14k gold charm


Moms Made Fullmetal 2k17
Day Five (Sunday May 21st): Truth - “Cruel To Be Kind”

Riza Hawkeye

Riza was a natural choice for this theme. She holds this philosophy in how she cares for Ed and Al, leading to a dispute with Roy when he lies to them about Maes’ death. She is a figure of honesty, straight-forwardness, and clarity in her maternal actions.

Tiger’s eye gemstone is a stone of physical manifestation and clarity. It combines the ability to manifest your will in the material world with the aid of earthy perception and practicality, with the self-confidence and positive energy of the sun. Clarity comes from the tiger’s eye crystal’s properties to unite perception and awareness into a coherent, streamlined whole.

This piece is adorned with  14k gold-plated compass charm. Riza has no qualms about directing the boys back on their path, and she acts as a guide without taking control or agency from Ed or Al.

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Nickel-free, Fits wrists up to 10″