148 pounds


★ ·.·´¯`·.·★ [ 𝓙𝓐𝓜𝓔𝓢 𝓜𝓒𝓐𝓥𝓞𝓨 ] ★·.·´¯`·.·★

✴ Weight: 67 kg or 148 pounds  
✴ Height: 5 ft 7 in or 170 cm   
✴ Hair Colour: Brown
✴ Eye Colour: Blue
✴ Birth Place: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
✴ Date Of Birth: April 21, 1979   
✴ Occupation: Actor
✴ Notable Works: X-Men film series, State of Play, Shameless,  Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune, Bollywood Queen, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Last King of Scotland, Atonement, Wanted, Filth, Split, Trance

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I feel really insecure about my weight becasue I'm 5'4 and the 148 pounds, but I really love suga and he weighs way less then I do and I think he would think I'm ugly because of my chubbyness๐Ÿ˜ข

YG: First of all, you are perfect wtf, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise… I am sure you are a nice person with a beautiful heart. 💛 Love yourself as much as I love you


Hola” I heard a lavender voice call.

My eyes opened slowly. I could see the bright sun shine through the open drapes.I shut my eyes quickly still tired

Holaaaa” He called again.

I turned my body over ignoring him. I placed the pillow over my ears. Before I knew it I could feel 148 pounds of petite man straddle me tickling my sides.

“Damn, Bruja, I said HOLA” He yelled.

I laughed opening my eyes hitting him with a pillow.

Mirar, pendejo!” I called hitting him over and over again with the pillow.

“hey thats what my dad calls me, but with this fine honey I got Im anything but stupid.” He said laughing sitting beside me.

I sat up and brushed the hair from my face.

“So what do you wanna do today bae, dime." he said crossing his arms.

"Bruno, have you been practicing your spanish?” I asked giggling.

si, we’re in PR! we have to speak spanish. I never get to come here unless it’s for a show” he said. “But we’re here, we’re home, so what do you wanna do?”

yo no se papi, what do you wanna do?” I asked

“I don’t know, maybe hit up the beach, visit mi familia and yours too. We still haven’t told anyone about getting engaged I think maybe our family should know before some paps see that rock.” he said shrugging his shoulders smiling.

“We could go visit family tomorrow, Today I just wanna relax.” I said laying back down.

I closed my eyes. I could feel Bruno lay beside me running his hand up my leg to my hip pulling me tight to him. His hot breath lingered in my ear as he whispered.

Te quiero" he said softly kissing my ear.

I turned toward him

"Oh my god” I said smirking.

“oh no baby dime en español” He said biting his bottom lip.

usted es tan estúpido” I said seductively joking around.

“Come here mama.” he said. I moved in closer letting him kiss my lips tenderly.

Quiero que" he said.

I kissed him hard biting his bottom lip pulling it as I sat up. Myheart began to beat fast as he caressed every inch of me kissing me. I breathed his soft musky scent in a my hands ran over his soft caramel skin. I could still taste the whisky on his breath from the previous night. I could feel his hand tangle n my hair as I pulled him closer wanting to connect every part of our bodies together. His tongue darted around my mouth pushing and exploring. His lips trailed from mine to my jaw and chin down to my neck. I let out a soft moan rolling my eyes back. My fingertips softly trailed the scars of his tattoos. He was mine and my body tingled with the idea that his manhood would soon be inside me. I could feel the warmth generate between my thighs and I wondered if he would feel it too. I opened my legs letting him rub his bulge onto my panties. he was hard but not nearly hard enough. I pulled my shirt off reveling my breasts. 

"let me close the shades” He said with his lips still pressed to mine.

“leave it.” I said pulling him in tighter.

I ran my nails down his back sending him into an animalistic rage, He broke the kiss looking into my eyes. I stared into his lusting cherry chocolate eyes then layed back allowing him to take full control. He kissed my neck and chest leaving love bites everywhere his lips touched. He propped himself up with one hand and licked the other one leading it down to my already wet panties. He pressed my slit through the thin moist fabric. Moving my panties to the side he rubbed the small num in a slow teasing circular motion. Shivers ran through my thighs as I waited. He moved his hand from my clit and pulled down my panties. I used my knees to inch down his boxers but he already had everything under control. Still holding himself up he used his hand to rub the tip of his shaft onto my clit before leading it to the hole. Bringing his other hand up to the other side of my shoulder he pushed himself into me slowly sliding deep in. I let out a small yelp as my cunt tightened around his large erect dick. I turned my head to the side as he pulled himself slowly out then back in again with more force. I could feel my body push up as he whined his hips into me. His eyes closed as he generated a rhythm pushing himself all in. I looked at him watching him as i tucked my fingers into his dirty hair. His chest was bare and muscular. I looked down to see where our bodies connected but I wanted us closer. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist pulling him in deeper locking my ankles behind him.  I could feel his hot and heavy breath on my face. He was beautiful even in the midst of casual sex. I arched my back allowing him more of me. I could hear his pelvis slap against mine. He grunted every now and again.

“Oh daddy.” I moaned lightly as he pushed into me.

He sat up pulling us both to our knees thrusting deep into me.One arm wrapped around my waist as the other came up to me. He pulled my hair back taking my head with it and roughly kissed my neck biting deep into it sucking and kissing passionately. He lifted me and dropped me back onto him repeatedly using my body weight to penetrate deep inside me. The friction began to generate heat as the sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Yeah.” I moaned.

“yeah bae?” He said assuring he had heard my plea.

“Fuck.” I moaned as he threw me back down whining and twirling his hips deep inside me.

He thrusted faster and faster until I could feel his warmth fill me up. He grunted as he came deep inside me. As he pulled out I could feel his heat drip from my slit onto the white satin sheets.

He kissed my neck and  let it trail down my chest stopping at my nipples as he twirled his tongue around it biting the tip and pulled it gently as he continued down.

I could feel his warm breath near my slit. He kissed my inner thigh lightly before sliding his tongue between. He licked up and down slowly teasing me until he softly touched my clit. He slowly twirled his tongue in circular motions kissing and sucking as he continues. I moved my hips into his mouth wanting more of him. He lightly blew air on my cunt teasing me. I pushed my hips forward, he placed his mouth on me sucking my clit as he flicked it with his tongue. I grabbed him by the hair controlling him as I moved my hips back and forth. I could feel my legs begin to tighten up. I held my breath looking down at his head between my thighs as I rocked back and forth. I felt hot and suddenly I couldnt take it anymore. The orgasm rushed through me like a wave/ I jolted up pulling my hips away from his mouth. I took a deep breath in as I came hard. He lifted himself up and crawled beside me smirking.

I laid down tucking myself in his arms.

“I’m so good.” he said with an arrogant crooked smile.

“Fuck off.” I said kissing him.

I could taste myself on his lips but it was sweet.

“Goddammit I’m good.” He laughed.


My body legit tried to kill me.
😭I woke up feeling terrible five days ago and my sides, back, and abdomen were really hurting. My stomach was really distended and felt sore. Oh I was so tired too. So I kind of forced myself into a walk during the day. My right knee already being weak made any effort to run even harder and I gave up!
Come to my weekly weigh in and I ballooned (pretty literally) to 148 pounds. My body literally put on almost 15 pounds of water weight because it’s a jerk! 😢
But it made me hurt and it felt so bad and I’m so glad it stopped… whatever it was.
Buuut I’m back down to 137 today and I don’t feel like death! I even ran in the rain for almost four glorious miles today! Then walked three more.
Running in puddles will never not be fun!!
Hoping the last few pounds drops off over the next couple of days too.

But ugh maybe I should bring this up to a doctor? 🤷‍♀️

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 172 pounds to 148 pounds ♥️
Since I am naturally slim, I only dieted to lose weight thus far, come the ending winter I want to start working out and get the body I really desire, my goal is 120!

Watching what you eat isn’t so hard! You don’t have to control everything or write it all down or survive on kale, just start abstaining from unhealthy things in your diet slowly and add healthier alternatives (oatmeal instead of pbj) (I replaced la croix with all soda)

It really is possible! Never give up!

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I'm 5'6 and I weight about 146-148 pounds (it fluctuates constantly?) and I've been trying to lose weight but even though I'm overall not very overweight I look it and it's pretty upsetting and I don't know how to fix it. Like my face/stomach hold all my fat and my arms/rib area/chest are rather skinny looking (like you can see my ribs) and it's just weird I'm sorry. Do you know of anything to help with this? Sorry if I'm bothering you

Seeing some ribs on your body is normal and it isn’t always a good indicator of thinness. When I was pretty overweight in BMI, you could see some of my ribs and my chest was flat, but I had a muffin top, chubby cheeks and thunder thighs. Your BMI is 23.7, which is near the higher part of the normal BMI range. I would recommend you lose until are a BMI of 20(around 124 pounds) and then stay there for a while to adjust your perception of your appearance and then see whether you are satisfied with that. When I was your BMI, I experienced the same thing, my face was round and moon-like instead of angular and defined and I was pretty pudgy all around, save for a few ribs visible. I hope this helps!


SO IM SORRY I TAKE 5 YEARS TO WRITE A FIC, BUT IT IS 330AM AND I AM FINALLY DONE!!! Hope you enjoy thebittercane and anon-san!!!ย 

The awkward bumping of shoulders in the tiny break room, opening ย office doors on one another, the quiet ride to the donut shop. Thin, whitening lips straining to find words of idle conversation.ย 

What even was the walk of shame when you had to do itย right to your office, face to face with the man who was just balls deep in you the night before?ย 

nsfw and it gets rly long wwwโ€”

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Two years ago, I was 172 pounds. I was overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, lethargic, and suffered from extreme depression. I binged on grossly unhealthy foods on a regular - usually daily - basis. When I became clinically depressed and anxious upon moving away from home and starting my freshman year of college, I turned to food for comfort without even realizing it. I spent all my money on fast food, take-out food, and unhealthy snacks. In the privacy of my single dorm room, I gorged on to-go boxes from my school cafeteria and unhealthy food I had previously stocked up on. I went from a size 4 to a size 10 in just over a year without changing my eating or exercise habits. 

The thing is, in high school, I ate the exact same way. I was constantly eating unhealthy food in startlingly large quantities. My freshman year of college was just when my poor eating habits starting catching up with me. It wasn’t until I saw a particular picture of me posted on Facebook that I realized just how out of hand it had gotten. When I saw myself as I truly was (instead of ignoring and denying the growing problem), it felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach. I came to the realization that I needed to change my habits and lose weight. 

Although I desperately wanted to change, I continued backsliding into my old ways for the remainder of the summer (June, July, August, and even some of September). I sat in my classes at the beginning of my sophomore year of college, feeling fat and extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. Fellow classmates tried to befriend me, but I couldn’t even bring myself to even look them in the eye because I was so ashamed of my weight and how I looked. 

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I was sick of living life on the sidelines - afraid to participate in certain activities, interact with certain people, seize certain opportunities, etc because of my weight and lack of self esteem. I decided - right then and there - that I was going to make it a priority to change my unhealthy habits once and for all and lose the excess weight. I tried a few different ways of eating and finally found one that works for me (a wheat-free, sugar-free, low-carb lifestyle with moderately high protein and high fat consumption). Through months of dedication to nutrition, endless hours of research, and making my health a priority, I lost over 25 pounds. By losing the weight, I regained my self-confidence, health, and happiness. 

Going low-carb and cutting out wheat and sugar is what I’ve found works best for me. In just the first month and a half of starting that way of eating, I lost over 10 pounds. I was thrilled to have finally found something that worked so effectively. However, I was put on Accutane shortly after losing the 25 pounds (and steadily making my way to a 30-pound loss) - and developed a thyroid condition as a result. For almost my entire course of Accutane, I was so confused as to why what had worked so well for me had suddenly stopped working. Losing weight was impossible, and I actually began to gain weight (one of the main symptoms of an thyroid condition). 

I haven’t had a cheat day since April 2013 (even during a month-long trip to Europe in summer 2013), avoid carbs/wheat/sugar/overly processed foods like the plague, and I even incorporated some exercise - yet I still put on 10 pounds. Needless to say, I was confused, depressed, and discouraged. I didn’t understand why, in spite of doing everything right, I was not only unable to lose weight but also was gaining weight. When I stumbled upon an article listing the symptoms of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disorder, it was a Godsend. I had every single symptom on the list (and then some), so I went to a doctor, voiced my concerns, got a blood test, etc. My test came up as only borderline for hypothyroidism, but I am not allowing that to deter me. I am convinced I have either that or Hashimoto’s (in conjunction with high corisol levels as well), so I am going to insist on being given additional, more in-depth tests in order to get to the bottom of this undeserved weight gain and host of other health issues. 

I have been fully dedicated to my weight loss journey since October 2012, and I am beyond ready to reach the goal I’ve been striving towards for so long. All the odds have been stacked up against me and my weight loss goals, but I refuse to give up and give in to temptation. I can only imagine how much more weight I would have put on as a result of this condition if I had allowed the discouragement to get to me, just thrown in the towel, and started eating unhealthily again. 

I’ve had my slip-ups way back in the past, but long ago, I came to the realization that that slice of pizza, piece of cake, bag of chips, etc just aren’t worth it. The 10-15 minutes of satisfaction derived from eating that unhealthy food doesn’t even come close to the satisfaction of making healthy food choices on a daily basis that nourish my body, rather than destroy it, and being comfortable in my own skin. I’ve made a lot of progress and my hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s/corisol levels (or whatever it is I have) undid some of it, but I am not giving up. 

I still have a long way to go, but I have made it a priority to focus on the progress I’ve made so far rather than all the progress I have yet to make. My diet and nutrition are so much better than they used to be, my will-power is stronger than it ever has been before (I even refuse to “cheat” on vacations and weekends), and I make my diet a priority - dedicating hours to preparation, cooking, and making/packing snacks for on-the-go healthy eating. I hope that, by continuing my way of eating, getting diagnosed with/getting treatment for my condition, and making exercise much more of a priority, I will finally reach my goal. 

The way I see it is, this is a lifestyle change. I have a lifetime to perfect my exercise regime, diet, and self-image. For me, it’s not about losing a ton of weight in a short period of time - only to return to my old habits and gain it all back. It’s about losing weight at a healthy rate, getting my health to an optimal level, increasing my thyroid function, and never again allowing my weight to drag down my general happiness and self-confidence levels - and maintaining that progress (in all aspects) for life. 

I can’t wait for the day when I can finally just maintain my weight instead of working to lose the weight! Although I’m only about halfway there right now, I’m happy with my progress thus far and am looking forward to slowly but surely making my way to my ultimate goal weight and body.

(Oh, and PS - I’m 5'6 and weighed 172 lbs at my highest weight, and I currently weigh 148 pounds. My goal weight is 125 pounds.)

Here’s the thing about weight loss:

It probably won’t solve all of your problems & magically make you a happier person.
Shocking right?

I remember having this ultimate goal of reaching a certain weight, because in my head that would be where I’d find true happiness & I’d never complain about myself again. Wanna know what happened when I stepped on the scale that day and saw my magical goal weight? I was excited for a second, took a picture and sent it to my mom, she congratulated me and that was it. There was no magical “omg I’m so happy no complaints ever again my body is perfect yay!!!!!!” switch that went off in my head. Nope. I just found more things to complain about. My arms? Still too flabby. My legs? Need to be firmer. Stomach? I could lose a couple inches. See, I still found things wrong with myself and I’m pretty sure if I had lost another 15 pounds i’d keep doing the same thing. And the same for the next 15 pounds.

We’re taught to obsess over this number our entire lives, fear doctor visits because we know we have to see this number and God FORBID someone ask you what your number is. We’re taught to be embarrassed by this number, compare our numbers to each other and try to make our number match our favorite Instagram model’s number.

The truth is.. A goal “weight” is never really the end. It probably won’t stop there. You’ll think “cool I’m glad I’m at this weight but how much flatter would my stomach be if I lost another 10 pounds?!” “My arms will probably look better if I lost a few more.” And the cycle will probably keep going. That’s why I say, excuse my language, but fuck the scale. Weight loss isn’t always consistent. It’s not always linear. These past four years I’ve lost 60 pounds.. Gained about 20 of those back.. Lost another 10… Gained that 10 back and so on. At my highest weight I was 208 pounds & at my lowest I was 148 pounds. When I went on a cruise with my friends I had the best time of my LIFE and I was 165 pounds. Back when I fell in love for the first time I was 188 pounds. When I started pursuing my love for singing after being way too shy my whole life and got asked to audition for “The Voice” I was 170 pounds.
My point is- these incredible things didn’t happen at my “goal weight”. They happened when I was enjoying my life & doing my best to appreciate every moment. We spend so much time focusing on getting our bodies to a “goal weight” that we forget to use our bodies to enjoy our freaking lives.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t always focus on your health, because you should. What I’m saying is that it’s okay to have that piece of cake at your friend’s birthday celebration. It’s okay to go and have a few drinks with your friends. It’s okay to go over your calories for the day and gain a couple pounds. It’s okay to go on a week long vacation and enjoy the food around you. As long as you’re not doing this every single day.. IT’S OKAY. Don’t miss out on fun experiences because the menu of the restaurant your friends want you go to to doesn’t have a calorie count for each meal. Do your best to make healthier choices as often as you can, but don’t rely on a scale to tell you everything about yourself, because the day that you reach that “goal weight” you’re working towards isn’t even promised. It’s cool to monitor your weight and try to stay in a healthy range, but if a number on a scale has haunted you for years and years like it has me, toss that shit out the window. I’m not saying I don’t still have “goals” for my body, because I do. I’d love a tighter stomach & more toned arms and legs, and I will keep working towards those goals, but focusing on a number isn’t the way I’m gonna do that anymore. I know I don’t only speak for myself when I say that more days than not I find myself feeling less than confident about my body and this post isn’t to pretend that I don’t. I’m a true example of needing to practice what I preach, and I know I’ll have to re-read this to myself a few thousand times, but that’s why I wrote this; For myself and for anyone else who needs a daily reminder that we dont owe anyone, especially ourselves, perfection.

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 Hey there! So, this is my journey so far:

I am 5ft 2, and started at around 177 pounds. Back at the end of April, I met a guy online who really wanted to meet up, but I just couldn’t get myself to do it….and that was when I realized just how unhappy I was with my weight.

So, rather than just binge eating on whatever I want everyday, I eat healthy 6 days a week (around 1,200 calories) and have 1 day where I don’t count calories. I try to go to the gym when I can, but honestly, I live in the city, so I already walk everywhere, and the job that I got in July requires a lot of physical work, so I don’t get too mad at myself if I miss the gym.

In the first photo, I was also a size 13, but it was getting tight. In the last photo I am a size 11 and around 148 pounds. It was taken about a week ago, and I still have a bit of a way to go, but looking back on how far I have come, I don’t think I will be giving up any time soon.

havedoughnutwilltravel.tumblr.com (That’s my fitness blog!!)

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Ted Bundy had been dieting to lose weight in preparation for his escape in 1977. Here, looking scrawny, he was down to a very lean 148 pounds. He realised that he could wriggle through the hole into the area above a metal plate directly above the ceiling light fixture in his cell that had been improperly welded and was loose. By prying and probing, he was able to push it off, leaving an opening of about one square foot.

By the time police learned of his escape, he was well on his way to Chicago. Chicago was one of the few stops that he would make along the route to his final destination, sunny Florida. By mid January of 1978 Ted Bundy, using his newly acquired name Chris Hagen, had settled comfortably into a one-room apartment in Tallahassee, Florida.


It’s been decided, must lose at least 10 pounds or more before the 22nd…

Stupid fucking diet!!!

Gave up soda, been eating healthy, rarely been eating fast food, even counted calories for a while, and I fucking gained 2 fucking pounds!!!!

It’s time for hell!!!

One diet that was working for me was not eating past 5:30….

Looks like I’m going back to it…

Not to mention I now have a running partner, so I’ll be running to her house as much as I can, and even further when she’s able to come with me ^_^

No eating past 5:30

Water water lots of water

Eating healthy

Lots of cardio and ab work out…

Who wants to text me everyday to make sure im getting in my workouts and what nots?

I’m pissed, and going to make this happen….



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 Height: 5 ft 6.5
Sw: around 220 pounds
Cw: around 148 pounds
Gw: 135-140 pounds

Done all this in like a year
Went from uk size 16-18 to uk size 10-12.
I’ve always been overweight, I’ve always loved eating the wrong things and eating just all the time. I just suddenly realised I’m getting older and I didn’t want to go to uni being the weight I was and feeling sad about the weight I was. Fell in love with the gym and are more salads and went crazy counting calories. It got to the point of obsession which was hard to overcome but I’m getting there. I’ve never been as slim or as happy but also I’m a lot healthier, I still go to gym at uni and even though my eating isn’t perfect it’s not as bad as it was. I still have goals to achieve, want to tone up my arms, my stomach is a problem area, fat just won’t leave it so that’s my main focus atm.

 I did all of this while having to study for a levels and the constant workload that came with it. Don’t make excuses because you are just pushing back your potential achievements. Once you start and keep yourself motivated by the bigger picture it’s all worth it, there will be ups and downs, nothing is perfect but in the end you will love yourself so much more. Do it for you not anybody else. 

I follow back. Ask me anything I’m happy to help you with your journey too! Good luck

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pipers-piping and geese-a-laying

11 facts about my body hmmmmm ok here they are:

  • i weight between 143-148 pounds, it varies a lot
  • im about 5'9ish maybe taller i dont actually know i slouch a lot
  • my contact prescription power is like -8, i cant see the E at the top of the eyechart without my glasses or contacts
  • i think my hair is brown but there are certain other people that say its blonde (Austin thats u)
  • my shoe size is 10.5
  • i have a really big head actually
  • two of my teeth are caps since i broke them in the 7th grade since an ornamental egg hit them
  • i can move my eyes around really well like i can make them look different ways its kinda cool
  • my tongue can touch my nose
  • i can bend my fingers in weird positions
  • my hair is really curly but ive been keeping it short lately so u cant tell as much

6 quirks literally like 10 people sent me this one ok heres some:

  • i only like to wear one sock but its weird cause i start w wearing both socks but idk what happens to one like i subconsciously take it off
  • i eat with my left hand but write with my right hand so in a way i guess im ambidextrous
  • i crack my knuckles and shoulders and neck and back and its a really bad habit tbh
  • sometimes i cant control my laugh and i laugh reallyyyy loudly its not good when im up late and people are sleeping
  • i think sometimes when i talk to certain people i start talking to them in a voice similar to theirs which is weird idk
  • i cant fall asleep before i lay on my stomach for a while first then lay on my side then on my back then back to side its a cycle that brings me comfort