Here is a white gold men’s wedding band with a flush set emerald.  I made this back in the spring.  The customers brought in a family ring with 5 emeralds and a bunch of diamonds.  We used most of the stones in her ring but we added one into his ring to make the pair complimentary.  I really like how clean and crisp the ring turned out.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything  - this is the first new image of many commissions completed over the summer.   Hope you enjoy.

The inspiration involved in this design came from the customer.  She wanted a ring with three ‘pathways’ symbolizing her three children.  Using my Wave Ring series as a starting point, we developed this design into a unique version of a Family ring.  I really like how the strands of metal look like trails, or lives a family branching off, but always coming back around and together.