so I FINALLY watched the episode (like 15 hours later, the longest its taken me all season) and my main comment: SPINNER!!!!!! THE WHOLE EPISODE SHOULD HAVE JUST BEEN SPINNER. HIS NEW BRACELET TATTOO. DOES HE STILL GO BY SPINNER OR NOW THAT HE’S A MAN DOES HE GO BY GAVIN? WHAT ABOUT EMMA? anyways yeah, Spinner


Omg, that promo though. Whoa. I loved how they didn’t even need a voice over. The drama stood for itself.

There was no Miles tonight…but Tristan was super cute with Eli.

Can we all take a minute to remember that Eli has bipolar disorder and so his anger and outburst tonight may not have been too out of the blue. He could be having actual issues with his bipolar- this could be about more than just Clare and Drew.

(Ps…I really just wanted to post about Eli, but I wanted an excuse to tag Triles because the Triles tag is life. It is literally my social media outlit.)