This is your daily reminder that this is not normal. Donald Trump is unqualified, racist, misogynistic, ill-tempered, unintelligent; he has no grasp of how our government is supposed to work; he has conflicts of interest so numerous that two presidential ethics lawyers have bi-partisanly teamed up to combat them; he’s been sued so many times I can’t list them all here; he’s still being sued by a multitude of people, and will continue to be long into his presidency.

The Russian government blatantly interfered with his election through email hacks and wikileaks: this has been confirmed by multiple national intelligence agencies; he has no regard for the truth, or facts, or scientific data; he gets into fights with people on twitter at  3am.

He called Mexicans rapists and criminals; he wanted to create a registry for Muslim Americans; he doesn’t take no for an answer, whether its coming from a woman or the President of Mexico; he refuses to attend security briefings; he’s costing the government millions by refusing to leave his office in Trump Tower; his cabinet is as unqualified and uninformed as he is.

He lost the popular vote by over three million (3,000,000) people.  The American people did not elect him.  Donald Trump should not be President of the United States.

This is not normal. Don’t ever forget it.

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Snape in doc martins yeah or nah

Emphatically yeah.

Tobias had them first.  1460s, and he’d blacken the stitching with shoe polish to make them more acceptable in the workplace.

Severus got a second hand pair when Tobias’ workmate passed on.  Tobias would force him to blacken the stitching, but with a wave of his wand, Severus would undo it as soon as Tobias left the house.  Later, he created a spell to cause his stitching to stay permanently yellow.

After a fierce argument in the summer of 76, Severus cast the same spell on Tobias’ boots.  Tobias was furious at the idea of going to work with yellow stitching on show, and threatened to snap Severus’ wand unless he reversed it.

A year later, Severus was more cunning; more subtle.  The night before he left for Hogwarts, he spelled the stitching to fade back to yellow 48 hours after they’d been blackened.  Tobias spent a furious few weeks ranting about the poor quality of boot polish until he realised what his son had done.

Eileen charmed them permanently black.

When Severus returned to Spinner’s End in the 90s, he found his father’s boots.  With their permanent black charm on the stitching, he found them perfect for spying - the dark stitching enabling him to slink through the streets unnoticed.

When he got very drunk and maudlin, he would mull on the oddity of literally walking miles in his father’s shoes.

Call for Submissions:A Sapphic Disney Zine

This is the first zine that I have ever created and I’m hoping that people will be interested in participating in this project. This zine will feature women loving women from anything Disney, including their movies, cartoons, and the abc family show Once Upon a Time. I’m looking for fanart, comics, and fanfic oneshots.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • The submission date is May 15, 2017.
  • This zine is rated PG-13, can include implied nudity.
  • If you are submitting fanart, the minimum size is 1460 x 2070 pixels CYMK file .png or .jpg or larger. 
  • If you are submitting a fanfic, the maximum word count is 1,000 words

How to Submit: 

Submit final work to sapphicdisneyzine@gmail.com. I will let you know if you make it in by no later then the deadline, May 15.

If you have any questions or concerns feel to send me a message through tumblr or the email stated above.

I put down the sodas, I picked up some water. Became a vegetarian. Got braces. Dedicated myself to the gym (as much as possible). Researched, watched many documentaries about the human body and brain (as well as makeup tutorials lol). Taught myself that self worth is one of the highest forms of self motivation that one can have. I was 16 on the left and 20 on the right. 4 years may not sound like a long time (just 48 months, 209 weeks, 1460 days, and 35,040 hours) but a lot can happen during that time frame . Every second of this time I had a goal to become a better me (both mentally and physically ) and though I’m no where near my goal and where I aim to be. I am so proud of myself for not giving up. Never give up on yourself.❤️ Xx AJ