What Karen and Arthur said tonight about the Pond's exit
  • Karen:I didn’t want to make it real. The gap between me receiving the script and actually reading it must have been a few weeks. But then eventually I did and it’s a brilliant, emotional episode
  • Arthur:Karen wouldn’t read the script, which was tricky because I did read it and really wanted to talk to someone about it. But there was this awkward period when I knew what happened and Karen didn’t.

What I’m loving: Gul Ahmed’s Independence Day collection. 14th August (Pakistan’s independence day) is just around the corner and designers have started unveiling their collections in spirit of patriotism. Having the colors of the flag in the independence day collections is a must. However, since it is all about looking unique in this day and age, Gul Ahmed has incorporated pop art style to their capsule collection giving it a modern touch. I would definitely recommend wearing one of these on 14th August.

This guy, gave us a land to live so that we are not discriminated in any field and so that we get our each and every human right. That is what is freedom but sadly, all our politicians and we did was about fighting each other, greed and what not.

67 years now and starting up our 68th. Its time, we fix our problems, its time to fix Pakistan. So today please make a promise to your country that whatever it takes, you’ll do atleast something that contributes back to it, this is the least we could do. Pakistan Zindabaad!

Azaadi Mubarak hou!