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So I was reading the print volumes of the Haikyuu manga (I read it all online but got some of the volumes for my birthday so was rereading it in print) and discovered sometimes between chapters they have bios of the characters!! so i decided to take pics and post them so others who only read it online can see them bc i like them a lot!! ive only been able to get through volume 11 in print so i don’t have all of them but i have 60 pics which i’ll be posting 10 a day for the next few days :) I’ll be putting them all in the tag “Haikyuu character bios”! (edit: if you’re just seeing this now, they have all posted! Check em out if u thought this post was cool ;) )

i tried to get them as in focus as possible but didnt always succeed and some are kinda hard to read so i transcribed them all under the cut!!

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The mosts of this year’s World Championship

Oldest players

  1. Cristobal Huet (41 yrs), France
  2. Laurent Meunier (38 yrs), France
  3. Alexander Egger (37 yrs), Italy
  4. Armin Helfer (36 yrs), Italy
  5. Anders Bastiansen (36 yrs), Norway 

Youngest players

  1. Clayton Keller (18 yrs), USA
  2. Jesse Puljujärvi (18 yrs), Finland
  3. Charlie McAvoy (18 yrs), USA
  4. Nicolai Weichel (19 yrs), Denmark
  5. Pavel Vorobei (19 yrs), Belarus

Tallest players

  1. Mathias Bau Hansen (200 cm / 6'7"), Denmark
  2. Victor Hedman (198 cm / 6'6"), Sweden
  3. Nick Bjugstad (197 cm / 6'6"), USA
  4. Oliver Lauridsen (197 cm / 6'6"), Denmark 
  5. Thomas Larkin (196 cm / 6'5"), Italy 

Shortest players

  1. Yannic Seidenberg (171 cm / 5'7"), Germany
  2. Tommaso Traversa (171 cm / 5'7"), Italy
  3. Simon Kostner (172 cm / 5'8"), Italy
  4. Johnny Gaudreau (174 cm / 5'9"), USA
  5. Niklas Roest (174 cm / 5'9"), Norway  

Heaviest players

  1. Oskar Osala (110 kg / 243 lbs), Finland
  2. Oliver Lauridsen (108 kg / 238 lbs), Denmark
  3. Mathias Bau Hansen (108 kg / 238 lbs), Denmark
  4. Dmitry Korobov (108 kg / 238 lbs), Belarus
  5. Jordan Greenway (104 kg / 229 lbs), USA

Lightest players

  1. Niklas Schlegel (66 kg / 146 lbs), Switzerland
  2. Peter Trška (70 kg / 154 lbs), Slovakia
  3. Johnny Gaudreau (71 kg / 157 lbs), USA
  4. Raphael Andergassen (73 kg / 161 lbs), Italy
  5. Tommaso Goi (74 kg / 163 lbs), Italy

Oldest team

France–  28.7 yrs

Youngest team

USA–  22.6 yrs

Tallest team

USA–  187.4 cm /  6'2"

Shortest team

Switzerland–  182.6 cm /  5'11"

Heaviest team

Belarus–  90.2 kg / 199 lbs

Lightest team

Switzerland–  85.1 kg / 188 lbs


age: 23
zodiac: aries
height/weight: 5’ 3"/ 146 lbs
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: heteroromantic/heterosexual
yaoi type: switch
hobby(ies): dancing, drawing, playing banjo
personality: by far, the most joyful of the bunch. she’s a very good and persuasive speaker and will help you through your problems faster than anyone. her smile and laugh are her biggest charms, and any love you give to her, she’ll give you back 3 times as much. She’s deeply in love w/ goldie and has made that clear ever since they were still kids. The hallucinations that she had when she was a kid still happen, but were more useful for speaking to the dead and communicating w/ phantoms. she helps maria soul-search often especially in the times of the second game. On top of that, she’s really the only original; she still has her real soul, from when she was a child. Maria took her in as the very first soul in limbo, besides herself, sped up her aging process to become a young adult, and then halt it (as mariah did for everyone else, except for the toys). spring, like everyone else, was at least uneasy about the bite that would tear her and goldie apart for the next thirty years. she claims that she suddenly forgot how to laugh.. or speak entirely. She spent her purgatory in the store room, what wasn’t accessible in the game itself. and just… waited..

age: 31
height/weight: 5’ 6"/ 130 lbs
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: heteroromantic/heterosexual
yaoi type: seme
hobby(ies): hunting, taxidermy, stalking, playing banjo
Personality: everything that happened in the past, those memories, she still hangs tight to them.. But they’ve all turned sour. She seems to forget how to love entirely. so much so that everyone she bonded w/ 30 years before, she now hates w/ a fiery passion. She constantly fights w/ vincent for whatever control she has left over her body, and wouldn’t hold the grudges that she does have, against the rest of the group, if it weren’t for him driving her mad. the psychosis she is still diagnosed w/ makes her the only one who can really communicate properly w/ the other phantom animatronics. at the times where she isn’t angry and hostile, she’s in remorse and regret.. wishing that the day they were killed, if she had just listened to gregory.. none of this would’ve happened…

age: 11
height/weight: 3’ 9"/77 lbs
b day: 2/19/1976
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
hobby(ies): playing outside, singing, practicing banjo and fiddle
siblings: patrick (fnaf 3 guard)
personality/story: ((idkoneodthemjuathadtobeapurecountrykid)) she’s a simple farm girl who lives w/ her older brother, patrick, and her grand parents, on the very outskirts of the county. she has the widest sense of optimism of the children and keeps them from falling apart. she was the only person, besides felix, that was able to open gregory’s heart. and just like the bond that amber and andrew shared, they were the closest of friends. maybe even more so. she suffers from psychosis, and often has hallucinations and occasional, but rare and brief, moments of confused thinking. despite this, she still keeps her head high and ignores any insults thrown at her. the biggest downside to her psychosis is that, on the day of their death, vincent was easily able to manipulate her brain (something he wouldn’t’ve been able to do to the other children) and made her see and follow an illusion of herself, as spring bonnie, luring the other children into a death trap. she was the only child found, barely alive.. along w/ the killer, who had been concluded to be an employee named william afton, who had commit suicide after the (according to officials) failed murder. she appeared to have died later in the hospital. the other children were just declared missing…

DS: me

Here we go... again.

So, I gained quite a lot of weight back. I am so embarassed to write this but imma do it anyway, all my followers should know that i did really bad the last weeks. I’m at 146 lbs right now. Yes, I gained 12 lbs, but, and here’s the twist. I don’t need to go to work until 11th of September.

August was a horrible month for me, due to professional and personal reasons, so I am really glad this fucked up month is finally over and I can start anew.

- this is going out to all of you guys: don’t let a bad phase in your life get the better of you, that’s where I’m currently and let me tell you, binging didn’t help me at all to feel better, it made me feel worse in fact. please, be smarter than me. -

Yet, I’m suuuper motivated right now and I can’t wait to lose as much weight as I can in this span. I took before pictures, so I can show you a comparison (if requested) afterwards. I’ll probably upload daily about my intake, working out and how I did in general. Stay tuned. I love y’all. Thanks for reading this and always being with me, it means a lot.

✨ ✨ ✨

Name: Alexander
Nickname(s): Alex, kid, A
Age: 18
Species:: Contractee

|| Personal ||
Religious Belief:  Nothing specific, just believes in God, Angels, Hell, and demons
Sins: Lust / Greed / Gluttony / Sloth / Pride / Envy / Wrath
Virtues: Chastity / Charity / Diligence / Humility / Kindness / Patience /Justice
Primary Goals In Life: Free himself from his deals
Languages Known: English and French
Secrets: Will kill Zora as soon as he is free of his deal
Quirks: avoids eye contact from most people
Savvies: Knows a lot about acting and singing

|| Physical ||
Height: 5′9″
Weight: 146 lbs
Scars/Birthmarks: Half of face torn and scarred
Abilities/Powers: Super strength, above average durability, can see souls, can fuse with contractor, enhanced reflexes
Restrictions: Has no real fighting experience, weak to blessed items, emotionally weak,  humans limits

|| Favorites ||
Favorite Drink: Root beer
Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni
Favorite Color: red or pink
Favorite Music Genre: indie
Favorite Book Genre: Fantasy
Favorite Movie Genre: Musical
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Butt Type: Muscular
Favorite Swear Word: Shit
Favorite Scent: Apple Pie
Favorite Quote: n/a

|| Fun Stuff ||
Bottom or Top: n/a (if older he’d be a bottom)
Sings In The Shower: Oh yeah
Likes Bad Puns: Not really
Morality: Lawful / Neutral / Chaotic / Good / Gray / Evil
Build: Slender / Scrawny / Bony / Fit / Athletic / Herculean / Babyfat / Pudgy / Obese /Other.
Favorite Food: Strawberry Shortcake
Theme Music: Ode to Sleep -Twenty One Pilots
Their Opinion On The Mun: “…They, they just never give me a break…I think they might hate me…”

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Dresdendrew submitted:

Weight in before picture: about 146 lbs. 

Weight in after picture: I’m not 100% certain since I don’t like using scales but i was around 130 lbs. 

Height: 5’5

It took me 3-4 months and in that time I went vegetarian for about a month, saw a few changes but still felt crappy. After that I went vegan (which was the best decision i have ever made) along with a regular/consistent workout schedule :) 


    —- SUBMIT your own Before and After weight-loss photos HERE. 

Hey, I just wanted to show you my butt progress.

I am 5’6’.

On the left up I am about 155lbs, on the left down I am about 146 lbs and on the right I am 141 lbs.

The magic is in squats and running.

That’s it.

Find time to make 200 squats 6 times a week and go run for at least 60 minutes  times a week and you will see results.

You can’t even imagine how I love my but now.

This is insane to me. I started posting photos on @bodybuildingcom body space after I found @jamieeasonmiddleton live fit trainer and started lifting seriously in 2013. You really don’t realize how far you’ve come until you look back on old photos.

I was 123 lbs in the photo on the left 😳 and on the right I’m around 146 lbs (I’m 5'9). Gains take time - don’t give up! I’m so much happier and healthier now as well - mentally and physically. I was under eating in the picture on the left and didn’t get my period for like 3 years (WHICH IS NOT NORMAL). Sometimes we forget that fitness and this lifestyle is about health. Health always comes first 🙌🏼

Also, last day to vote for #bodybuildingcomspokesmodelsearch ! I’d be so happy if you voted for me if you haven’t already bodybuilding.com/spokesmodel!

Thank you to everyone who voted so far I love y'all. I’m trying not to completely reck your feeds with this 😜 anyway happy Sunday loves!!!

I lost 1.6 lbs this month, not the three I had wanted but a loss is still a loss. I’m trying to stay positive because my food really wasn’t all that great in September, but so far in October I’ve been on point because of #teamnocheats. I highly suspect that this loss is from the past two weeks mostly.

My jars put things into perspective though. 65 lbs lost, 16 lbs to go (to the goal I originally set). I know that the weight gets harder to take off the closer you get to a healthier size but it’s still hard to wrap your mind around that. It’s all a mental struggle.

Starting weight - 211 lbs

Current weight - 146 lbs

Total loss - 65 lbs