F 14x8.5 165/65 

R 14x10  165/65

I have it a little bit easier than Momoki’s 81 since i can’t find 14s. I don’t have to be on the floor to achieve Tsuraichi.  Hankook 165/65 on a 9 is fairly mild also. No doubt the law will fuck me quick though



This passed acouple weeks I picked up HELLA shit for the Miata.

1. The first two pictures are my new wheels! SSRs Reversh Mesh 14x8 et-11

2. I got a Bride Low max bucket seat

3. Carbotech brakes and slotted rotors

4.GOT A HARDTOP TOO! with liner and DEFROSTER!!!!

5. Lastly I GOT KAAZ LSD ((((:

heyyitsraniel since I know you have a Miata haha