Digitising Rylands Latin MS 113.

I am happy just to take pictures  An interview with Ram Shergill who answered the question

“I make them smile,” you said about your subjects. Who has made you smile the widest?

I have made Dame Judi Dench smile, cry, laugh, re-enact murdering her husband, her winning an Oscar… the range of the lady’s emotions are incredible. She can switch character from second to second. But her smile was that of an angel wearing Abu Sandeep Chikan, smiling at me with a tear in her eye…

Interview www.thehindu.com/features/magazine/ram-shergill-one-of-britains-leading-fashion-photographers-on-his-work-his-leica-and-his-favourite-subject-dame-judi-dench/article6532935.ece

Somali Nomad Holding Baby Camel On His Back, Lughaya Area, Somaliland by Eric Lafforgue on Flickr.

On the way from Zeila to Berbera, we crossed a nomad with a camel. He carried something on his back. First I thought it was a dead goat, but when we stopped, I saw he was carrying on his back a baby camel! Just a new born which could not walk yet! He was on the way to his coastal village, kilometers from there…