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My ML Verse’s Timeline

“From Troisième to Terminale” (on AO3)

Aka: How I did my best to get the ML Characters from 15 to 18 while taking into account that Le Pont Des Arts is shown with the locks during Princess Fragrance.

I’m taking 2012 as the year 0 wherein the “Origins” Episodes occur

Pre Canon

* Sunday, 21st September 1997 in Paris, France: Adrien Agreste is born.

* Tuesday, 6th January 2009: Mrs Agreste goes missing. Adrien is 11 (he’ll be 12 on September 2009).


* June 2012: Chloè Bourgeois helps Adrien Agreste sign in at the Collège et Lycée Françoise-Dupont, tricking his father by tricking Nathalie Sancœur. Adrien is 14 (he’ll be 15 on September 2012).

* Monday, 3rd September 2012: Hawk Moth, Ladybug and Chat Noir all get their respective Miraculous and transform for the very first time. Adrien is 14 (he’ll be 15 on the 21st). Origins 1st part.

* Tuesday, 4th September 2012: Adrien has his first day at the Françoise-Dupont, there’s an initial misunderstanding between Marinette, Adrien and Alya (the Chewing Gum Accidenttm). Adrien and Nino become friends. Ivan is re-akumatised. Hawk Moth tries to turn Paris against Ladybug and Chat Noir, but Chat convinces Ladybug to keep heroing. They become the Official Heroes of Paris, declaring themselves against Hawk Moth. Origins 2nd part.

* Friday, 21st September 2012: It’s Adrien’s 15th Birthday. Le Bulleur/The Bubbler happens (Nino Lahiffe is akumatised).

* Tuesday, 25th September 2012: Lady Wifi happens (Alya Césaire is akumatised).

* The night between Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th December 2012: Pire Noël happens (random Father Christmas impersonator is akumatised after Ladybug attacks him, believing him an akuma that had kidnapped Adrien, who actually had just ran from his home thinking his father was ditching him again). In this verse, it’s Adrien’s third Noël without his mother.

* Thursday, 14th February 2013: Dislocœur/Dark Cupid happens (Kim Lê Chiên is akumatised). Chat Noir is turned against Ladybug for the very first time.

* Saturday, 6th April 2013: Chronogirl/Timebreaker happens (Alix Kubdel is akumatised). Adrien Agreste|Chat Noir is erased from existence along with Kim, Mylène, Rose, Alya, Sabrina, Chloè and other civilians. The Ladybug from the first timeline seen in the episode apparently saves the day. *

* Sunday, 14th and Monday 15th April 2013: Rogercop happens (Roger Raincomprix, Sabrina’s dad, is akumatised).

* Sunday, 28th or Monday 29th April 2013: Le Mime/The Mime happens (Fred Haprèl, Mylène’s dad, is akumatised). Adrien and Ladybug stare at each other for a while before the Mime almost puts a mimed arrow through his head. Also, Ladybug tricks the Mime into dropping the Eiffel Tower on himself (lucky no one fell from it/your actions don’t leave consequences, right Mari?).

* Friday, 21st June 2013: Animan happens (Otis, the zookeeper, is akumatised). First time Chat Noir hugs Ladybug because she jumped into the mouth of a freaking T-Rex. Nino Lahiffe and Alya Césaire get closer after being left locked in by Ladybug, aka start dating.

* Friday, 28th June 2013: Le Dessinateur/The Evillustrator happens (Nathanaël Kurtzberg is akumatised). Marinette and Chat Noir officially meet.

* Monday, 1st July 2013: La Marionnettiste/The Puppeteer happens (Manon Chamack is akumatised). Lady Wifi, Le Dessinateur and Rogercop all have puppets made by Marinette. Chat Noir is turned against Ladybug for the second time.

* Sunday, 6th July 2013: Climatika/Stormy Weather happens (Aurore Boréale is akumatised). Adrien had a photoshoot in the park. I’m assuming Marinette’s stalking ways weren’t all that good and she doesn’t really have his proper schedule. {Summer Hols in Paris this year are from Monday, 7th July 2013 to Tuesday 2nd September 2013}

* Monday, 17th March 2014: Princesse Fragrance/Princess Fragrance happens (Rose LaVillant is akumatised). Marinette meets Master Fu. It’s the third time Chat Noir is turned against Ladybug.

* Thursday, 8th May 2014: L’Imposteur/Copycat happens (Théo Barbot, Ladybug fanboy, is akumatised). Fête de la Victoire 1945. Unveiling of the Ladybug and Chat Noir statue. Again, Marinette’s Stalker Schedule isn’t fully accurate for me and thus Adrien has fencing on Thursdays and Fridays. Makes sense for Ladybug and Chat Noir to have a statue because they’ve been constantly saving Paris for over a year and a half by this point.

{Keep in mind, this timeline only has the akumas seen on Season 1, but as implied in canon, they do confront more akumas off-screen. There’s at the very least 3 akumas per week}

* Friday, 16th May 2014: M. Pigeon/Mr Pigeon happens (Xavier Ramier, pigeon-loving man, is akumatised). Marinette wins Gabriel Agreste’s Derby Hat competition, we all learn Adrien Agreste |Chat Noir is allergic to feathers. {I’m guessing what happens on 18/05 is the photoshoot}

* Monday, 19th May 2014: Reflekta happens (Juleka Couffaine is akumatised). Chat Noir is briefly turned into a copy of Reflekta when he was about to Cataclysm a door to free everyone. He doesn’t like the high heels, but apart from that, deals with suddenly being turned into a girl frankly well.

* Tuesday, 20th May 2014: Numeric/Pixelator happens (Vincent Asa, a Jagged Stone fan, is akumatised). Marinette makes custom glasses for Jagged Stone. Chat Noir proves able to Cataclysm dimensions. *

* Wednesday, 21st May 2014: Le Pharaoh/The Pharaoh happens (Jalil Kubdel, Alix’s brother, is akumatised). Alya is almost turned into a human sacrifice, an akuma opens a portal to what seems to be the realm of Death –since he was trying to bring someone from the dead back– and Ladybug and Chat Noir learn that their kwami are old as fuck. *

* Wednesday, 21st and Thursday 22nd May 2014: Le Chevalier Noir/Darkblade happens (Armand D’Argencourt, fencing instructor and P.E. teacher, gets akumatised).

* Friday, 23rd May 2014: Guitar Villain happens (Jagged Stone gets akumatised). Adrien asks for Marinette’s autograph (since she designed the cover of Jagged Stone’s latest album).

* Saturday, 31st May 2014: Antibug happens (first Sabrina Raincomprix is akumatised as the Vanisher and then Chloè Bourgeois is akumatised as the titular Antibug). Chat Noir almost discovers Ladybug’s identity, but ultimately choses to respect her choices and doesn’t peek.

* Sunday, 1st June 2014: Le Gamer/The Gamer happens (Max Kanté is akumatised). Marinette and Adrien have a not-quite-date at her house. Chat Noir and Marinette meet once again.

* Wednesday, 4th June 2014: Horrificator happens (Mylène Haprèl is akumatised). Alya and Nino are close because they’ve been dating for quite a while (11 months~). Adrinette has definitely grown as a relationship, even if they remain platonic (on Adrien’s part, anyway).

* Thursday, 12th June 2014: Kung Food happens (Marinette’s uncle Cheng Shifu gets akumatised). Adrinette is definitely on the “friends” category. Much progress, Marinette. Only took two years.

* Sunday, 15th June 2014: Jackady happens (hypnotiser Jacques Grimault is akumatised). Adrien and Ladybug have an actual interaction instead of merely staring at each other, while Gabriel seems strangely touchy-feely towards Ladybug’s earrings. Oh. He also starts to suspect his son is Chat Noir.

* Monday, 16th June 2014: Volpina happens (Lila Rossi, a new classmate, is akumatised). Tikki goes from telling Marinette off for stealing into actively encouraging her to do so. Adrien finds really suspicious stuff in his father’s safe behind one of his mother’s portraits. Like what could very well be the Peacock Miraculous. A book about Miraculous users seen in Origins as being in Hawk Moth’s hands… The HM=GA hypothesis gets stronger. Also, Marinette realises she basically made a fool of herself all the way back in March with the Princess Fragrance business, because the old man who healed her kwami is in fact the Great Guardian of the Miraculous, and the Holder of the Turtle Miraculous, Wayzz’s Chosen.

This timeline is the one I’ll use for all my fics of the ML fandom unless otherwise stated. It was somewhat based on this post by @thewalkingweapon.

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Students fight back after school issues 21-page promo dress code

  • At Boylan Catholic High School in Illinois, students were presented with a 21-slide presentation that outlined what was and wasn’t acceptable for boys and girls to wear at prom.
  • To compare, 15 slides of this 21-slide presentation are focused on what the young women can and cannot wear.
  • Two slides are dedicated to the young men, who are offered just one sentence and four pictures to show what would be appropriate.
  • The school is being accused of body shaming with this line: "Some girls may wear the same dress, but due to body types, one dress may be acceptable while the other is not.“
  • There is already talk on Twitter of having a prom outside of Boylan this year. Read more (3/9/17 12:00 PM)
Planetary Trends - April 2017
  • 4/2 - Venus Rx enters Pisces
  • 4/6 - Saturn Rx @ 27 Degrees Sagittarius
  • 4/9 - Mercury Rx @ 4 Degrees Taurus
  • 4/11 - Full Moon in Libra @ 21 Degrees
  • 4/15 - Venus stations direct @ 26 Degrees Pisces
  • 4/19 - Sun enters Taurus
  • 4/20 - Pluto Rx @ 19 Degrees Capricorn
  • 4/20 - Mercury Rx enters Aries
  • 4/21 - Mars enters Gemini
  • 4/26 - New Moon in Taurus @ 6 Degrees
  • 4/28 - Venus enters Aries

The Adele Scheme

Adele and Harry are on the same label blah blah blah Rob Stringer helped release ‘25′ blah blah blah D*n W**tt*n is a bitter fuckface blah blah blah let’s skip to the facts (I’m writing this out because texting about it is getting exhausting)

Adele Releasing 25:

Day 1 - 10/18/15 - ‘Hello’ teaser airs during the X Factor

Day 4 - 10/21/15 - Adele releases letter to fans announcing the album title ‘25′

Day 5 - 10/22/15 - Adele announces album release and cover, ‘Hello’ release date

Day 6 - 10/23/15 - Adele releases ‘Hello’ on Radio 1 Breakfast Show + music video

Day 10 - 10/27/15 - Adele announced BBC special with Graham Norton for album release day (11/20), SNL appearance (11/21)

Day 16 - 11/2/15 - Adele records BBC special

Day 31 - 11/17/15 - Adele record Christmas Special in NY; Releases ‘When We Were Young’ live version on YouTube

Day 34 - 11/20/15 - ‘25′ released, BBC Special airs

Day 35 - 11/21/15 - Adele performs on SNL

Day 38 - 11/24/15 - Adele appears on Jimmy Fallon

Throughout this time and after, Adele has a number of other appearances and interviews. But these were the biggest dates according to…. Wikipedia.

Harry Releasing _________:

Day 1 - 3/25/17 - ‘April 7th’ teaser airs during The Voice, social media blanked out

Day 4 - 3/28/17 - Website and social profiles launched, SNL announced 

Day 14 - 4/7/17 - Solo single release

Day 22 - 4/15/17 - SNL performance

Start to release, Adele’s album schedule was 34 days. 35 days would put Harry on Friday, April 28th. (Just as an FYI, obviously who knows what the date will be.)

There are a number of things to note. The release specials like the BBC and NBC Christmas ones are more unique to Adele IMO. From what I can tell, Adele focused on London and NY, and at one point Europe, during album release. She did West Coast promo before the 2016 Grammy’s (technically including the Carpool Karaoke even though it was filmed prior etc. etc.). She began touring on Feb 29, 4.5 months after the announcement, 3 months after release.

I’m out of the prediction business. But Harry is more mobile than Adele, so it’s possible he’ll do a London to NY to LA sweep for promo. Additionally, there’s an extra week between announcement and single release, but given the SNL performance date (and the necessity of a second song), I don’t think a 5 week timeframe is that ridiculous. Given that he’ll be running into Dunkirk promo, it could even be shorter. (I’m stressed just saying it)

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Tendou Week will take place during his birthday week, May 15-21! The prompts are as follows:

05/15 ➝ Childhood / Future
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05/17 ➝ Crossover / AU
05/18 ➝ Firsts / Hobbies
05/19 ➝ Rivalry / OTP
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05/21 ➝ Fashion / Animals 

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Extract from my diary, February 1963:

Wednesday, Feb 20 

Liverpool. Miles: 241 - Cash Petrol - £3 0s 11d. Hotel - 15s 0d. 

Thursday, Feb 21 

Liverpool. The Beatles - Honey mag. Miles: 67 - Cash Petorl £3 9s 6d. Coventry. Photocall - ‘See You Inside Show’. Hotel £2 10s 6d. Drinks 7s 6d. Garage (parking) 10s 6d.

Friday, Feb 22

Return from Coventry. Miles: 147. 

I drove up to Liverpool in my 1938 drop-head Rolls Bentley. I loved jazz but I didn’t like pop music and I had no idea why Honey magazine should want to send me all that way to photograph a group called the Beatles. 

I met them in a pub and the looked as though they were still at school. We rushed about Liverpool taking pictures. They were very helpful as I tried to think of shots to do - except Lennon, who seemed very bored and kept looking away as I tried to line up a picture. In the evening I went to the Cavern Club for more shots. I can’t remember a note of what they played. I gave the pictures to Honey magazine and lost the negs. In 1964, the Beatles’ welcome-home at Heathrow from their American tour made headlines and even I could see that they were phenomenal. Only then did I desperately search for - and eventually find - the Liverpool negatives. The cheques are still coming in. 

[Michael Ward, Mostly Women: A Photographer’s Life]

Photos by Michael Ward of the Beatles, taken in Liverpool in 1963. According to the photographer’s diary, as above, the date was the 21st February and not the 19th February, which is the generally accepted and published date. According to Beatles Bible, the Beatles played the Cavern on the 19th and were in Birkenhead for the 21st, but why would Michael Ward’s diary be incorrect? (Although, I suppose, it’s possible the boys played the lunchtime session on the 21st where the photos could have been taken? The diary suggests Michael Ward left before an evening show would have started to get to Coventry).

Curiouser and curiouser.