We are very lucky to have Yatta supporting 14m2. They have featured us in their halloween edition of Yatta Magazine and have also featured us on their blog, allowing their regular audience to be reminded or discover our exhibition. Editor Nik has included the same features from the magazine making it easy for people to make the connection between the two and reiterates the key points about 14m2.

We have also received conformation that there will be a review of the opening night of our exhibition on the blog and in the next issue of Yatta Magazine due out just after the opening night.

Thank you for your continuing support Yatta!


It was the Portsmouth Boutique Market ( http://www.facebook.com/boutiquemarket and www.boutiquemarket.co.uk) held in the Guildhall today! Alice, Katy and myself attended with appearences from Billie and Stevie. Myself, Alice and Stevie all sold some prints but our main priority was to advertise our exhibition! We had our business cards and flyers along with signs and Bonzo studio workshop session leaflets. We had alot of interest and alot of people interacting and asking us questions along with us explaining and engaging with the viewers at and around our stall. Katy and myself took some time out to wander around the venue handing out our exhibition leaflets to stall owners and custmors who we felt would apprciate the exhbition.

Alice managed to sell one of my prints whilst i was handing leaflets out. For me, this is a first, ive never had anyone pay money for my work as they tend not to be produced for public but rather for work purpose only. So, very happy with this out come, even if it was just the one. I labeled all my prints with my name, website and email address so they could follow up on my work.

I feel overall, we handed and engaged with alot of ‘custmors’ who were very enthsiastic and very willing to come to the exhibition. They asked us all about the venue and why we were putting on an exhibition and i just found it lovely we were interacting with the public in relation to our own work.

We had a lady next door to us selling little sock monkeys. I had to buy one. Very happy with my purchase. I wanted something to remember the market by seening as it was my first! 'Cute little Monkeys’ was her 'company’ name. She had been making them for the last year and a half of which they take an hour and a half to produce just the one. Such a lovely lady was chatting to us through out the market. She was selling out and was telling us shes at another fayre soon so needed to make more soon! She was in profit of £350 when we last spoke! www.cutelittlemonkeys.net is the website and i recommed you check it out because they are adorable!

We has a lady approach us and as she found out our exhibition was on Albert road she asked if she could take a handful of leaflets for her store. She runs a boutique on Albert road near Tescos and she enquired about our work and cause as she wanted to be able to relay all the information onto her custmours as she handed our leaflets out. I didnt realise how lovely strangers could be and willing to help!

Finally we met a gentleman, Paul Trever, who didnt realise we were photography students at firsty however he then asked if we knew Judy Harrison who is our head lecturer at the moment. We got chatting and found out he completed the same course as us but 10 years previous. We got chatting and he gave us some business cards and gave us some lovely tips and advice and wished us the best of luck which i thought was lovely. So hopefully, this is a nice way to get previous students back involved with current work.

Overall, i think its safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves ( minus the fact we were starving!!) and its a great way to meet new people and display your work and exhibition events!


The final show on this years circuit was 14m2.  Exhibition out of Bonzo creative studio on Albert Road, the pressure was on to have the highest of profile openings and to build on the mistakes made by the other groups in their own shows to make sure theirs stands out.

In a change of tact from the previous reviews I am going to start with my gripe first!  The green wall!  Despite being part of Bonzos’ corporate identity it is one of the least friendly surfaces to exhibit photography on and this comes from the person who only a year ago was exhibiting work on a red wall in a pub as part of Art Crawl and now curates a gallery on wooden cladding within a pub!  I am, however, reliably informed that they were not able to paint over the surface and so had to work with it.

The quality of the work was of a very high standard throughout both in terms of the photography and the presentation methods used.  The opening night was a huge success with excess of 300 visitors over the course of the evening!  In the face of such a huge turn out the team did a great job to keep the free refreshments, including alcohol, flowing leading to one very happy critic!

This brings to a close this years level two exhibition circuit and it is at this point I realise that non of the groups had any guest speakers of any kind, maybe this is a flaw? Maybe this is bucking a trend?  Either way I feel it has not had any real effect on the shows!


*Париж в октябре пахнет жареными каштанами. Я иду по бульвару Осман и погружаюсь, погружаюсь в этот жареный каштановый город. Жареные каштаны пахнут так, как будто кто-то пролил немного кофе на горячую плиту. Но это не совсем точное описание, сами понимаете, в этом мире на столько уж похожих вещей, так что это просто чтобы вы смогли хоть чуточку представить себе о чем я говорю.

*Я гуляю по Осману поскольку мне посчастливилось снять студию в самом сердце города. Моя квартира – это 14 парижских квадратных метров. Парижских потому, что это настолько классический вариант, что его можно было бы поместить в учебник по парижеведению. В квартире есть абсолютно все. На первый взгляд все.

 *Замечательное окно. О нем я расскажу в первую очередь. Когда я впервые попала сюда, я глубоко вдохнула, постаралась забыть о том, что  у меня дома кухня больше, чем все мое нынешнее жилое пространство (где собственно кухня у меня вообще в шкафу) и с надеждой увидеть прекрасный городской вид, распахнула окно и увидела СТЕНУ! Нет, вы не понимаете! Действительно стену, а точнее три…и трубу. Услышала звук работающих кондиционеров и увидела ма-а-а-а-ленький квадратик белого неба высоко наверху. Я не смогу передать словами тот водоворот чувств и эмоций, который закружился у меня внутри и, в скором времени, вырвался наружу стремительными потоками слез.

 *Я здесь уже 8 дней и я люблю свою квартиру, где большая двуспальная кровать съезжает с потолка, где я смотрю глупые французские шоу, когда готовлю в шкафу ужин, где мне невероятно спокойно и уютно. Я открываю свое унылое окно и слушаю, как наверху кто-то смотрит русские боевики, нюхаю запахи с чужих кухонь и пытаюсь угадать какая же сегодня погода на улице. Сегодня я отчетливо вижу капли дождя на своем подоконнике. А по будням мою квартиру наполняет непередаваемый, не убиваемый и очень сентиментальный (поскольку я как только я его чувствую, я начинаю реветь и сразу же закрываю окно) запах лука, доносящийся из китайского ресторана, что на первом этаже моего дома.

*P.S. Я в Париже. Мне очень повезло. Во всем. И даже в том, что у меня есть душ и туалет. Ведь еще бывают 9 метров с удобствами на этаже… )

The Bake Sale

As I’m sure you were aware we held a Bake Sale on Friday 21st October to raise money and awareness for 14m², meeting at 10am we began setting up our tables, pricing up cakes and trying to make the table as appealing as possible. There were a few hiccups to start with as upon most the groups arrival we discovered that no one had been to get paper plates, napkins or a float (despite having been discussed during our group meeting) however we are lucky that the city centre is only a few minutes walk from Eldon so myself and two others headed off to get what was we needed. When we got back the rest of our group had laid out the tables and we were pretty much ready to go.

(Image courtesy of Alice Chidgey http://alicechidgey.blogspot.com/2011/10/want-to-buy-cake.html)

For most of the day we had a fairly continuous flow of people and luckily had more than enough cake to supply them with. With the support of our lecturers and fellow photography students as well as others studying and working at Eldon we had a very successful day, selling over £100 worth of cake, covering out costs for the day and making roughly £50. We decided to use this money to pay for the leaflets and business cards we needed to advertise our exhibition.

We are possible considering holding another bake sale based on the successful of this one however we will wait to see how much work load we have as we near our exhibition opening.

大阪賃貸 - 中小企業の経理財務総務営業経営戦略(大阪府,大阪市)

♪大阪特ダネ物件情報♪ #大阪 #賃貸 更新が早いので #間取り の確認はお早めに! #賃貸マンション #賃貸アパート
沿線・駅住所:JR阪和線/南田辺 / 大阪府大阪市阿倍野区昭和町4
バス徒歩: 5分 賃料管理費・共益費 : 1.9万円3000円 礼金(敷引・償却金)敷金(保証金) : – 間取り : ワンルームワンルーム14m2 方位 : 南 種別築年 : マンション築34年 不動産会社名 : (株)みつけ家 不動産会社電話: 0800-600-8218

Particulier Tourangeau

Situé en plein coeur des Prébendes à moins de 250 mètres du jardin des Prébendes, nous vendons cette typique maison tourangelle encore appelée le particulier Tourangeau qui date de 1882.

La maison comporte 4 grandes chambres de 14m2.

Au rez de chaussé vous y trouverez le salon et la cuisine qui est ouverte sur l’espace de vie qui fait 21 m2, 

Le salon donne directement sur le jardin grace à une baie vitrée.

Le jardin est exposé PLEIN SUD et fait 70m2. Il est à noter qu’il est sans vis-à-vis et qu’il y est très calme.

Toujours au RDC vous trouverez 1 pièce qui fait office de salle de jeu mais qui peut être aménagée également en salon (ou cuisine) avec la possibilité d’extension sur le jardin.

Au 1er étage nous avons 2 chambres dont l'une comporte un grand dressing en enfilade, 

Une salle de bain et wc.

Au 2ème étage vous y trouverez 2  autres chambres, 1 salle d'eau, wc.

Le 2ème étage a été entièrement refait en surélévation (la toiture est neuve) en 2012. 

Le cout des travaux a été de 81.000 euros. 

Le poste de la toiture étant important il nous semble important de le souligner.

Electricité de 2006, chaudière à gaz de 2010

La cave fait la surface de toute la maison.
Les fenêtres sont en pvc

Le prix de vente demandé est de 350.000 euros.

Mail de contact : emdnet1@gmail.com

Group Meeting - Nine

The big one, the final meeting before the exhibition! The meeting was fairly straight forward, paying back money out of our sponsorship to anyone who has used their own money, sorting out who would be printing the t-shirts. With a week till our exhibition, it was becoming ‘real’ and we needed this last little elements to bring it all together.

Visitor Book is key for the opening night so we can get lots of feedback on the exhibition, providing us with thoughts on what they liked, what could be improved etc. Noemie has taken money from sponsorhsip and will be heading to Paperchase to pick up a lovely book for us.

T-shirts have to be printed this week, a little last minute but still do able. We have decided to purchase our own black t-shirts in whatever style we want and to meet at 1.30 on Monday at Eldon to hand them to Jess and Lauren who will then head off to Brilens to book in a time to print. I’ve managed to organise with Alice to pick up my black top from work as I can’t get away in time.

Our Posters will be on display in Fratton station this week. After much persistence from Becky, she managed to get hold of the manager of Fratton train station who has agreed to display our posters for the coming weeks. 

Wall space has become a bit of issue again with some people changing their mind about where they are going without informing the group. We decided the best way to do it was a simple hand vote, voting for which wall you wanted to be on. Luckily some people weren’t particularly bothered and in the end we found that wall space shouldn’t be an issue. We worked out we would have one person on the grey wall (Lauren’s prison photographs needed to be on this background to suit her photographs), four people on the white/graffiti wall and nine of us on the green wall. Sophie would also have her projection screen to display her shadow images and this could easily be placed on the day. The white/graffiti wall is going to be covered in cotton drill material as it is fairly thick and heavy so it will cover the graffiti and be able to support anything hung on it without costing a huge amount (roughly £5 a meter). In case of any issues with wall space, we have decided to meet at Bonzo at 10am on the opening night (9th December) to allow plenty of time to reorganise if needed and to overcome any hanging problems.

Health and Safety is obviously important so we have decided to have a rota to cover the doors, food, drink stalls etc so that there is some control over all areas. Having someone on the drink stall is particularly important in order not to provide any under-aged with alcohol. We have also agreed to all do are part in keeping Bonzo tidy during the opening night, tidying up as the night progresses and all helping out at the end.

Alice is still keen to perform at the opening night, looking to start singing at half 6 till 7. Her brother has also offered to play guitar in the background for a period of time.

Zoe mentioned at the beginning of our planning about possibly having a time lapse or video of our opening night to allow us to share the experience with anyone who couldn’t come while also acting as publicity for people to come down to the exhibition during the following week. Nik from Yatta has again offered his services, to come down on the day to create a time lapse of us setting up and the opening night itself. This will mean that we can focus on our exhibition while Nik documents it. Fantastic!

Business cards, there will be lots! We are each going to bring business cards to the exhibition and place them on one of Bonzo’s 'hot desks’ so that it is possible for the visitors to get hold of us or to get more information on websites etc.

Food and drink was our last point of the meeting. Katy, Zoe and Jess were left in charge of the shopping and were given a budget of £50 to get everything we would need. We created a rough list of things to get, trying to cater to everyone, looking at getting red and white wine, lemonade, coca cola, snack food of some kind (getting something suitable for vegetarians too) as well as disposable plates, cups and bin bags. They decided to head off on Wednesday evening to do their shop and store everything at Zoe’s as she lives just down the road from Bonzo. 

Everyone has their last little jobs to do and by 6pm Wednesday we will be opening 14m2 to the public. Exciting is an understatement. 


We had many a discussion about leaflet designs and after presenting our two possible designs we were going to combine to one of our lectures during a group presentation we had concerns that our logo and our design ideas didn’t fit together. Lauren Taw took it upon herself to compose a new design and produced the leaflet design you see above. Everyone is really pleased with the design, Lauren managed to combine some of the ideas we had in the original poster designs but apply them in a way that was suitable. By removing the colour and have a leaflet that was purely black and white we were able to reduce our costs (with printing costing nearly half the price of full colour double sided) and have a coherent theme between our logo and our presentation.

We ordered 500 leaflets and after a few delays at the printers (they ran out of toner) we finally have our leaflets. So far we have placed some in Bonzo, I will be taking some to work (LCE) with me Sunday and our team will be handing them out at the Boutique Market.  Expect to see them across Portsmouth over the coming week.

Southsea Boutique Market

I mentioned in a previous post that we were going to book at stall at the Southsea Boutique Market at Guildhall on Sunday 20th November, since that post we have received another email from Abigail running the market about what is expected of each market stall holder and have been planning how we are going to run on the day. Sadly I have to work at my part time job in London Camera Exchange on Sundays so I am not able to attend the market but I will be able to help with the setting up, I have previously taken part in Art on the Pier and Arundel Art Festival so have some experience in setting up the stall. I have provided the cover for the table at the market and have described to my fellow team members how I would approach it (not to take control of the situation but hopefully put them at ease as some of the members were nervous as its not something they have done before) hopefully making it run as smoothly as possible.

I recieved this email from Abigail running the market explaining what to expect and what is expected for the 20th November market.

Hello Fantastic People!


Please make sure you read and digest this email even if you have sold with me before as a few things are different this time.


Sunday is nearly here and I have advertised in Southsea Directory, Mayhem Magazine, The News, social media, Express FM radio station and every online spot we can think of but you can still do your bit by telling all your friends and inviting them via the Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=315802765102959

and encourage them to invite their friends in turn.  


You can also help spread the word by getting people to join the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/southseaboutiquemarket


Our Twitter page is www.twitter.com/southseabtqmkt -  keep sending me links of the things you are making or thoughts you are having about he market and I will always retweet them, so that more people can discover your work.



The Guildhall Boutique Market starts at 11am.  The building is going to be available for us to use, from 8.30am onwards.  


Each seller is allowed to park one car for free in the Guildhall Car Park.  You will be able to unload you car at any of the entrances and then park your car around the back.  


I have been very *unhelpfully* informed by the Guildhall this week, that they have booked someone in to use the Main Auditorium this Sunday.  Which means that the car park will be pretty full.  We may have to double park on each other.  If you are in a rush to leave promptly after the event - please bare this in mind.

The fact that the auditorium is not available to use, is also causing me a huge headache.  As I am having to redraw a plan of where everyone is going.  


Do not worry, there will be thousands of people at the market this week.  There is no better or worse spot than anywhere else.

If you have got great products that are reasonably priced you will do well wherever you are.



Here are some pointers for this Sunday if you haven’t sold at the Boutique Market before:

  • The most important thing I can ask of you as a seller is that you smile and do your best to be cheerful even if you feel like you’re dying inside and you’d quite like to remove your current customer’s eyeballs with rusty spoons.  The reason that our Southsea boutique Market is so successful is because everyone is genuinely happy and having a good time.   I know most of you know all of this, but it is so easy to forget when your’e a little bit frightened.  Especially if you are laying all your personal creations on the table for people to judge.  You are all brave and fantastic and that is why you are doing what you are doing.  So smile away.  You are the best because you are here!


  • Make sure you bring a table cloth for your stall, we are trying to make the market as stylish as we can. Space is limited so do not bring anymore than one table please without letting me know first.  



  • Please feel free to dress up in your best clothes, we want to create a very visually impressive atmosphere, but you are under no obligation to do so if this doesn’t make you feel comfortable. 



  • Make sure that you have plenty of change before you turn up.  You can get bags of change from the post office or bank (bags of 10ps, 50ps and £1 will be very useful)


  • Please arrive by 9.30am at the latest, so we can introduce ourselves and share the plan of the hall with you, so you know exactly where to go.  It will get quite congested as people have to take turns to use the lift if they are upstairs.  There are four lifts though and stairs at either end of the building.


  • If you have got your stall ready before 10.30am, please get into the spirit of things and help other sellers to set up if they look like they need some help.


  • I am currently drawing up a plan for where everyone will be.  We are using 3  large rooms upstairs and the two foyers, connecting rooms, walkways and cafe area downstairs.  I am not running a stall this time, so you should be able to get hold of me if you need me.


  • There are plenty of chairs available, so you don’t have to stand up all day. 


  • We finish at 3pm, so you can start packing up then.


  • I will come round and collect any unpaid monies at around 3pm when things start to quieten down.


Have fun getting all your wonderful goodies ready for  Sunday, I know it’s going to be a spectacular day.  Thank you so much for being a part of this.  You are all thoroughly brilliant and  I can’t wait to see what you all bring.


Any questions?  Please text or call me on 07960 725444


Best wishes


Abs xxxx

I must admit that I am disappointed I can’t do the market as I have always found them enjoyable however I am glad as a group we have decided to do this as I believe it will be fantastic advertisement to a suitable audience and will be an opportunity that not many other students on our course will have had.  Group Meeting - 8 In prepartion for the market we held a group meeting to work out who was able to attend the market and what was needed. As this was the only basis of the meeting it ran very smoothly, deciding that Alice, Zoe and Katy would run the stall hopefully with the help of Jess and Lauren (depending on whether they were free). These girls are always lovely and polite so I’m sure they will represent 14m2 in the best way possible. The other point we covered was about money, with the market taking place on Sunday we couldn’t have another bake sale moment and have no a float prepared, we worked out roughly how much money we need and in what coins, looking at the cost the prints were being sold at and what people may pay with. Other than that, it was just a case of making sure they had the table cloth, business cards and leaflets to give out.  Good luck girls! 


For our bake sale we decided that as well as our Facebook and twitter group we needed to advertise in Eldon itself. The best way to do this was posters so I decided to design a few posters that could be used, I wanted the posters to be very simple but provide all the information required. As you can see from the poster design, I decided to use exactly the same layout but change the picture in hope that a different illustration would attract people and they wouldn’t become used the to same poster displayed around the building. By hand drawing the cupcake images I hoped to appeal to the various art major students that study in Eldon while the polaroid film frame would help bring back the photography element. The 14m² logo has been included in the bottom right hand side as well as a fundraising for notice included in the bottom centre so that people are aware of why we are raising money and hopefully it will encourage them to ask questions about 14m². The ‘find us on facebook’ enables people to conclude that we are on the social networking site and like us to discover more about the exhibition as well as keeping up to date on any other events.


Bake Sale,

Friday 21st October,

Art Cafe, Eldon

11 - 4pm

These posters could be found around the Eldon building from Tuesday 18th October.

Group Meeting - Four

Our forth group meeting took place this week, with the bake sale and the assessed presentation being our main points of focus. 

Bake Sale

As the bake Sale was due to happen on the following Friday we decided to organise who would be baking as well as how we would organise the stall. First we discussed who wanted to bake before then deciding roughly who would cook what, in order to not have too many of one type of item for sale. Our chefs are; Katy, Lauren, Alice, Laura, Noemie, Lach and Stevie. The next important part was deciding how were going to run the stall, shifts seemed to be the fairest way to run the the stall. We devided the 5 hours into morning (11-1) lunch (1-2.30) and afternoon (2.30-4). We are planning to have at least two people at the stall during all these times, with some people put down for working during each session while others have said they will help out whenever possible (prior arrangement or photo shoots are resulting in some members being unavailable). We have all agreed to turn up at the art cafe in Eldon at 10am so that we can quickly and efficiently set up, display and price each of our items. Hopefully the bake sale will run as smoothly as the planning did.


Getting the leaflet designs became a priority as we were starting to question the amount of time it would take get them edited, processed through the printer systems, dispatched and deliveried. We decided to set a deadline of the following Monday (allowing around 5 days) for people to have their designs ready. We would then meet on the Monday and pick which leaflets we preferred. Ideally we wanted to include the logos of our sponsors on the leaflet (as some were given based on that we include their logo as advertisement) including J.W.Photography, SpieMatthewHall and Brilens, as well as the logo of our hosts Bonzo and the University of Portsmouth logo to show a connection with an educational base.

Amber and Becky had looked into the cost of printing leaflets with the best offer coming in at 500 A5 leaflets single sided for £37.50 or £53.70 for double sided, both full colour. At this time I do not have the name of the company.

We also decided at the meeting that we would print the posters ourselves using the uni facilities as this is how we printed the Bake Sale posters and we were very pleased with the result. At 60p for an A3 colour print and 30p for an A4 colour print, we feel that these are very reasonable prices and can print as many as we need. 


Our assessed presentation would take place on the following Thursday and we needed to being preparing. We have agreed to meet on Monday after our theory lecture to prepare the presentation and would also meet on Thursday before the presentation to have a run through so that we felt very prepared. 

Group Meeting - Five

Fifth group meeting, the entire purpose of this meeting is to organise what is going in our presentation and who is saying what. This was probably the easiest meeting we have had because we already had the base of our presentation from our last one, we simply had to add and improve on it. We worked out what needed to be included, in what order and who would speak about it. 

This is how we de-constructed our presentation.

  • Name
  • Communication/Group Presentation
  • Location
  • Sponsor
  • Raising Money
  • Advertisement
  • Online Presence - Facebook, Twitter, Website (screen shots)
  • Photographer’s Question Time - sit in Bonzo during exhibition
  • Entertainment - Playlist and acoustic set
London Trip

I’m off to London tomorrow to visit a number of exhibitions, planning to visit the Tate Modern and some involved in Photomonth, as well as taking some photographs for my documentary practises brief but mainly for my own portfolio. I’m planning to be blogging throughout the day and will do an overview once I’m back with some of the images I’ve taken. I will also be reviewing the exhibitions.

Did I mention I’m getting up at 4am to catch the 5am train? 

It’s going to be a long (but enjoyable) day.


Did you know we were featured on Strong Island? I’m sure you did as its a fantastic website looking at the creative side of Portsmouth and Southsea. I was considering getting in touch with the team at Strong Island for a while having seen how they approach featuring photography exhibitions I hoped it would mean we would have a fantastic audience. On another one of our random trips into Bonzo I spoke to Phil (who runs Holgarama and organised the Holgathon which much of our group went to the opening night of) who gave me the email of Paul at Strong Island, as a photographer himself it was suggested that he would be very keen featuring us. 

So I emailed Paul, telling him why I was emailing and what 14m2 was about, ending the email saying that I was looking forward to hearing from him and if there was anything needed to ask. The text I emailed was the same text I had written for Yatta, I had spent time carefully considering that piece and had conformation from my group that it was fine so felt it was only wise to send this in too. 

Imagine my delight when I turned on my computer to find that on my internet home page of Strong Island was our article, less than 12 hours after I had emailed Paul. I hadn’t sent any images across in the email as I thought it would take longer to process and was waiting for a reply from Paul to say what he wanted but to my surprise at the bottom of the article is one of my photographs. All my emails regarding photograph are signed off with a link to my website and blog, I’m assuming Paul looked into my website to see what the quality of the exhibition photography would be and decided to take this image to accompany it. So not only has this article advertised our exhibition it has also given the world a little piece of my photography.

Overall, really can’t complain.

Online Presence

Having an online presence is extremely important in an attempt to reach as many people as possible. We have tried to cover as many popular sites as we can including;

Most are slightly bare as they have only just become up and running but with up coming events we hope that will attract lots of attention and keep people interested in what is happening in relation to 14m²