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So I’ve seen some people freaking out about this:

which was said by Bob at a Meet and Greet, was said in answer to a question about the differences between his American roles and his Australian roles. He also said he didn’t want to be a love interest, which is a huge difference from not wanting Bellamy to be in a relationship at all

Also important: it doesn’t matter what Bob wants, it’s all about the direction the story is going in. 

And now, for the big finale look at this part that I’ve highlighted:

This means that all of the “heart eyes” that everyone says Bob just puts in there are actually written in to the script. 

It means that there is now canon evidence that Bellarke is written into the script. 

It means that there is canon evidence that Bellarke has been planned by this show. 

So….overall this is a good statement. 


“I came here to play a long time ago, it wasn’t the reception I was hoping for but you have to respect it. I asked for forgiveness and my celebration wasn’t meant as a lack of respect or an insult to anyone.This will always be my home despite those who choose to boo me. I’m not going to change my style of play because my team needs me and I am the captain of Real Madrid. I am both a Sevillista and a Madridista.” - Sergio Ramos

My Only Love

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 1,454
Warnings: Smut, oral

Part 3 of Violent Desires Meet Violent Ends

There was this unspoken agreement between the two of you that neither of you would speak your real names. As if keeping them a secret kept this alive, like uttering them would shatter this…whatever this was.

You found yourself falling for the rugged man in leather, gone from Alexandria more and more. When you were back, you heard the whispers. Rumors of people causing trouble for people out scavenging for goods. You’d never had an issue, so you brushed it off.

Slipping through the broken fence, you smiled to yourself. Your last couple meetings had been cut short, just before you could truly enjoy him. This time, he promised you all his attention. Said he would threaten them if they bothered him for any reason.

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is not fanon. Bob specifically said at Unity Days when Octanakin was discovered, Bellamy’s education was stopped. 

So, Bellamy’s education was sacrificed for Octanakin. 

We have no idea whether or not Bellamy wanted to be a guard, but in “My Sister’s Keeper” he is very snappish with Aurora about the Guard coming to visit, and it’s obviously Aurora who needs Bellamy to get that job for Octanakin’s sake. 

We also know that it is canon that Octanakin was born when Bellamy was six years old. How many friends do you think he was allowed to have over? How many deep relationships was he actually allowed to form as a child?

Like..maybe none of these choices were his own, but a sacrifice is not defined by ones’ willingness to make that sacrifice. It’s literally just something that is given up or lost. 

Because Octanakin was born, Bellamy’s education, ability to choose his own career and his entire quality of life (including the ability to have his full ration, btw) were sacrificed. 

Honestly…there’s this perverse need to blame the Ark for the Blake siblings circumstances, because #feminism! But Aurora knew the life she was forcing both of her children into when she made a choice and gave birth to an illegal second child. 

The question isn’t whether she should have been in that situation or not (because we all know she shouldn’t have), the question is what would a good mother do in that situation when she already has one child and she knows the law. 

As a mother I can tell you what my answer is: My already existing child, who is living, breathing, eating independently of my body is my prime directive. Any failure on my part to take care of his health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) when I can makes me a failure as a parent. Aurora is a failed parent. The end. 

Everyone who is blaming the Ark’s system for the Blake’s troubles is very clearly speaking from a place of extreme privilege. Almost everyone I know who lives in certain circumstances (and I know a lot of them being a Black, bisexual woman who was born and raised in Detroit) does their damnedest to live within their means. For a lot of people? That includes not having kids they can’t afford to have, even if they get pregnant and want the child. 


Like…even ignoring all of that, why is it so hard to understand that people are bothered by the idea that Octanakin thinks a man who kidnapped her, refused to speak English to her even though he could, who she knew for FOUR months, when her brother is someone she’s known for her entire life, is her home. She knows Bellamy would kill for her (Jaha), would die for her (was willing to get into a fight with the guards so she could escape on the Ark, even though he was definitely over 18, just for starters), would give up everything (…..this is self explanatory) because he already has.            

Why is it hard to understand that people value(d) the idea of a familial relationship on this show (just one!) coming before a romantic relationship? Even Abby and Clarke’s relationship suffered (indirectly) as a result of Cl/xa.

Nobody is saying that Octanakin is  not allowed to feel however she wants to. We’re saying it’s a joke that the narrative would set up the relationship this way.

I’m #tired.  

Audience with the King

Originally posted by dreaming-the-blue-sea

Pairing: past Dean x Demon!Reader
Word count: 649
Warnings: Swearing, angst

Part 7 of One Drunken Night

Dean stared at his brother before it hit him. Grabbing his phone, he saw a bunch of missed texts. He didn’t even open them, just saw the first parts.


Dean? Are you there? I thi…

Fuck, come on. Answer yo…

Please, please! I’m begging y…

I keep calling, too. Ju…

Don’t let them ge…

I’m scared.

His jaw clenched, rage flashing across his face. “You better tell me that asshole fucking texted you.”

“Not yet.” Sam said quietly.

Getting up, Dean threw his phone, thankful that it didn’t break. “FUCK!” He yelled, running his hands through his hair.

Pacing the hotel, it felt like hours since Sam woke him up. His hair was sticking up at odd angles, and he had yet to bother to get dressed. Sam felt guilty, knowing that if he hadn’t told Dean to get to sleep, he would have gotten those texts, and he could have done something more. “He said he would text. Why the fuck haven’t they texted?!” Dean growled. His normally bright green eyes were darkened with rage.

“Maybe he changed his mind?” Sam suggested quietly.

Dean shot his brother a look, telling him to keep those thoughts to himself. “Damn it.” He sighed, knowing that Sam had a point. For all he knew, you were lying dead somewhere. Grabbing his usual phone, he dialed the one ‘person’ that came to mind- Crowley.

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