15 august 1965

The Beatles onstage at Shea Stadium, with Brian Epstein looking on, 15 August 1965

Photo: Marc Weinstein/Beatlesphotos.net

“Brian put in a lot of time getting us off the ground. He believed in us from the start.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]

“I tell you, Larry… there is no other band, there will never be any band like them, ever, for eternity. They are… the best… I say to you, Larry, here in 1965, that the children of 2000 will be listening to the Beatles. And I sincerely mean that.” - Brian Epstein to Larry Kane, When They Were Boys [x]

John Lennon: “We don’t know what to say. We loved him and he was one of us. So you can’t -”
George Harrison: “You can’t pay tribute in words.” - 27 August 1967

In memory of Brian Epstein, 19 September 1934 - 27 August 1967… with gratitude.


15 August: On this day in 1965, The Beatles became the first-ever rock band to perform a stadium show, with their record-setting sell-out show at New York City’s Shea Stadium.

Photos: Robert Whitaker, New York Daily News

“Shea Stadium was so close to LaGuardia Airport and the planes would fly right over it. It was either final approach or taking off, but they would fly right over the stadium. And the noise level was so huge that you could not hear the jets. I mean you could see the jets flying over, but the noise of all these girls screaming and yelling drowned out the noise of the jets.” - Marc Catone, The Beatles At Shea Stadium

“The stadium vibrated - the whole place. You didn’t hear the music, so I don’t remember them playing. All you heard was screaming.” - Joyce Kaufman, The Beatles At Shea Stadium

“It was hysteria. It was just unbelievable to see it all. People fainted all the way up to my tier.” - Judith Goodspeed, The Beatles At Shea Stadium

“There were so many people screaming and yelling and fainting. I saw stretchers coming out all over the place. When we left there were people fainting all over the place. We had people fainting every minute.” - Peter Bennett, The Beatles At Shea Stadium

“The screams were solid. Like a wall. It was frightening. Cops were all over the field. Kids made a run for the Beatles and were stopped repeatedly by the police.” - Scott Ross, The Beatles At Shea Stadium

“It was terrifying at first when we saw the crowd. But I don’t think I have ever felt so exhilarated in my life. It was unbelievable that so many people wanted to see us. Even though we are used to big crowds, this surprised us.” - George Harrison, NME, 20 August 1965

“It would have been better still if we could have heard what we were playing. I wasn’t sure what key I was in in two numbers. It was ridiculous!” - John Lennon, NME, 20 August 1965

“Fantastic! Wonder if we’ll ever be able to do it again?” - Paul McCartney, NME, 20 August 1965

“Screaming had just become the thing to do. We didn’t say, ‘OK, don’t forget, at this concert - everybody scream!’ Everybody just screamed.” - Ringo Starr, The Beatles Anthology

View The Beatles’ full performance via DailyMotion (user: Helen) here.

August 15, 1965: The Beatles perform to nearly 60,000 fans at Shea Stadium in Flushing Meadows, New York.   Film footage taken at the concert shows many teenagers and women crying, screaming, and even fainting. The crowd noise was such that security guards can be seen covering their ears as the Beatles enter the field. The deafening level of crowd noise coupled with the distance between the band and the audience meant that nobody in the stadium could hear much of anything.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beatles%27_1965_US_tour

Photo:  Dan Farrell/NY Daily News

Shea Stadium, 15 August 1965

Scan - Heading toward the stage, scanned from The Beatles Anthology

On 15 August 1965, The Beatles became the first rock band to ever play a stadium - Shea Stadium in New York - to the at the time biggest crowd in history (55,600 screaming fans).

“The screams of the fans could be heard a half mile away.” - From a newspaper article about the 15 August 1965 concert

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There was a wall of deafening sound, girls and women were screaming, sobbing, fainting, and then screaming again. Policemen put their hands over their ears, girls threw themselves against the security wire netting and people charged the police barricades. Collapsed from excitement, heat and exhausted, teenagers were being passed down to the front where the paramedics were waiting. It was just pandemonium.

We could see that the Beatles had begun playing but we couldn’t hear anything but hysterical screaming.

—  Nigel Robinson on The Beatles’ Shea Stadium concert, the first stadium concert of its kind, on 15 August 1965, Leamington Observer, 15 August 2015