I didnt realize how weird it was that Feferi Pexies and )(IC, the only living fuchsia bloods, highest on their caste, strongest, can endure the most damage, died so easily.

Like Feferi died of a Magic Hope Beam that Kanaya survived (though that might be because of Rainbow Drinker anyways), like given what we know about Highbloods Feferi should’ve been bleeding out for a little bit and not automatically dying. Especially when Gamzee was able to survive getting shot multiple times in the same region Feferi was hit.

 And then )(IC died by getting stabbed with a sword, something that also happened to Terezi in [S] GAME OVER, and she was able to survive long enough to get the Roxy’s planet, watch Rose die, have a conversation with John, wait for John to teleport back in time, and write him instructions to fix the timeline. Plus Terezi had also been slammed into the ground of Jade’s planet by Aranea if I’m remembering correctly?

Honestly what I’m trying to get at is that both Feferi and )(IC really should’ve been able to survive that damage they had taken in comic, or- In Feferi’s case- should have not insta-died when Trolls much lower on the caste system were able to walk around with their serious wounds for a good amount of time.

  • what she says: oh i'm not THAT into wash, i'm cool with him on the back burner
  • what she means: it's been 84 years since i heard my son's voice... where is he? what is he thinking? how is he feeling? you don't understand. my crops are dying. my children are starving. when will he Speak

Toucannon popsicles!

Chocolate gelatin, strawberry gelatin, pineapple gelatin, yogurt (plain and strawberry)

Tips if you want to try making these:

- For black gelatin, you can apparently also mix a green-colored one with a purple one. The chocolate had a different consistency than the fruit ones and was tricky to work with so this might be a good idea.

- The yogurt adds a nice texture and makes the fruit gelatin opaque, which makes the separation between each color layer clearer. You could definitely substitute something else: milk, coconut milk…

- Add the black layer while the pops are in the mold before you put the mold’s stick through, idk why I didn’t do that. Only put the mold’s stick through once all the layers are set or else the next color you add will pour down the hole and mess up the colors. (You’ll want to add it before freezing the pops to help with pulling them out once they’re frozen)

- Have the black gelatin set in a thin layer and use a straw + a cutting utensil to cut out the circle and duct at the base of Toucannon’s beak. Don’t try to pour in liquid gelatin. Just don’t.

- I painted the Toucannon faces with liquid food coloring to make sure it was safe!