Oooookay, no I’m taking two points away from story because of another ridiculous time jump. This is really starting to grate on me because it’s so unnecessary.

Long Night of Solace takes place August 14th, and then Exodus takes place more than a week later on August 23rd.

What exactly was Six doing in those 9 days from when she woke up after falling from the Ardent Prayer up to when she arrives at Eposz? Was that a 9 day trek? Why wasn’t she picked up by anybody? Why was she out of contact with Noble Team?

This is not good writing.

Story: ++++
Gameplay: +++
Audio: +++++++
Visual: X

What Karen and Arthur said tonight about the Pond's exit
  • Karen:I didn’t want to make it real. The gap between me receiving the script and actually reading it must have been a few weeks. But then eventually I did and it’s a brilliant, emotional episode
  • Arthur:Karen wouldn’t read the script, which was tricky because I did read it and really wanted to talk to someone about it. But there was this awkward period when I knew what happened and Karen didn’t.

This guy, gave us a land to live so that we are not discriminated in any field and so that we get our each and every human right. That is what is freedom but sadly, all our politicians and we did was about fighting each other, greed and what not.

67 years now and starting up our 68th. Its time, we fix our problems, its time to fix Pakistan. So today please make a promise to your country that whatever it takes, you’ll do atleast something that contributes back to it, this is the least we could do. Pakistan Zindabaad!

Azaadi Mubarak hou!


Happy 65th Independence Day all you gorgeous Pakistanis ♥


Happy Independence Day to all the Pakistani’s !! ♥♥ !!

                             Pakistan not only means Freedom

                                          And Independence

                                     but the Muslims ideology

                                    which has to be preserved,

                                        which has come to us

                                        as a precious gift and


                                            And which we hope

                                                other will share…

                                                 Happy 66th Independence Day.!