4077 High Resolution .hack Screenshots

  Here are 4077 screenshots of .hack for the Playstation 2 at 1440x1080 4:3 resolution in the .jpg format, not much noticeable compression. This collection is broken up into 4 parts, .hack//Infection.hack//Mutation.hack//Outbreak, and .hack//Quarantine. All together the collection comes in at 2.25 GB in size, that’s after .zip compression.

  These screenshots were taken using the PCSX2 emulator, converted from .bmp to .jpg. The main character uses my name, Laq. The majority of the dialogue going from part 2 is captured, I didn’t think to start taking more screenshots until halfway through part 1, the story should be comprehensible just through screenshots alone.


 The majority of the emails, news articles, and BBS posts are captured, especially from part 3 and onward. I don’t think I recruited every character, Mistral, Gardenia, Blackrose, Rachel, Mia, Elk, Natsume, Nuke, Piros, Sanjuro, and Wiseman were the ones I got, Mistral, Gardenia, Blackrose, and Piros were who I tried to get the majority of emails from. Also I didn’t get most of the Grunties if anyone cares. Those things are both useless and freaks of nature. Sorry.

  Around part 3 I changed my PCSX2 settings to not smooth the textures, I was finding some conflicts and it looked better to my eye, so there’s a slight inconsistency in the visuals. The reason why I didn’t use any widescreen hacks is due to not liking stretched UI, I also didn’t want to battle any possible future conflicts.

.hack//Infection Screenshots Download

.hack//Mutation Screenshots Download

.hack//Outbreak Screenshots Download

.hack//Quarantine Screenshots Download

  Do let me know if the links stop working, I’ll attempt provide an alternative. You can contact me through tumblr or more quickly through Tiwtter @thelaq.

Edit: I changed the file names from “.hack” to “Dot hack” to make it easier for Mac people to open.