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Yuri on Life (YOI Guidebook) Overview

I got my copy of the YOI guidebook “Yuri on Life” today! Unfortunately, I don’t have time to give it a good look right now (it’s 144 pages packed with stuff), so I just skimmed through the majority of it. I’m noting some things that I’m excited about:

  • Skater’s Parameters
  • full list of SP&FS program elements for Yuuri, Victor (just FS), Yurio, J.J., Otabek, Chris, and Phichit. Along with the changes Yuuri, Yurio, and J.J. made to their programs in the GPF.
    • this means we can calculate their BVs now that we have confirmed spins
  • the coaches have names and small info blurbs!
    • Guang-Hong’s coach is ユー・シャオイー (Xiaoli Yu) 
    • Seung-gil’s coach is パク・ミンソ(Minsoo Park?)
      • (help with these names would be appreciated)
    • Phichit’s second coach is Coach Muramoto (村元) - the lady you see rinkside with Celestino in the GPF.
    • Leo’s coach…still has no name. But at least we know they train in Colorado Springs!  
  • calendar of the competitions starting from the Sochi GPF to the Barcelona GPF
    • apparently the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu competition was the first week(end) of October
  • a completed points chart for qualifying for the GPF
  • Quite a number of real life skaters who watched YOI were interviewed
    • Takeshi Honda (who voiced himself in ep1 as the commentator next to Morooka), Takahiko Kozuka, Evgenia Medvedeva, Stephane Lambiel & Deniss Vasiljevs, and more. 
  • lots of staff interviews - Kubo-sensei, Director Sayo Yamamoto, seiyuu…
    • Sayo has a recommended skating programs list (“divine performance compilation”):
      • Evgeni Plushenko’s EX “Sex Bomb” (year not specified, although a 2003 GPF picture was used) 
      • Johnny Weir’s 2009 NHK EX “Poker Face” (not available, so I had to link the 2009/10 U.S. Nationals performance)
      • Stephane Lambiel’s 2007 Worlds FS “Poeta
      • Takahiko Kozuka’s 2014 Japan Nationals FS “Io Ci Saro
      • Denis Ten’s 2015 Four Continents FS “Ambush from Ten Sides
      • Yuzuru Hanyu’s 2012 Worlds FS “Romeo&Juliet” 
      • Patrick Chan’s 2013 Trophee Eric Bompard SP “Elegie in E flat minor
      • Tatsuki Machida’s 2014 Worlds SP “East of Eden
      • Daisuke Takahashi’s 2012 Japan Nationals FS “Pagliacci

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CHAPTER THREEEEE! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
In which a stranger sits alone.~

Chapter 3: Encounters
>Pages 142 - 144<



dear future wife,

i want you on your best days so i can witness that intoxicating smile of yours but, i also want you on your worst days so i can comfort you and remind you how amazing you are. how blessed i am to have you in my life. i want your tired smile and your drunken self, so i can kiss away that hangover. i want you on nights you can’t sleep so you can wake me up and tell me what’s on your mind, talk my ear off until the sun rises. i want you when you’re laughing at yourself because that is honestly the most beautiful thing ever. i want all of you, forever and always.

your future wife

—  loveisexpired (“dear future wife” page 144 out of 365)

page 144 - without biology no one would be dancing, no one would need to perform ritual mating displays for the purposes of reproduction. Maybe someone would have come up with dancing when they realized that doing it long enough you felt like you were on drugs, but that would have been a shitty kind of unsexy dancing that I don’t want to hear about.

y’all hear matthew weiner wrote a novel and it’s 144 pages long… and he’s charging $25 for it… he’s charging $25 for a 40,000-word book. you can write seven seasons of mad men but you can’t cross the nanowrimo threshold? smh

anonymous asked:

What books are your favorites/ what books are on your list to read?!

my favorite books are let the great world spin by colum mccann, white oleander by janet fitch, anything written by e.e. cummings (he’s my favorite poet). i’m not big into novels. i get bored easily by them. but when i find the very few that move me, they make me want to write one. i love anais nin’s & frida kahlo’s diaries. i don’t have a list of books to read but i just ordered madness, rack, and honey by mary ruefle. it’s a collection of lectures. i kept seeing quotes from it and they were so beautiful i needed to find the book. i’m currently reading one of leonard cohen’s books of songs and poems and i’m working my way through e.e. cummings’ complete published collection. that book is 1,144 pages long. i’m on page 144. i’ll get there… 

Comic Book Artists Create Publication to Honor Orlando Victims

The comic book community is coming together to help the victims of theOrlando shooting. In December, DC Comics and IDW Publishing will publish “Love Is Love,” a 144-page comic book whose proceeds will benefit Equality Florida and its fund for those affected by the June 12 attack at the Pulse nightclub in Florida.


Great items in my comics shop:

Wunderground: Providence, 1995 to the Present - edited by Judith Tannenbaum - 2006

Providence, RI, has long been the site of a radical underground art scene, which has spilled over and influenced artists and scenes world-wide. As a celebration of the movement, The Museum of Art at the Rhode Island School of Design presented the exhibition Wunderground in 2006. This is the marvelous companion publication to the show - it features a foreword by Gary Panter, 128 pages of full color illustrations and 4 fold-out gatefolds. The wraparound poster cover is included with this copy. Artists, musicians, writers and students who created and witnessed the rise of the movement offer shorter texts providing a kaleidoscopic portrait of a time and place.

Alex Toth art book - written by Toth - edited by Manuel Auad - Kitchen Sink Press - 1995

For the serious Toth fan - or the simply curious - crammed with hard to find material from limited circulation publications, plus unpublished material from Toth’s personal sketchbooks. Toth writes extensive commentary about his work and process, and comments on his own influences and his development. The introduction is written by Milton Caniff. 144 pages - 8.5 x 11 inches

3 New Stories - Dash Shaw - Fantagraphics 2013

Very hard to find booklet of short stories by Dash Shaw - published as a companion piece to “New School”. 32 pages, full color, on flat white stock. Formally innovative with the same layered approach to color that Shaw used in “New School”. Bill Boichel writes about the opening story:

“ "Object Lesson” is a true contemporary cautionary fable, entirely unlike those rehashes posing as such published by Vertigo and the like. A reader might at first think they had stumbled into a new tale designed to thrizzle by Michael Kupperman, as the story opens on a character dressed like Sherlock Holmes arriving home to his family and declaring, “I’ve been laid off,” (cue laffs) but this impression evaporates as readers quickly realize that they are being confronted with some of the most trenchant irony ever employed in comics and the story heads into a heart of darkness where America eats its young (and old).“


Art Journal 8 pages 142-144 by Patricia Grullon
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self portrait, my obsession with the moon, and more M.I.A.