25 Morristown Rd has been our home for dancing for the past 5 years, and we are glad to say that we are moving out into a new and bigger studio. We would love to celebrate with everyone and dance together as a community in the studio one last time.

Registration begins at 1pm.
1 Class - $8.00
2 Classes - $12.00…
3 Classes - $20.00
4 Classes - $25.00

Bong Buno- 2pm - 315pm

AnikaFanlo and Bo Belza - 330pm - 445pm

Joseph Ancheta and Katrina Endozo - 5pm - 615pm

The Powerpuff Boys
( Norbert Reyes, Charles Espinoza, Jason Lai, Anthony King ) - 630pm - 745pm

Open Freestyle Session 8pm

Thank you for everyones support and of course a big thank you to Kim and Amy for their success.