Where Do Broken Hearts Go: My TXF-UK Thoughts

So I just watched it. Twice. And it puts me in mind of the night I watched Ricky Martin perform on the Grammy’s for the first time.

I think tonight we just watched history happen. 1D will never be the same after tonight. This is their music now, 5-part harmony together, not just breaking a song into 5 separate sounding parts. 

This is why I love music so much. Where else in the world do you get to so much pleasure watching history change before your eyes?

Christmas: Coming Home and Coming Out

Don we now our gay apparel … make the yuletide gay …

Yes, it is that time of the year. The holidays are upon us once again. And with it comes the four “F”s : Family, Friends, Food, and Fighting. After all, what are the holidays without a little turkey induced argument. Of course, the poor turkey is not entirely at fault. This has been a busy year for many people.

This year many people accepted the truth of their own sexuality. This year many people came out for the first time. This year many people have made the decision to come out over the holidays. This year, many people who are already out at work and with their friends have decided to stop playing it straight this Christmas. This year, for many LGBTQ people and their families, things will change, and a new “F” will play a big role: Fear.

Coming out is not an easy process for anyone involved. Things change. The old way of life is no longer an option for anyone. We cannot make it any less fearful in the moment, but we have found that education and information can make it a little easier.

The following posts have been written to address the friends and family of the person coming out, but the information is useful and universal no matter what side of the closet door you are on. In the end, love is what matters. If you can hold on to that, you can get through the rest easily enough.

The Coming Out Process

Understanding The Stages of Grief

Non-Violent Communication

Safe Space Resources

If you or a loved one has come out, the most important thing you can do is be visible in your support. To that end, may we recommend joining our campaign and declaring your internet presence as a SAFE SPACE FOR ALL.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.