14th may 2013

Vampire Weekend released their critically-acclaimed third album, Modern Vampires of the City, a year ago today on May 14th, 2013. The album entered the US album chart at #1, the second time the band has achieved such an historic feat. Vampire Weekend is the first independent rock band that has entered at #1 with two consecutive releases.

Modern Vampires of the City also shattered the previous record for first week vinyl sales, moving nearly 10,000 units on vinyl alone and debuting at #1 on the Soundscan Vinyl Charts.  The album has also been named Album of the Year of various media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR’s Listeners Poll and NME’s Poll of Polls. Vampire Weekend also won the Best Alternative Music Album award for ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ at the 56th GRAMMY Awards.

Due to the success of the album, Vampire Weekend was named Band of the Year by Spin and Best Act in the World by Q Magazine.

kiiwi-lope  asked:


⭐️ 2. Who’s the oldest character of yours, defunct or not? 

i mean-fantrolls were really my first introduction to making ocs! anything i had before them was kinda a self-insert or just an animal i doodled regularly [i was an animal artist before becoming a fantroll artist about 4 years ago]

BUT out of those guys, the first was faldur! although, i made him and florem on the same day, may 14th 2013, so theyre turning 4 years old in 12 days!

bonus facts: faldur was made around the fact that the fansession we were creating didnt have an “asshole character” yet, and florem was made just around the idea of. a scarf

An ode to our idol on his birthday.

Today’s a momentous day, one we celebrate to the full

If you’re wondering why we’re writing in rhyme

Then sit down, for we shall tell you all

For in Witham, a fair town in Essex, 29 years ago today

Unto the Murs family was born a son

Who’d go onto be (almost) perfect in every way

But when he was 12, the new David Beckham he decided to be

Which is why a picture of Posh Spice was in his wallet

And his hair was in curtains, you see

When he was 23, he went on Deal or No Deal for a fortune to be found

Alas he failed to believe his own luck

When he only won £10.

Then he went to Australia, not long after but soon

He looked with eyes of envy at the Bondi Guitar man

And came back addicted to goon.

Then, when he was 25, on The X Factor we saw him first

And though that McElderry did beat him, he said

‘Second the best, first the worst’!

Number 1s and much success have come for him since that time

And of course he hosted Xtra Factor too

But he still hasn’t asked out Caroline!

He does however, do stupid things, which we love him for despite

Such as falling down some wet stairs and shouting

'I’m alive, it’s alright’!

He swallows his toothbrushes and walks into glass doors

And the crotch of his trousers sometimes comes apart

When he gets down on all fours

Cheryl never gave him her number, despite his best Tweets

But Graham Norton ensured Mila found out about him

And thought he was rather sweet.

But he really does kicks butt when he performs on stage

His tours really are one of the best

By a solo male in this age

So as he sang for us, his 'Army of Two’, we’re here till the end

So let’s give a cheer to our inspiration, our idol

Our comrade, and friend!

Happy birthday Olly from all of us at OM Daily. Have an amazing day today!

PS Don’t think we’re ending this without an embarrassing picture ;)


Learned how to make gifs, so i made a gifset for my dad, who was a 9/11 wtc first responder, stuck through the whole thing until the wtc site was cleaned up. A few years later he ended up with throat and esophageal cancer from breathing in the toxins from the dust and passed away May 14th, 2013. I thought this was a great summary of his long video.