Dinner with a friend, a rare occurrence that I wish was less so!

Walking along Ditmars (I was very early because I seriously overestimated how long it takes me to walk there, and it was a lovely temperature), I suddenly realized that *that* is what’s happened to 30th Av, it’s gotten more like what Ditmars has been since I moved to the area. Ditmars was yuppified a while back; 30th Av is still being de-Europeanized, and it’s less homogenous and younger to begin with (being more Greek and somewhat pan-Mediterranean rather than just Italian, there was an especially enormous tide of immigrants dating from the Balkan wars). But yeah, they look soooo similar now.

Also walking along Ditmars, a big gust came right down the street I was crossing, direct from the Sound, and oh, I smelled salt and it made everything in my brain so much better. I’m a 20-minute walk from salt water, why don’t I go more often??

Final cap to a delightful evening: a grocery store on Ditmars has Kosher (actually halal, close enough) marshmallows!! They are in my freezer now, I am very* excited.

Oh, and I finally got my birth control, five days late :/