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itwilltoteshappen(.)tumblr(.)com/post/145957615262/one-directions-harry-styles-to-play-mick-jagger someone already pointed out that hollywood published the exact same article in 2012. LMAO! (of course stephanie from yahoo would jump on the band wagon.)

HA! Thanks for the tip. (article)

It’s interesting to note that the original article was published on 14 May 2012, right smack in the middle of a tumultuous time where Eleanor thought she was done and Harry & Louis were feeling the effects of the closet a little more acutely than in previous months.

The article was a small effort to enforce the burgeoning solo!Harry narrative that began in earnest later in 2012. And here we are 4 years and 1 month later dealing with the the same old bullshit.