Saint Stephen Basilica Budapest

St Stephen’s Basilica of Budapest is one of the most beautiful and significant churches and touristic attractions of Hungary. This is partly due to its historical heritage, of being dedicated to the holy king St Stephen who was also the founder of the Hungarian state, and partly to the architectural and artistic value of the building itself.

A campaign to raise funds for the construction of the church commenced in the 1810-es, however, construction works did not start until 14th August 1851. Before that was a little parishchurch on the place, and many citizen of Pest escaped here during the big flood of river Danube in 1838. Actually at the beginning Saint Stephen Basilica was intented to be a votive church, built from the donations of the grateful survivers of the flood.

The plan of the Basilica is based on the drawings of József Hild, a leading citizen and architect of Pest, who also designed the cathedrals in Esztergom and Eger. József Hild supervised the works until his death as of 6th March 6th 1867. The Council of the City of Pest appointed Miklós Ybl, an acknowledged master at the time and designer of numerous public buildings in the capital city including the Opera House, to continue to supervise the design and construction of this prominent building. After his death, the interior of the building and the fine artistic and decorative works were completed by 1905 under the supervision of József Kauser.

22nd January 1868 was an important and tragic date in the history of the Basilica. It was on this day that the cupola and the cupola drum constructed according to the designs of Hild collapsed due to defects in materials and craftmanship. The pillars holding the arches of the cupola were constructed with donated stones of assorted quality and solidity. The cupola drum was built on the inner rim of the arches underpinning it, resulting in a precariously balanced structure which distributed the load unevenly on the pillars. The imbalance of the structure in turn gave rise to the collapse, after which works paused for more than a year, when the removal of the debris and the demolition of the poorly constructed parts commenced and continued until 1871. Miklós Ybl prepared new designs for continuing the construction works or revised the previous ones in terms of the structure and the appearance alike. From 1875, the Hellenistic forms and Classicist style were replaced by Neo-Renaissance elements applied by Ybl, and works continued, even after his death of 1891, according to his sketches and ideas until the long-last dedication of the church in 1905. The placement of the keystone in the presence of Franz Joseph I, emperor of Austria and king of Hungary has happened on 9th December 1906. Saint Stephen Basilica of Budapest was appointed to be a ‘basilica minor’ by Pope Pius XI in 1931. 1991. Pope John Paul II visited the church at the feast of king St Stephan in 1993.

The classicist style facade of the Basilica is anchored by two large towers. The two towers have six bells altogether: five on the left side tower and one in the right side tower. This latter one, the Saint Stephen-bell is the biggest bell in Hungary with its 9250 kilograms and its diameter of 252 centimeters. Usually it’s used twice a year, at 17 hours on the 20th of August, and at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Above the main entrance, which depicts the twelve apostles, one can see the bust of Saint Stephen made from Carrara marmor. In the tympanon above the crowned Virgin Mary can be seen with Saint Stephen on her righthand.

The inner layout and the completion of the building in 1905 is the work of József Krausz. Famous Hungarian painters, and sculptors, like Károly Lotz, Alajos Stróbl, Gyula Benczúr decorated the inner side, using 50 different types of marble , 51 kind of precious and semiprecious stones and around 300 kg of gold and golddust. The ceiling of the dome and most of the walls are decorated by mosaics, depicting the Creator God, the Apostles, the Evangelists and Hungarian saints. On the main altar stands the statue of King Saint Stephen made of white Carrara marmor.

The Chapel of the Holy Right is behind the sanctuary, where the right hand of the first Hungarian king, St. Stephen is held in a delicatly ornated reliquary. During World War II, the Holy Right and the coronation jewels were taken and hidden in a cave in Salzburg. Later they were found by the US army, whichdelivered the Right Hand to the archbishop of Salzburg for safekeeping. It was returned to Hungary, right on time for the procession of August 20, 1945 by three members of the American Military Mission. The Holy Right Hand is taken for a process in the city on 20th August, the most important holiday of Hungary.

The Basilica’s organ was prepared by the Angster company, and is the second largest in Hungary, with its more, than 10000 pipes – the smallest one is 0,5 cm, the longest one is 13 m.

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Black History Month: NCAA Gymnasts

February 2nd- Kennedi Edney (LSU)

Kennedi Edney (born August 14th 1998) is a former level 10 gymnast who is currently a freshman at Louisiana State University, majoring in sociology. She did her club training at Precision Gymnastics under Trent and Jill Spaulding. 

Pre-collegiate achievements:

  • Seven-time JO Level 10 National Champion 
  • 2012 and 2014 Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifier
  • Took home every all-around title in every meet she competed in during the 2015 season

Collegiate Bests: 

  • Vault: 9.950
  • Bars: 9.925
  • Beam: 9.950
  • Floor: 9.925

Collegiate Achievements (to date):

  • SEC Gymnast of the Week (01/31/2017)
  • SEC Freshman of the Week (01/09/2017)
  • Has won four individual titles in the first four meets of the 2017 season

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On August 14th 2012 a four-year-old boy was rushed to hospital with severe abdominal pains and internal bleeding. The boy’s mother - who hospital staff identified as twenty-five-year old Jessica Dutro - told the emergency crash team that her son Zachary had fallen out of bed onto the hard wooden floor, and claimed his younger sister had kicked him a few times. As soon as Jessica Dutro was out of sight the E.R staff called the Portland police; Zachary had been the victim of a horrendous beating, and his mother was responsible for it.

While police caught up with Jessica, medical staff fought to save Zachary’s life; his intestines had split in two places, and feces had spread into his bloodstream causing a massive infection. Doctors also noted that Zachary’s upper lip had been partially torn off and his abdomen was covered in both fresh and partially healed bruises. Just hours after he had been admitted, Zachary Dutro died, from a combination of septic shock and internal injuries.

Jessica Dutro was immediately arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in murder. She confessed she beat Zachary because she was afraid he was gay; she had sent a text to an ex-boyfriend just a month before the fatal beating that said “he [Zachary] walks around like a fag. He needs to learn big time”. Jessica Dutro told police she snapped when Zachary insisted on taking his shoes off while he watched TV, and admitted to kicking him five times in the stomach, punching him into a wall, and tossing him onto the bed when he lost consciousness. The child lay on the bed for over thirty-six hours - in excruciating pain due to his split intestines - before his mother sought medical help.

Jessica Dutro was found guilty of killing her son and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.


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