15 april 2011


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Do you have any creative input on the songs you get to perform on “Glee”?

“… I did at one point say, ‘Hey, Neon Trees’ Animal is a really great song.’ And about a week later it showed up in the script. So whether or not he did it because of me, or if that was an idea he’d already had, I don’t know, but it was a suggestion that I made and it became a reality.”

– Darren Criss, Billboard interview, April 15, 2011

VITTORIO ARRIGONI ucciso a GAZA la notte tra il 14 - 15 APRILE 2011.
“Ho scoperto di essere un pessimo cameraman, non riesco a riprendere i corpi maciullati e i volti in lacrime. Non riesco, perché piango anche io”


*On April 13, Random Peanuts went on an unexpected hiatus. In order to continue with the mission of this blog–collecting all of the Peanuts strips that were published post-Charles Schulz’s death in their many iterations–we will periodically upload makeup posts.*

The strips in this post were originally printed on GoComics. They are as follows:

Random Pick from April 15, 1990…

“Peanuts Begins” from April 15, 2015…

“Classic Peanuts” from April 15, 2000…

[No “Peanuts en Español” from February 13, 2011.]

[No “Peanuts en Español” from April 15, 2011.]

“Peanuts Begins” from April 15, 2017…

“Classic Peanuts” from April 15, 2017…

“Peanuts en Español” from April 15, 2017…

[No Charles Schulz Museum Twitter or Facebook posts from April 15, 2017.]


James McAvoy ‘The Conspirator’ promo shots - part 1

The Conspirator is a 2010 historical drama film directed by Robert Redford based on an original screenplay by James D. Solomon. It is the debut film of the American Film Company. The film tells the story of Mary Surratt, the only female conspirator charged in the Abraham Lincoln assassination and the first woman to be executed by the United States federal government. It stars James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, Jonathan Groff, Tom Wilkinson, Alexis Bledel, Kevin Kline, John Cullum, Toby Kebbell, and James Badge Dale.

The Conspirator premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2010 followed by a special premiere screening on March 29, 2011 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. Another premiere screening was held on April 10, 2011 at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., the site of the assassination. The United States theatrical release took place on April 15, 2011, the 146th anniversary of the death of President Lincoln. The film was released in Canada on April 29, 2011 and was released in the UK on July 1, 2011. Lionsgate Home Entertainment released the DVD and Blu-ray on August 16, 2011.

James McAvoy as Captain Frederick Aiken, an idealistic young war hero who reluctantly defends Surratt and in the process comes to believe in her innocence.


Blue Sky’s Rio was first released on April 15, 2011.

This film has been cited as a reason why Pixar cancelled a film they were making with a similar story: “Newt”. Carlos Saldanha (himself a resident of Rio) first came up with the concept in 1995. Originally, it was about a penguin washing up on the beaches of the Brazilian city but when he learned of the production of two penguin-related animation features - Happy Feet (2006) and Surf’s Up (2007) - he was forced to radically rewrite his screenplay. (x)

[NEWS] 140805 Antlion Pitfall Block B ① An Authentic Manifest of Block B’s Charms

There is a word called “antlion pitfall.” According to the dictionary, this word refers to an antlion who digs a pit underneath the sand in a sunny dry area and hides there, waiting to devour ants or other insects who fall in.

It’s a chilly word for ants passing by, but for humans, it is a word that is used to describe a fatal attraction charm that can’t be forgotten after being seen once. In particular, you can see the appearance of an antlion pitfall in the idol groups who capture the hearts of their fans with a variety of different charms. Among those groups, Block B’s antlion pitfall charms stand out.

Block B is group that breaks stereotypes of idols. For some reason idol groups are expected to be reminiscent of a sparkling and fresh smile or a powerful charismatic appearance, but Block B is a little different with their sense of being neighborhood hooligans. Block B who is armed with recklessness and familiarity, we will try to explore their antlion pitfall-like charms.

# Chapter 1 Block B, What Star Did You Come From?

Block B is a group that has passed 4 years since their debut on April 15, 2011. Their name Block B stands for a meaning of a box-office blockbuster. Block B’s fanclub BBC has a meaning of Block B Club. As well as leader Zico, Block B is comprised of 7 members including Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, and P.O. Block B has had many hit songs after their debut single “Do U Wanna B?” including Nillili Mambo, Nalina, Very Good, and Jackpot. They are currently in the midst of promotions for their recently-released track H.E.R.

Before their debut, Block B members had extraordinary histories. First of all, Zico was a rapper active in the underground. Because of Zico’s elegant and accurate rap skills, he is often referred to as a priority among representative idol rappers. Aside from formally released songs, Zico has also released more than 200 mixtape tracks. Aside from this, Zico is also a versatile member of Block B, showing the appearance of a singer-songwriter as he directly produces Block B’s albums. Additionally, Zico was active in a group called Harmonics with Park Kyung, who has been his friend since their sixth year of elementary school. The visual of the team, Jaehyo, appeared as an ulzzang on Mnet’s “Flower Boys,” and Taeil’s face began to be recognized through MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star.”

With their songs Nillili Mambo, Nalina, etc. Block B showed a freewheeling appearance and reckless stage that couldn’t be seen in existing idols. Additionally, Block B rode a rising popularity through their exciting songs, which actively showed their hooligan-like charms, and their appearance of knowing how to enjoy themselves. However, Block B have also had some trials. In 2012, there was a controversy regarding their remarks about floods in Thailand. At that time, as a sign of reflection, Zico even shaved his head. Following this, the Block B members suffered great trials during a dispute with their agency.

But Block B leapt back into action as a trend group last year with Very Good. Following this, Block B left behind their previous strong and tough image in favor of a cute, lovable side with H.E.R. If Block B’s music until now has been close to black with its stylishness and chicness, H.E.R is closer to a cute and lively hot pink. In H.E.R, rappers Park Kyung and P.O. challenge vocals rather than rap, and they ventured to hugely increase the number of vocal parts. In addition to this, Block B members have firmly overcome their challenges and aren’t afraid of change, and rather than those things is showing an enjoyable appearance as they open a new Chapter 2.

# Chapter 2 Beagle Masters Block B

“Beagle-mi” is a word that comes from the dog breed ‘beagle’ and the character ‘mi’ (美) meaning beautiful. It is a word that refers to those who, like devilish beagles, cause various accidents, but somehow manage to give off a cute charm even so. Even if you include “beagle-mi” as one of Block B’s antlion pitfall charms, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

From the early beginning of their debut Block B’s beagle-mi charms have been apparent. Even on Block B’s photo wall showing cool poses and perfect body lines, one can see many distinctive aspects. While making unique expressions and unknown poses, they cause viewers to burst into laughter. It has also been to the extent of making even their fans confused when they see Block B doing gentle poses in photos at events. Additionally, Block B members use SNS services to spread unstoppable bizarre photos, taking advantage of their good looks.

Also, reflecting their jokester personalities, the title of Block B’s reality program was ‘5 Minutes Before Chaos.’ It is an unfamiliar title among idol reality programs, but through this program Block B could publicly reveal their honest and unpretentious charms. In addition to this, although Block B members showed their fashionable but uncomplicated plainclothes fashion and their friendly personalities, one of their many charms is feeling like a close male friend.

Although they are a little strange and may cause thoughts like ‘Who are these kids?.’ the reason for the affection towards Block B’s beagle-mi is their honesty and unstoppable appearances. Many fans said that their biggest reason for feeling so much affection towards Block B is ‘healing.’ The reason is that when they have angering or pressuring problems, listening to Block B’s refreshing music or watching their stages eliminates all those difficult problems.

In Very Good there is a part that says, “I’ll make your soul go out.” It is a passage that reveals their confidence and their certainty in their own charms. Like this, honest and commanding Block B’s antlion pitfall is appealing to the hearts of many fans.


Translated by: Kari @ blockbintl

Please take out translations with full source.