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not to make this Night Of Making Isa Be A Source On Butchness but uh do you have any like, fun butch fashion tips? i know approximately zero things about clothes but i really like your style

aw thanks, it’s no problem!! i love a plaid flannel as i’m sure you can tell and a solid majority of mine are from target – a great time to snap them up is at the end of fall when they go on clearance for like $6, and the men’s section usually has the ones made of real flannel as opposed to the women’s cotton blend. i prefer dark jeans, and because i’m tiny i love a women’s straightleg or light bootcut, cuffed at the ankles. i got my precious docs (which i wear in the fall and winter like 99.9% of the time, and to work every single day no matter the season) half-price on poshmark; mine are the cherry red vegan leather 1480’s. you can probably find cheaper on ebay!

in the summer (esp. out here in the southwest where it’s STUPID hot) a good pair of denim cutoffs and a pair of cargo shorts (i’ve had mine since i was like 12) are my go-tos, which i’ll just slap on a tshirt and sneakers or flip-flops with and be all ready to go. it’s simple and comfy and keeps me cool.


 3 scenes from the ‘Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry’, c1412. 

A famous and spectacular example of French Gothic art from the 1400’s, begun by the Limbourg Brothers for John, Duke of Berry. The book was unfinished when both the artists and their patron seem to have died of the plague. Work on the book was resumed during the 1440’s and the 1480’s. The three scenes are of the original section and comprise of (1) the January page from the calendar section depicting the Duke at a banquet, (2) 'The Temptation’ - overwhelmed by the depiction of a castle which still survives: Château de Mehun-sur-Yèvre. (3) The Meeting of the Magi.