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KakaSaku Month! August 2017! It’s about love and imagination, folks.

Week Three (August 15-21) Prompts, brought to you by this art by @meliss-cake:

  • Stuck in an enclosed space
  • “This is all your fault.” “I hope so.”
  • Epistolary format (letters)
  • Soulmate AU
  • Holding hands

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(Incidentally, Soulmate AU was the #1 most requested prompt. People sure do love those soulmate AUs.)


Joyfire Week :: August 15 - 21, 2017!

Day 1:  Origin/Body Swap // Identity Shenanigans

Day 2:  Magic/Supernatural AU // A very bad idea

Day 3:  Villain AU/Controlled by Villain // Sleep Deprivation

Day 4:  Undercover // Royalty

Day 5:  Meet the Family // Bodyguards

Day 6:  No Capes!AU // Matching Tattoos

Day 7:  Assassins // Secret Crush

Thank you to everyone who voted! This is our official list for the week; there are two for each day, you’re free to use one or both, as you like. These prompts are guidelines, of course, so go ahead and let your imagination take you wherever you like with them!

Go ahead and check out the Rules right here! The official tag for the week is #joyfireweek or #joyfireweek2017. If you’ve got any questions, let us know!

anonymous asked:

I was curious to how you think mating would be like back in the Victorian Era? Since it was so anti-sex


I think:

  • It would be more like an arranged marriage.
  • Arranged by the parents a few years in advance.
  • Parents who are arranging the marriage will pick the best suitor/highest bidder/the most well off.
  • The dominate would initiate courting their intended.
  • Sometimes in the contract, both parties need to be untouched.
  • Being bonded at an early age (15-21) would be normal.
  • The couple would be learning the ways of the bedroom together!

I know you only asked for mating, but here is some other stuff:

  • Masturbating was seen as a negative thing. Dynamics who masturbated would be seen as “withdrawn, flabby, pale, and self-mutilating”.
  • If an Omega or Beta are involved in prostitution, they are seen as “fallen” and “represented as depraved and dangerous.”
  • Alphas can be hired for an Omega in head, “Hired knot”.
  • Family who hired an Alpha for their Omega usually keep it under-wraps.
  • Prostitution was a “leisured and profitable trade” in reality, since it improved the dynamic’s circumstances. They may even buy property like a house or a shop.

A/N: I use “dominate” since, I think Alphas and Betas could court an Omega, and Alphas can court a Beta. 

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Suddenly you’re 21 and even though three years ago you swore to yourself you’d have everything figured out at this age it’s not the case. At all. You still cry your heart out over boys who do not deserve a single one of your tears, you still struggle to let go of things and people you told yourself you were done with. You don’t speak up for yourself or people who deserve it. You live in the background even though you’ve been fighting for it to change. Life passes you by and you’re never in control - you’re always stuck in the passenger seat. You told yourself “I’ll be happy in a year’s time” but you’re not. Happiness is always something that waits around the corner for you, but you’re never fast enough to catch it and close your fingers around it so it doesn’t escape. You don’t know what your life will be like in another three years, you have absolutely no idea, and it scares you senseless, not knowing where you’re going, where you want to be. It’s like you’re walking with a blindfold covering your eyes.
You know what? It’s not too late to get your life together. It’s not too late to write that letter, to send that application, to say goodbye to the people who do you no good and to be who you want to be, whether you’re 15 or 21 or 45.
—  tearing off the blindfold / n.j.

15/05/17 - 21/05/17

this week was interesting, my friends and i came across a crime scene all taped up with police and forensics everywhere. apparently some guy had his throat slit. great

Αν με γνωριζες στα 21, ολα θα ηταν αλλιώς, αλλά με γνώρισες στα 15. Μέχρι τα 21 μπορεί και να μην με θυμάσαι και καθολου. Ή απλα θα θυμασαι πως κάποτε αγάπησες κάποιον στα 15. Αν με γνώριζες στα 21, θα μπορούσες να με παντρευτείς μετα απο 1,2,3 ή 4 χρόνια. Μπορεί όντως να ήθελες μια ζωη μαζι μου, αλλα τι να λεμε τωρα. Μέχρι τα 21 σου θα έχεις γνωρίσει τόσους άνθρωπους, τόσους καινούριους έρωτες. Θα θες να ζήσεις καινούρια πράγματα, αλλα δεν ξέρω αν θα ήμουν ικανό άτομο για να τα ζησω μαζί σου. Πάντα ήθελες κάποιον να σε ακολουθήσει με τις σπουδές σου και με το επάγγελμα των ονείρων σου, αλλα ποιος ξέρει πως θα έρθουν τα πράγματα μάτια μου; Αν με γνώριζες στα 21, θα ήμουν ένα τελείως διαφορετικό άτομο. Ώριμο και με μια ζωη σε τάξη. Αλλά στα 15; Αν με γνώριζες στα 21 ψυχή μου ολα θα ήταν διαφορετικά…


Students fight back after school issues 21-page promo dress code

  • At Boylan Catholic High School in Illinois, students were presented with a 21-slide presentation that outlined what was and wasn’t acceptable for boys and girls to wear at prom.
  • To compare, 15 slides of this 21-slide presentation are focused on what the young women can and cannot wear.
  • Two slides are dedicated to the young men, who are offered just one sentence and four pictures to show what would be appropriate.
  • The school is being accused of body shaming with this line: "Some girls may wear the same dress, but due to body types, one dress may be acceptable while the other is not.“
  • There is already talk on Twitter of having a prom outside of Boylan this year. Read more (3/9/17 12:00 PM)

notes masterpost


I understand it’s pretty hard to collate all my notes together, so I’ve made this masterpost!! :) + some abbreviation legend thing just in case you guys don’t understand the abbreviations i wrote hehe i hope you guys enjoyed these and that these notes helped!! thank you for sticking by me and my irregular posting schedules. Will continue to update this list when i post more notes in the future !!! xx

Biology Notes - based on Biology Matters for GCE ‘O’ Level (2nd Edition), by Marshall Cavendish

Chemistry Notes - based on Chemistry Matters for GCE ‘O’ Level (2nd Edition), by Marshall Cavendish


Min: 20:40– 21:15 (Willy y el Fargetta)

F: Chalecos ¿tenéis todos chalecos?

V: no ni uno

F: aquí hay dos, en mi casa

V: Voy para allá, vale nos unimos todos donde esta Fargan. Fargan es el punto de unión.


W: entramos en esta casa…vale de aquí… chi- Vegetta entra conmigo (pero Willy si vegetita se iba con Fargan)

V: sí entro contigo

F: tomar esto, tomar esto alguien…

W: aquí hay un casco nivel 2, Vegetta (willy también quiere ofrecer algo)

F: …una AKM con balas tomar…

V: joe chaval, pues ahora voy para allá… eh (pero Vege decide ir con Fargan.)

V: ¿para qué me he metido aquí Willy? Por curiosidad.

W: eh… para lutear

V: ah vale, vale

W: pero juntos.

V: estoy contigo. (al final se quedó con Willy :v)


In honor of  everyone’s new favorite Star Wars character, we have decided to run the first Cassian Andor Appreciation Week! It will take place from May 15 - May 21, 2017. Everyone is welcome to participate and any kind of original content (edits/gifs/etc.) will be accepted. Please do not use reposts or offensive content.

Here are the prompts for each day and the schedule for the week:

May 15 : Favorite Scene(s)
May 16: Favorite quote(s)
May 17: Favorite Relationship(s) (platonic, romantic, etc.)
May 18: Cassian + Leadership
May 19: Cassian + the Rebellion 
May 20: Cassian Andor aesthetics and/or moodboard
May 21: Free Day! (Anything you want about Cassian!) 

We will track the tag #cassianweek. Remember to use the tag within the first five tags, so we can see your creations and reblog them.

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