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As someone in the creative field, do you have any tips on how to save up money?

I do! 

So, as you probably know saving money as an artist can be difficult. Definitely everything on this list I’ve compiled about how to save money requires effort and attention, no one saves money by ignoring their spendings. Depending on your life, abilities, and circumstances this list may not be helpful, however this is what I’ve done to build a decent savings. I have put my top 9 tips under the “Keep Reading”…

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Regarding Sponsorship and Spoilers

Okay, now the thing is, if RvB, RWBY and other RT shows are going to be released a whole week early, then even the spoiler tags won’t be safe anymore.
Because it will be filled with spoilers of two episodes at once and it will make it impossible to tell apart for which episode. (Because for Sponsors episode 4 will be new and have to be tagged, while for non-sponsors episode 3 will be new and have to be tagged, resulting in posts for both episodes landing in the same spoiler tag)

Therefore I propose additional spoiler tags.

Currently the common ones are:
#rvb spoilers
#rvb14 spoilers
#rwby spoilers

My suggestion would be introducing sponsor spoilers. Given the example from above, content from episode 14x4 would be tagged as
#rvb14 sponsor spoilers
#rvb sponsor spoilers

While content from episode 14x3 then moves on to
#rvb14 spoilers
#rvb spoilers

And content from older episodes can slowly be transitioned out of the spoiler tags.

This way blacklisters among sponsors only need to blacklist sponsor spoilers, while non-sponsors simply blacklist both.