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I was watching Doctor Who AND LOOK WHO CROPPED UP IN ONE OF THE EPISODES (S02 E03: School Reunion) 

accompanied with the line “break-time’s finished early, isn’t that fantastic!”and “Kenny blew up the school!”

Mit 14 wollt sie schon 16 sein, um sich Alkohol kaufen zu können.
Mit 15 hatte sie den Alkohol auch ohne ihn kaufen zu dürfen.
Mit 16 reichte ihr Bier, Wein und Sekt lange nicht mehr aus.
Mit 17 hat sie sich den Schnaps auch so irgendwie angeschafft.
Mit 18 wurde ihr der Alkohol zu wenig.
Also begann sie mit 19 mit Gras und Speed. 
Doch mit 20 starb sie an ner Überdosis Heroin.
—  xo

Hi my name is Hope

About Me:15 (almost 16) year old girl from England who loves listening to music whilst constantly scrolling through tumblr and thinking of ways to make the world a better place even though she has a billion other things she should be doing

Interests: Writing, poetry , art galleries , intersectional feminism , veganism, photography and procrastinating 

Perfect pen pal:preferably 15-19 years old but I don’t mind talking to anyone who wants to talk. Anyone interesting from wherever around the world regardless to race, gender and religion appeals to me 

Tumblr: Melaningoodness

Instagram: Hopejulietx 

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Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle, list the first 20 songs to come up, and tag 10 people!

1. Kaleo- way down we go

2. Amber run- fickle game

3. Vance Joy- Mess is mine

4. The neighborhood- Afraid 

5. Seafret- Oceans

6. cry wolf- stomach it 

7. 21 pilots- Heathens 

8. The lumineers- sleep on the floor

9. Me, Myself and i- G eazy ft. Bebe rexha

10. The chainsmokers- rozes

11. Amber Run- I foun

12. Hoizer- work song

13. Macklemore-drug dealer

14. Al’ Tarba - pain killers

15. Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujia 

16. Malnie Martinez- tag your it

17. Willow tree march- the white kites 

18. Jaymes young- i’ll be good

19. Halsey- New Americana

20. Do i wanna know?- Mr. Mrs. 

thats it. this is me. this is literally all i ever listen to. 

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Searching for a nice penpal :)

Okay so my names sophie, i am 15 years old and I live in austria. I like singing and I want to go to s music school. I love music in generel (tøp, melanie martinez, ed sheeran, billy talent,eminem,macklemore,one republic…), I like anime, manga, series and movies. I also watch netflix. I like being in the nature and being with animals. I have a dog, 3 cats, fish and a few chickens😂. I like going to concerts, i saw tøp, one republic and macklemore live. This year i will probably go to see robbie williams, a german band, and coldplay. I like to talk about deep things, i am really emotional. Anyway, i would like to have a penpal between 13-18, it doesn’t matter What gender you are. I would like to talk about life, what you and me like and just have fun. I would like to write letters. You can contact me here on my tumblr (@betweenidcandidk) or better on instagram (@blind.lovex) hope to hear from you!! Or on my instagram @_helloiamsophie_ there you see a few pics of me! (Ah yes and i speak german and english)

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Hello! My name is Paula, I’m 18 years old, and I live in Spain (Barcelona).

I love to travel, listening to music, watching Netflix and being with my friends. I speak Catalan, Spanish and English. I also have a Youtube Channel, but I left it for a while, maybe someday I will do videos again (at least I want to).

I always loved to meet new people through the Internet, so here I am. My ideal pen pal/internet friend is someone between the age of 16-20. Gender, race, religious beliefs, and anything of the sort don’t particularly matter to me. I’ll talk to anyone! Feel free to contact me:

Twitter: @paulajohn03

Snapchat: paulanals

Instagram: @paulajohn03

i started playing ffxv and igor is my favourite final fantasy