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name:  Sophia
nicknames:  soph, sophie, soap, mehri, fork, or moi !!
birthday:  4/16
zodiac sign: aries
Height: 4′10 and ready to FIGHT
orientation: im not sure,,, probably bi? demi? who knows,,
nationality: filipino!!
favorite fruit: hm,, probably watermelons? i also love dragon fruit, grapes, strawberries, and bananas!!
favorite season: summer tbh thats the only season my weak body can handle,, but i like spring and autumn too bc theyre aesthetic af, winter is my mortal enemy
favorite flower: buttercups!! 
favorite scent: BED SMELL LIKE YES,, it  makes me sleepy and happy, AND NEW FRESH SOCKS!! i have a weird habit of going to malls just to sniff the socks
favorite book: hm,, probably the haunting of the sunshine girl!! 
coffee / tea / hot cocoa: def tea if its green tea, not a big fan of hot drinks
average sleep hours:  HAHA,, according to the past 2 months it ranges from 3 to 14
cat or dog person: DOG!!! PERSON!!! tho i rlly like cats too!!! 
number of blankets you sleep with: either none or 1
blog created: dec 31 2015 !!
number of followers:  9,216!! (n ilu all ok id die for nyall)
random fact: i love komaeda nagito did yall know

I TAG PPL WHO WANTS TO DO THIS!!! ill tag some ppl but nyall dont have to ;0

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Name: Sierra
Nicknames: Sierra Mist
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 5'4
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: okay so my grandma just did one of those dna things so from her side I’m Irish, British , Scandinavian idk bout my grandpa from that side and on my dads side Syrian and Mexican
Favorite Fruit: Banana (this shit is bananas )
Favorite season: Winter/Spring
Favorite book: The Giver or A Child Called It that shit makes me cry every time
Favorite flower: Rose
Favorite scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom
Coffee, tea, or cocoa?: Coffee
Average sleep hours: 12-14
Cat or dog person?: Both I fucking love dogs and cats 🐕🐱
Favorite fictional character: idk
Number of blankets you sleep with: Two-Three
Dream trip: Paris
Blog created: October 2011
Number of followers: 640

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