144 units


COMPLETED! Byarlant Training Type

Based on 1/144 HGUC Byarlant Custom Unit 02

Probably my fastest build as it it involved almost no weathering! Painted straight with a mix of Mr. Color paints and Tamiya acrylics. All the decals are leftovers from other projects and the gun was made from a mix of Kotobukiya junk parts from some Armored Core kits. The Byarlant kit, despite being a pretty recently released HG kit, has some really weird flaws in the construction, but overall an enjoyable and well proportioned kit. It towers over the rest of my collection which is mainly One Year War stuff!

anonymous asked:

hello there!! i was wondering where you got your rings for your Eridan cosplay? sorry if this has been answered before, but i couldn't find anything about it on your /tagged/eridan-cosplay

i have two sets of rings for him

the ones i wore here: 

and the ones i wore here:

the first ones you can get here for super cheap - i got the 144 units package and i just don’t even worry about losing them cause i have so many. i usually wear them when i can’t seem to give a fuck about finding the other ones

the second ones are a bit more canon. i got them custom made by this cool dude that works with brass, and glued some purple plastic thingies (stones?) from a craft store following this guide:

i don’t always wear them in the same place since some of the stones have fallen off, but i used to, as you can see in older gifs

hope this helps??