Welcome to the Finalizer!

Title: Welcome to the Finalizer!

Words: 3675

Summary: You are Hux’s wife and have two children together, they’re copying Phasma and Ren, you’re fed up with the rivalry between your husband and Ren and you really should learn to reveal your secrets properly.

Warnings: Fluff! Phasma and Reader are bros in this. Matt the Radar Technician makes an appearance!

Thanks to the brilliant @elenawrit who was my inspiration in this!!!

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Dog Birthday Masterlist

This is a list of the birthdays (or gotcha days) of dogs owned by members with dogblr accounts. Feel free to send members dog treats, dog toys, art or just happy messages on these days. Please ask a member ahead of time if they are okay with receiving treats or toys as these require a shipping address and not everyone is comfortable with giving this out, do not be upset if they decline and find another way to celebrate on their pup’s birthday. Remember that you must be at least 18 years old to receive items by mail from other users, though anyone is welcome to make an Amazon wishlist of items that they would like for their dog’s birthday.

Birthdays are organized by month and then by date within that month. Years do not play a role in organization, but are just there so people can know how old the dog is turning or how long the owner has had the dog for. Breeds are included so people can choose more breed and size appropriate toys for dogs or pick breeds that they are interested in to draw.

As of now, no one is required to give anything to anyone, but if I notice that certain pups are getting a ton of presents and others are getting ignored, then I might take a few volunteers to sign up to get gifts for different dogs.



Scream/BasenjixBorder Collie (betteroffrad)- 01/04/11

Watson/Pembroke Welsh Corgi (oliveramy)- 01/04/11

Arcane/Mini Aussie (achoirofcritters)- 01/07/06

Jinx/German Shepherd (ourshepherdpack)- 01/07/15

Vivian/Anatolian ShepherdxPyreneesxCollie (viviansstateoftheworld)- 01/08/11 (Gotcha day)

Rocky/Bichon mix (pbgvparty)- 1/09/02

Sullivan/Lab mix (@dogitmayconcern)- 01/11/09

Briar/Siberian Husky (@alipynckel)- 01/14/14

Ivan/GSD (oregonforestdog)- 01/15/13

Lark/Aussie (dogmart)- 01/18/15

Milinka/Sarplaninac (ofdreamsandomens)- 01/21/15

Storm/PoodlexWheaten Terrier (thepoodlepack)- 01/27/12

Leia/Rat TerrierxSchipperke (galactic-companions)- 01/30/11


Tilly/Siberian Husky (rabicanomare)- 02/01/08

Bellatrix/Boston TerrierxPug (wisconsinratpack)- 02/04/10

Mya/Siberian Husky (bo0fs)- 02/09/14

Isis/PoodlexBolognese (thepoodlepack)- 02/11/12

Venture/? (betteroffrad)- 02/14/11

Buster/? (kasammacademy)- 02/16/13

Ribby/GSD (oregonforestdog)- 02/20/01

Magnum/Lab (agilitylabs)- 02/25/07



Scout/Papillion (thatdognerd)- 03/04/12

Rufous/Goldendoodle (rylee-blue)- 03/05/15

Zero/GSD (holdingoutforazero)- 03/11/14

Anubis/Siberian Husky (rabicanomare)- 03/13/14

Jasper/Siberian Husky (livefreeandhowl)- 03/13/15

Apollo/Poodle (thepoodlepack)- 03/15/15

Taz/? (kasammacademy)- 03/15/13

Monty/Siberian Husky (@wherehorsesmeetdogs)- 03/18/13

Voodoo/Belgian Malinois (ofdreamsandomens)- 03/18/13

Cherokee/Siberian Husky (dogmart)- 03/20/10

Sergio/Chihuahua Mix (wisconsinratpack)- 03/21/09 (Gotcha day)

Lizy/Pembroke Welsh Corgi (oliveramy)- 03/22/15

Bandit/Belgian Tervuren (bandit-the-tervuren)- 03/25/13

Maise/Standard Poodle (growlinggrumpies)- 03/26/12

Koda/Aussie (@ellway)- 03/29/14

Eevee/Pembroke Welsh Corgi (eeveesevolution)- 03/30/13



Gallifrey/Border Collie (canisitsnotlupus)- 04/04/12

Vivi/Miniature Poodle (poodle-snootle)- 04/07/15

Creed/Doberman (doberbutts)- 04/12/14

Rogue/GSD (crippledhockwalker)- 04/16/14

Neo/GSDxNew Canaan Dog (life-with-neo)- 04/21/11

Sadie/PBGV (pbgvparty)- 04/27/07

Bodie/Aussie (@dogitmayconcern)- 04/28/03

Echo/LabradorxGolden Retriever (supporttheservice)- 04/28/15

Castiel/Border Collie mix (crash-course-canine)- 04/29/14 (Gotcha day)


Remy/Catahoula Leopard Dog (crippledhockwalker)- 05/01/07

Vivec/Golden Retriever (canisitsnotlupus)- 05/01/04

Milo/Lab (@wherehorsesmeetdogs)- 05/07/15

Jasmine/German Shepherd (ourshepherdpack)- 05/13/14

Coco/Rat Terrier (bandit-the-tervuren)- 05/15/05 (Gotcha day)

Lacie/Miniature Schnauzer (schnauzerbeards)- 05/16/07

Kona/Border ColliexLab (konatherapy)- 05/18/14

Djinn/Belgian Malinois mix (ofdreamsandomens)- 05/20/14

Naxos/Belgian Malinois mix (ofdreamsandomens)- 05/20/14

Kai/GSD (betteroffrad)- 05/22/09

Maverick/Siberian Husky (@alipynckel)- 05/31/13


Valyria/Border Collie (canisitsnotlupus)- 06/06/13

Avalon/Lab (agilitylabs)- 06/07/07

Dakota/ShepherdxLab Mix (pawsitivelypowerful)- 06/08/09

Suki/German Spitz Mittel (lairofdragons)- 06/13/15

Apollo/Golden Retriever (apollosundog)- 06/18/13

Bosco/Labradoodle (rylee-blue)- 06/23/09

Wilson/Border Collie (blackdogcollective)- 06/24/14

Sadie/Rat Terrier (wisconsinratpack)- 06/26/04

Delta/Standard Poodle (philoskylax)- 06/30/14

Luna Lovegood/Rat Terrier Mix (wisconsinratpack)- 06/30/12 (Gotcha day)



Django/Bluetick Coonhound Mix (coloradohounds)- 07/01/12

Jimmy/Beagle (faerielandcorgiandbeagle)- 07/04/14

Onslow/JRTxPoodle (itsapetslife)- 07/04/11

Rudy/Greyhound (mgkesi)- 07/13/07

Mystie/? (kasammacademy)- 07/15/06

Aska/Miniature Schnauzer (perfectdogs)- 07/18/11

Rylee/Bully Mix (rylee-blue)- 07/24/11

Henry/Standard Poodle (growlinggrumpies)- 07/27/11

Daisy/Beagle (bo0fs)- 07/28/15 (Gotcha day)

Cole/Greyhound (mgkesi)- 07/30/11


Kajam/Sheltie (lambdalupi)- 08/03/15

Brum/Whippet (greyhound-murphy)- 08/04/14

Maya/Mixed Breed (direhusky)- 08/09/14

Fae/CorgixSwedish Vallhund (faerielandcorgiandbeagle)- 08/14/12

Sam/PapillionxDachshund (blackdogcollective)- 08/13/09

Hoss/Lab (agilitylabs)- 08/26/09

Zorro/Mixed Breed (mexicanine)- 08/27/05



Raven/Lab mix (mgkesi)- 09/06/06

Daedra/Border Collie (canisitsnotlupus)- 09/09/02

Baby Girl/Medium Mixed Breed (supporttheservice)- 09/13/06

Ava/Pyrenean Shepherd (betteroffrad)- 09/14/06

Bandit/Belgian MalinoisxGSD (benevolentbandit)- 09/14/14

Buffy/Chinese Crested (@amberful)- 09/16/09

Mesa/Aussie (canismirabilis)- 09/16/14

Chloe/Longhair Dachshund (coloradohounds)- 09/18/04

Banshee/GSD (@dogitmayconcern)- 09/30/11


Rosie/DachshundxTerrier (rosietherescue)- 10/03/14 (Gotcha day)

Murphy/Greyhound (greyhound-murphy)- 10/05/12

Pixel/Mixed Breed (pixpup)- 10/18/14 (Gotcha day)

Baylee/Bully Mix (rylee-blue)- 10/20/12

Hudson/Borzoi (dogadore)- 10/25/14

Mr. Darcy/Poodle mix (superservicedogs)- 10/25/10

Knight/Papillion (thatdognerd)- 10/25/09



Kenobi/German Shepherd (galactic-companions)- 11/18/13

Whisper/? (kasammacademy)- 11/05/11

Kestrel/WhippetxBorder Collie (sighthoundish)- 11/11/12

Natsu/GSD (pawsitivelypowerful)- 11/11/14

Evelyn/Bully Mix (achoirofcritters)- 11/14/14

Oliver Twist/Border ColliexDutch Shepherd (flamesconsort)- 11/23/13 (Gotcha day)

Tiberius/Aussie (tailchasers)- 11/27/11

Kaylee/Lab (@dogitmayconcern)- 11/30/14

Loki/Siberian Husky (@alipynckel)- 11/30/12

Sören/GSD (sablecoat)- 11/30/13



Farah/Basenji (finnandfarah)- 12/06/09

Shenanigans/? (canisitsnotlupus)- 12/06/14

Bandit/Borzoi (bandizoi)- 12/08/13

Harley Quinn/Papillion (thatdognerd)- 12/09/14

Pepper/Miniature Poodle (poodle-snootle)- 12/17/04

Lily/Miniature Poodle (poodle-snootle)- 12/17/04

Rhydian/Siberian Husky (@alipynckel)- 12/23/14

Echo/Standard Poodle (guidedogintraining)- 12/26/14

Ammo/Siberian Husky Mix (mypetsarejerks)- 12/27/10

Bruno/Hound mix (toebeansandtailwags)- 12/29/12

Finn/Basenji (finnandfarah)- 12/29/11

Tobi/Hound mix (toebeansandtailwags)- 12/29/12


Upcoming Birthdays:

Bandit is turning one today! (benevolentbandit)

Buffy is turning six on September 16th! (@amberful)

Mesa is turning one on September 16th! (canismirabilis)

Chloe is turning eleven on September 18th! (coloradohounds)

This list is still a work in progress. If you would like to add or remove a dog from this list or if I have entered any information incorrectly, please send me an ask and I will update the list ASAP. If there is a question mark anywhere in your dog’s info, it’s because you didn’t include that information and I couldn’t find it by skimming your blog. Please be polite if you see a mistake, I am just one person.

This list and the gifting program associated with it are also not connected to Tumblr in any way, shape or form. This post is just a reference list of birthdays. If you wish to send someone’s pup a physical gift, please abide by all of Tumblr’s giveaway rules.

Note: The tags for a couple members’ usernames did not work. I do not yet know the reason for this, but will try to find a fix for this.