my birthday is august 14th and since it’s august (the month of my birthday) it is important that you all save my birthday (august 14) in your calendars so that you can wish me a happy birthday on my birthday which is the day i was born thus making it my birthday

MARCUS ANTONIUS   January 14th, 83 BC - August 1st, 30 BC

  In their arms, Antony’s servants carried him, bleeding to death and in agony, to the mausoleum. From the windows above Cleopatra let down the ropes and cords that had been used to hoist stone blocks atop the structure. To these the servants fastened the limp body. Cleopatra drew her lover up herself, with the aid of Iras and Charmion, long familiar with Antony. “Never,” Plutarch writes, “was there a more piteous sight. Smeared with blood and struggling with death he was drawn up, stretching out his hands to her even as he dangled in the air. For the task was not an easy one for women, and scarcely could Cleopatra, with clinging hands and strained face, pull up the rope, while those below called out encouragement to her and shared her agony.” No sooner had she hauled Antony up and laid him out on a couch than Cleopatra began to rip and tear at her robes. She yields to raw emotion; “she almost forgot her own ills in her pity for his.” Cleopatra wiped the blood from his body and smeared it across her face. She beat and scratched at her breasts. She called Antony master, commander, husband; she always knew how to talk to a man. He silenced her cries and demanded a sip of wine, “either because he was thirsty, or in the hope of a speedier release.” Once served, he encouraged Cleopatra to attend to her own safety and to cooperate with Octavian so far as her honor allowed.

She was not to pity him his fate, but to rejoice for the happiness and honors that had been his. He had been the most illustrious and powerful of men, and he now died a noble death, vanquished in the end only by a fellow Roman. The waves murmured outside. Antony died in Cleopatra’s arms. ( x )

Hi guys!
It’s Sarah. Just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving today for a whole month, I’ll come back at the end of August. I won’t be able to update because there’s no Wifi where I’m going. Don’t worry Steph is going to be there and she’ll update the blog. I’ll try to log in from time to time.
I hope no one will leak the album because if so I’ll have to wait until September haha. Oh and it’s my birthday on August 14th .. you know, if you want to message me, I won’t mind at all haha. 😂😂
Anyway, thank you and see you in a few weeks!! 😘

Hello everyone :3

It’s the beginning of August and Fiorella, Joanna and I decided to do a promo to celebrate it and wish everyone a lot of luck and happiness this month. If your year has been good, we hope it stays that way. If not, we’re sure this month you’ll have some good news and some fun! ❤️

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Labour Party Signal Boost

To any UK followers who are supporters of the Labour Party - remember you can have a say in who will be the next leader.

All you have to do is go here and register as a supporter. There is a one-off minimum £3 donation.

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Help Major start their career/adult life!
Hi, my name is Major and I am a recent college grad living in Kalamazoo. Or will be once August 14th rolls around. I am currently looking to start three part time non profit jobs in August, a Co Director for a social, economic, and environmental justice organization; A family intervention...

Hi, my name is Major and I am a recent college grad living in Kalamazoo. Or will be once August 14th  rolls around. I am currently looking to start three part time non profit jobs in August, a Co Director for a social, economic, and environmental justice organization; A  family intervention specialist that meets with families to help then work on their living situations; and an office manager. But mid-late August is also when my current lease ends. I would be making enough money to cover my rent, even with just one of my jobs, but I won’t be paid until after my lease ends on the 19th of August. I have found houses that I could rent with my friends but to secure these places, I need to have the deposit money and at least one month’s rent. I would ask my family but their situation isn’t better than mine at all and I can’t stand to feel like more of a burden than I already do. I have someone willing to help me move, free furniture even if I can retrieve it, I just need a place to put it. And me too. I can copy edit for you, help with grant writing if you’re into that kinda thing, record me reading a story (people have told me they would like for me to do that, surprisingly). But a donation of any amount would be deeply appreciated, if you can’t donate sharing matter’s just as much. Thanks for your time.


honestly idk what the hell ttr is doing with op storm sellbot. i remember when watching the omgcon panel they said “we learned to not set deadlines for ourselves (or make them public at least) because then theres too much pressure” or something like that. then why are they still doing it?? they announced op storm sellbot over a month ago, and just last week they announced that it would begin on july 31st (yesterday) and run through august 14th. i highly doubt that the mega invasion was planned, but if it was, why say that the op would start on july 31st? wyd ttr staff why are you contradicting yourself 

Still hoping someone can get “mess of a dreamer” written out for me by Taylor! It’d be an amazing birthday present! I’ll be 30 on August 14th!

Because I can’t wait to get back in the shop next week here’s a little rose to remind you all I’ll be taking appointments @8ofswordstattoo until August 14th when I will be off to @lifetimetattoodenver for a little week guest spot. (August 16th-19th). WWW.DREWLINDEN.COM for bookings either in New York or Denver 💙👯🎉 #drewlinden #travel #tattoo


Shadow rider Scott Ditchburn (@scott_ditchburn) is back home in the UK and tearing up the Boneyard Skatepark. Check out the instavid with some wild moves including a long x up crook. Video: @fastforwardbmx

Don’t miss Scott in our upcoming full-length DVD “What Could Go Wrong?” releasing August 14th world wide!

#theshadowconspiracy #bmx #whatcouldgowrongvideo

What Karen and Arthur said tonight about the Pond's exit
  • Karen:I didn’t want to make it real. The gap between me receiving the script and actually reading it must have been a few weeks. But then eventually I did and it’s a brilliant, emotional episode
  • Arthur:Karen wouldn’t read the script, which was tricky because I did read it and really wanted to talk to someone about it. But there was this awkward period when I knew what happened and Karen didn’t.

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What I’m loving: Gul Ahmed’s Independence Day collection. 14th August (Pakistan’s independence day) is just around the corner and designers have started unveiling their collections in spirit of patriotism. Having the colors of the flag in the independence day collections is a must. However, since it is all about looking unique in this day and age, Gul Ahmed has incorporated pop art style to their capsule collection giving it a modern touch. I would definitely recommend wearing one of these on 14th August.

I’m not just the story of bombs, poverty & corruption.

I’m Edhi’s philanthropy.
I’m Arfa Karim’s brilliance.

I’m Afridi’s exuberance.
I’m Miandad’s sixs.

I’m fastest growing IT industry.

I’m in four weathers.
I’ve 2nd highest mountain.

I’ve 8 of 20 highest peaks. 
I’m the 7th nuclear power.

I’m 4th nation to build cruise missiles.
I’ve the largest salt mine.

I broke Soviet Union.
I’m hospitality.
I’m epitome of resilience.

I’m one of the few bravest nation of world.

I’m Pakistan !

Please spread optimism instead of negativity about me.

Pakistan ♥

Happy independence day ♥

the signs as melanie martinez singles
  • dollhouse:scorpio, taurus, aries
  • carousel:aquarius, sagittarius, libra
  • pity party:leo, cancer, pisces
  • soap:capricorn, virgo, gemini

Okay okay now I have your attention listen up bitchianos:
I have spent all morning sobbing because Phil Lester is TOO UNDERRATED and I’m gonna do something about it. So here’s the plan; on Phil appreciation day (August 14th) those in the Phil Lester defence squad or anyone in the phandom who is subscribed to both Dan and Phil, will post endless photos of Phil and text posts on why he’s such a beautiful human being and we will work together to persuade dangirls that Phil is a perfect human being as well.

Dan has over 2 MILLION more subscribers than Phil and I honestly don’t understand why. I mean I know you can have an opinion and a preference, but 2 MILLION?! Seriously?!

I’m going to get Phil the same amount of subscribers and credit as Dan if it’s the last thing I ever do on this earth.