blood quantum.
  9. Magically get back to my pre baby body by sleeping through the night.
  10. Have another baby. 
2012 Music Review - 15 Days
  1. Top 10 albums of the year
  2. Top 5 singles of the year
  3. Favourite music video
  4. Favourite album artwork
  5. Which of your top 10 albums were you most surprised by?
  6. Which of your top 10 albums do you think you’ll like most in the long run?
  7. Are there any albums not in your top 10 that you feel still deserve a mention?
  8. What album was the biggest disappointment?
  9. Are there any any albums you haven’t listened to yet that you meant to?
  10. What was your most anticipated album?
  11. Favourite guilty pleasure of the year? (single, album or whatever)
  12. Artist of the year?
  13. Did you discover any new artists this year?
  14. Are there any albums from 2011 you hadn’t listened to last year that you would’ve put in your top 10 last year?
  15. What are your most anticipated albums for next year?

I actually made this up in June. :P Not sure if I’ll do it yet but feel free to use it anyone. 

Day 5.

11 Signs I’m Not Into Someone

1) I ignore your phone calls

2) I ignore your texts

3) You are within 98% of the male population

4) I sigh a lot when we talk

5) I seem bored when we talk

6) I try to hook you up with someone else

7) I don’t really care what you think

8) I don’t go out of my way for you

9) I seem really distant

10) I get uncomfortable if you seem to be into me

11) Basically, the opposite of yesterday’s list. lol